Netgun and fireteam interaction

The netgun should not be able to interrupt interactions that have already been initiated. That’s my option, anyway.


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The netgun shouldn’t be able to disable interaction I agree. It should be strictly used for stopping the fireteam from shooting pred.

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Ill have to disagree with you on this kind of cause the net gun is not worth even running lol, i made a re-work about it btw as well how weak and stupid they made net gun feel, like i would actually agree with you on about this topic if the net gun couldnt be asked by a person it self whos netted… it would require a help of a fireteam member

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I disagree. Mostly on the basis that if you get wrapped or pinned by an ever tightening net you can’t do shit.


So what, are the ft using their fkn mouths to interact now?

This is beyond a horrible idea.



To be clear, I’m just talking about interactions already in progress. It’s too trash that way. If your netted, I don’t think you should be able to start any new interactions.

Ummmm @SkooLBoY_SkePtiK do you smell burning toast by chance? Like wtf How am I supposed to continue typing in a terminal if I am wraped up like what?

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i disagree, how can you climb a chopper rope if you are in a net? how can you interact and revive a guy or complete an objective if you are in a net. it should interupt anything that requires the use of arms…


I think he smells burning toast

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Yes, disagree strongly. it should stop you doing anything requiring arms

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My basis is video game mechanics.

The possibility of such a net actually working like they do in the movies is totally unrealistic anyway.

That’s like the only thing the netgun can be usefull for right now.

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Sure… except you also can’t sprint, use field syrettes, parry, or shoot your weapon.

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For like 1-2 seconds so it doesn’t make much difference unless you are 1x1 against the Pred, interrupting a revive with the netgun can help in a match.

Really wanna nerf the pred huh

So why should I be able to keep interacting with a objective if I cant use my arms! We all love you and all the glorious work you do but did you lose a bet or something

I like this. Makes ppl rely on the net gun during ANY interaction, even endgame mechanics.

Netgun should be broken when pred begins slashing.

This can encourage attacking players at a fair level.

No yautja would attack someone not willing to fight back, unless they pinned em good.

Can we head to my topic rather and discuss how a better net gun should work ?

i even linked a video on most realistic net gun behavior from avp 1… cause only in out of all pred movies u get to see how a net gun works on a special ops soldier

in other words it pins him down to the point where he cant move and only thing he can do is experience pain and call out for his team to help

Nerfing predator weapons only forces players to stick to always use the only weapons that work. That’s how we got to the plasma/spear/bow meta gameplay.

There is barely any people using the netgun at this point, nerf it and it will go to zero the number of people wasting time using it.

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