Neverending matchmaking loop





Cool down…


FT/ Predator. PS4. Tinkering going on behind the scenes? Or is my region losing players? (Canada)


@OldKingHamlet, @Courier, @IllFonic

Gave it the good old restart. Working fine now.

Any updates for this months update and fixes?

Not overly concerned about the map and mode at this point. Just holding my breath in hopes we dont get another blue screen lockout…


Turn the servers off, count to ten, then start them up again illfonic. Might actually work😝🤣

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I doubt they even have servers… maybe one or two just for game sharing and for updates… and for the playerbase…

But the important ones are non existant xD…

Aka PTP servers which are dedicated and thats why we probably have shit waiting times for matchmaking…

My new theory is basically that its all kinda all over the place the whole playerbase… cause there are no dedicated servers

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Dont tag them, they will not read

They do read but they dont respond always… rarley they respond lol… incase its serious issue or actually a brilliant idea that is doable for the team lol…

either way its meh

Wouldn’t surprise me if you are having trouble because a lot less players, I’ve been saying it a while that it’s just a matter of time.

I am also experiencing the same bug now but instad of cool down i get something worse than that
Most likely no one is playing in my region anymore
(Northern America Chicago region)
and this is happening thrice in a row as a predator
I am not sure about fire team though but i expect the same result
If they dont release the map soon then GG and funny thing is that my brother plays the game in India Region and he always gets crashed to desktop lol Both of us are playing on PC

Empty lobbies or unfilled lobbies are becoming more and more regular. I’ve waited to get a Pred match, only to load into an empty session or one where there’s only 3 FT, and if the 4th slot isn’t filled quick enough they’ll leave. Playing as FT it’s common to load into a match with only 2 other FT players and a Pred, there’s even matches where no Pred has even loaded in yet…matchmaking needs to be looked at, intensely and reworked.

I think it’s just losing players 😐

It’s definitely losing the seasoned players. I’m seeing less and less familiar names in the forum’s and in game…but, I saw a lot of fresh players yesterday while playing, which is hopeful. People running the AR and Glock loadouts with basic perks, so hopefully the game and Predators don’t punish them too hard, they’ll enjoy the experience and keep coming back.

A new map may bring some back for a little bit but same results will happen sorry bud.

I hope you aren’t surprised by this

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The hype train unfortunately has left the platform :(

ps says they have 540k players with only 13k of them earning trophies in the past 2 weeks or so…

Those numbers frighten me.

There are dedicated servers for matchmade games. Private games are P2P though.

People leaving mid-matchmaking can cause issues for other players. We are continually looking at the matchmaking experience. Also, I’m really looking forward to the new map and mode coming out soon. The new map will have Predator players rethinking about how to get the drop on the fireteam, and the new mode is straight up fun. Just gotta wait on approval to share more.


Fun is what we need rn, glad to hear that.

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That sounds actually comforting glad you gave some insight about how the map plays of for predator.

I hope you guys get dedicated servers set up so players get put in EU REGION / US REGION / AUS / CHINA

Aka so it is properly done and you can choose which region you are wanting to join… preferably its set on Recommended from start… and u can willingly choose which region.

Share this to devs pls 🙏🏻 also are dedicated server that expensive? Is there the possibility for some players to buy one for playing together (american and european for example)?

I have to respect the timeline for the reveal, but I don’t mind sharing what wont get me in trouble :p I can also say that yes, while the map is in the jungle, most of it feels really, super different.

We’re constantly looking at balance and feedback from the community is part of our consideration. I can’t say what will and what wont be brought into future builds, but we do listen.


The current mode we have right now is straight up fun. BUT

We just need either a continued content (CONTENT TO ACTUALLY CHANGE UP THE GAME: NEW MISSIONS, NEW ENEMIES, NEW EXPEREICNES; would rather see quicker updates and content, than wait an entire month for an update, dropped so close to the end of the month, you think it isnt going to be released) release schedule past the roadmap we have been presented with and provided with the hope on delivery of content.

This being said… I digress. This game is made to pull people in, average, non average, fan ot not.

It is coming to my attention that I care too much and am incapable of wanting this game to fail. I hate my life…

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