New Predator Class: Celtic(Concept)+Bonus Weapon Concept

One of three youngbloods to delve into the Artic pyramid. Fearless, a born leader, his naivety ultimately cost him his life at the hands of a Xenomorph Drone known only as Grid.


Health: 1500
Stamina Capacity: 1200
Stamina Regeneration: 140/s
Movement Speed: 9.6m/s
Energy Capacity: 1300
Energy Regeneration: 85/s
Gear Points: 12
Perk Points: 11
Overload Cooldown: 13 Seconds

Inflicts 10% more melee damage
Passive Heated

Specializations: Fervent, Tactician, Wrathful

New Gear: Wrist Net

The Wrist Net acts the same as its weapon slot counterpart except…
Easier to break free from by 20%
Carry a total of 25 Nets
Tick damage increased from 2 per second to 4 per second
Is not affected by Trapper
Is affected by Tactician
Cannot be knifed off by friendly Fireteam members
Gear Cost: 5

For reference: Predator Hunting Grounds: Guide


Some of y’all are absolutely stoked for him. Well, here’s some fuel for the fire


Can he come with the ceremonial dagger as a weapon?

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What melee weapon will he be using?

Combi reskin

Yes. Fuel me.

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Sadly I think he’s just gonna end up as another Zerk. Which TBF, Zerk was directly inspired by Celtic and all but like, Zerk is and always will be the worst class in the game. They’re gonna make Celtic entirely melee focused IMO which well that was what he did in the movie so its not inaccurate, it’ll just lead to him being trash in the grand scheme of things.

Though they did fuck up Wolf entirely and gave him no gear when that was his big thing so maybe they’ll fuck up Celtic and somehow make him a really good ranged class.


I demand that Celtic has the ability to absolutely fuck up FT with melee. Its gotta be a law


Maybe he can have two combis

Nice, but Brute is uber cringe. Warrior should be given to him for his Melee Strategy.

Health: 1450

Stamina Capacity: 1450

Stamina Regen: 90/s

Movement Speed: 9.0

Energy Capacity: 1250

Energy Regen: 81

Gear Points: 10

Perk Points: 11

Overload Cooldown: 16.00 Seconds.

Specs: Tactican, Vicious, Warrior

Passive 1: Deals +10% More Melee Damage

Passive 2: Sustains +5% increased Melee Damage from Fireteam.

Kinda of a Cleopatra + Mr. Black hybird, focusing on raw Health/Stamina Stats than Gear/Perk Point allocation. Specs can then be utilized with this stat set in their ways + enough point allocation to make a good loadout while making sure Celtic isn’t great at everything, not getting much in the Energy department.

Or maybe he gets the dagger?

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90 stamina regen is abysmal. 9.0 is the third slowest. Brute inflicts serious parry damage, basically half of the damage that would be done is inflicted onto the Fireteam. So with any melee weapon, you are dealing a minimum of 15 damage on parries. 18 with Fearless and with a melee passive buff, up to 20 of a minimum. Only trick is to use it when LMS is up. At least, IMO

Stamina Regen I agree on.

9.0 makes sense because he is literally one the three that started the “big boy” Pred trend. People are spoiled by Cleopatra being buffed for no fucking reason and being faster than Hunter nowadays. I know Predator is in a bad spot but that’s bullshit.

20 Damage won’t do shit if you’re going to get shot down 200+ Health by getting Parried for that long and with no affect. At least with Warrior, you can skip the stun and attack again (2+ times even) for full damage anyway with a fair number of weapons (Smart-Disk, Norse Hammer, Elder Sword, Hook Club)

If that’s the case, why use Brute or Warrior when you can use Tactician and capitalize on interactions, nets, or traps. Then why use that when you can whittle down meds using Fervent. Ehhhhhhhhhhh?

The real question is why play this game?


Because while Tactican and Fervent are different strategies, Tactican being Trap/Interaction based and Fervent being a easy down giver, Warrior and Brute try to do the same job but with the right weapons, Warrior slaps Brute out of the park.

Brute is probably less useful than Focused since you can still used Focused to make sure you don’t Overload while spamming Charged Plasma Shots & using Thermal/Cloak. Barely, anyway, and at that point you’d rather just use Cooling Syncs anyway.

But again, why use a melee specialization when you can use Fervent or Tactician for passive damage increase? Warrior is nice and all, but it becomes obsolete when using the Sickle, Hook, and Combistick, which are three of the most popular weapons among Preds rn. All you have to do to avoid damage when getting parried is jump and move away from the FT member, granted it doesn’t work every time but it minimizes the chance of taking damage significantly.

The way I have him set up is to be a younger, slightly more capable Berserker with better specializations. Besides, I have a plan for each of the youngbloods to be able to work together in case Gauntlet releases with 3v12 Preds vs Fireteam. Chopper is next on my concept list

Because since Melee is a popular concept for whatever reason, it’s nice to at least give Cletic 1 straightforward Spec to work with it while you can obviously make Tactican and Fervent work to your advantage more. Those two increase your Damage conditionally while also working for everything. Warrior will help you “avoid” the Parry Mechanic half the time but is obviously stuck to Melee. It’s meant to be used in tandem with Fearless or Melee Damage Passives. Like how Cleo +13% + Fearless +10% + Tactican +10% works. Fireteam levels of Damage Stacking essentially.

I’m pretty sure Warrior works with Sickle, and I know it works wonders with Hook after that first Parry. in comparison without Warrior I’ve personally shut down Voodoo Lady from using Hook as a Valkyrie by myself. (Didn’t win but that’s besides the point.) Combi-Stick doesn’t benefit from Warrior much at all.

If your goal was to create a Berserker with better Specs, you can literally just play Viking, Mr.Black, or better yet Cleopatra who is a overall improvement without the Speed Decreases of the former two and is faster than all other heavies while having all 3 Specs be absolutely great to bulid around. (Enraged for Speed Heavy, Tactican for Traps, and Stalker for Ranged Play)

Not even mentioning Emissary because he’s basically the same thing but a little bit faster.

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Forgot to add the overload cooldown like a ding dong. Fixed.

Made it look more pleasing, adjusted his stats slightly but appropriately, added new gear item. Added the reference guide by @SkooLBoY_SkePtiK since I forgot it last time.

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