New Predator Passives

Hello there everyone, I hope ya’ll are having a fantastic day! Just here to bring back some more thoughts that I hope people can get around to.

The feedback this time? Well, this all started when I was inspecting the new Exiled Predator alongside the bois at discord sometime ago. We noticed how large it is and one of the buds there mentioned how he was surprised it doesn’t do more damage due to how large it was. In that moment, it occurred to us that Predator classes do not have unique passive abilities unlike the unique kinds that Fireteam poses.

Predators either have damage reduction passives or increased/decreased melee damage passives. I never recalled one where a Predator has a long ranged damage passive or has the ability to receive less damage when sprinting, a passive that would do well with a Scout Predator class. I feel like there are plenty of new passive abilities that can be added to Predator classes, which can also add some equilibrium to the balance scale, such as:

  • Elder’s passive is proper Plasmacaster use even after loss of biomask due to the laser sighting already attached to the weapon. Additionally, lessened clicking noise due to being an experienced hunter that knows silence is golden when it comes to hunting.

  • *Scout’s passive is few seconds of increased long ranged damage after sprinting. Sprinting also decreases damage as well

  • *Cleopatra’s passive is Trapper perk + Tactician specialization due to her actual specialty as a trapper as her lore suggests.

  • *Hunter’s/JH’s passive could be slightly reduced damage when cloaked

  • *Berserker’s passive could be increased damage resistance when engaged in close quarter combat to aid with its class specialization of being a melee monster. Also increased melee resistance too.

These are just some from the top of my head but basically new Predator passives would add a whole lot more to function of the classes to support the actual function the class gameplay styles were meant to be. Its just so strange and even unfair that Fireteam has interesting passives like Isabelle’s increased damage at a long distance or Support’s ability to increase Fireteam’s damage resistance when in their radius that adds a whole lot to the teamwork dynamic during gameplay, meanwhile on the other side of this; this Predator has damage melee increased, this one does not, this one takes more and this one takes less…

Let me know your thoughts on this, as I know some of these ideas of mine can use refining but I just can’t think of them as of now and perhaps some of you guys got something better in mind.
Please be good to each other here as I don’t want it to devolve into something else, there is plenty of other threads for that, and uhhh yeah, thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope everyone has a pleasant day.


These are all terrible ideas


Not really

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Pretty cool ideas! 👍🏻
I really hope with future DLCs we get a lot more introduced and explored with each new Predator.


Anything to make classes more unique and buff the ones that are bad is welcome for me. Scout Pred should be more of a glass canon like the FT one is suppose to be.

Berserker is said to take more melee damage at close combat which is stupid since he is suppose to be a class good at it.


They are trash ideas

Like the berserker thing that’s just bad

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Aren’t you the same guy who posted this?

Just shut the fuck up, on god. You constantly derail shit by saying “trash idea” or “shit game”. Just let the man post about passives, sheeesh.


Lol your mad

Why don’t you calm down and listen to why this idea is trash

So 1. Wtf jungle hunter clicked in the movie and he’s an elder soooo

  1. Scout is built to be a vulnerable character, he’s not supposed to rush in melee

  2. Cleo is a berserjer, not scout or shit

  3. JH is OP enough that perk is bad

  4. Berserker is supposed to be a tank don’t nerf the melee

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You could at least explain your reasoning.

^^^ above

Ur terrible

Jungle Hunter is not an Elder, there is nothing saying that, what the hell.
We saw only two Elders, one is Greyback (aka Golden Angel) from Predator 2, the other is the Elder from the first AvP.

And I agree on how much your comments are rude and not constructive, be more polite with others.


Jungle hunter is very much an elder, look at his mask. Only elders have that (maybe except scar idk why)

And also nobody asked for your comments either lol

What the heck

the Jungle Hunter mask is the most basic one of the them all, like “standard equipment” for the basic yautja:
Scout from Predator 2 has that mask, the young Scar from AvP as you said, the Classic Predator from Predators, and they all seems I won’t say that young but surely not Elder or Elites

At this point I’m starting to think that you’re trolling btw

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Are you kidding my one goal in life is to troll people

And jungle hunter is an elder no questions asked end of discussion

Oh well at least you admitted it

Actually, The Jungle Hunter was a Young Blood and recently became a Blooded Pred. He’s no where near an Elder

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Basically, as while design wise they are unique, lot of the roles are kind of similar that it needs a lot more creative passive abilities for each Predator class in order to properly synergize with the proper builds and gameplay plans that players are after. Scout class, after all, is a long range class so a increased long ranged damage with damage resistance while sprinting is a great passive to help enforce his class type, as a fragile speedster that specializes in long range combat.

Its kind of why as much as some DLC Predators look nice, some almost play the same or even better than the base classes so there needs to be more branching out on what they are supposed to be rather than one being objectively better than others.

All that armor and somehow has no protective passives of any kind, either melee or long ranged, its honestly baffling to me. Increased perk points to at least one or two more would be great just as well too.

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I like your ideas TBH.
If I may I’d like to add on to them.
1st should be reverted back to what he was when he first dropped because he was Perfect stat wise.
2nd the Vicious Spec should be traded out for Disciplined because an Elder is nothing if not that.
As for the Passives I think your suggestions are great and make a lot of sense but I would add maybe an increased energy regen or an energy efficiency passive.
1st they need to be faster just by about 10-15% in all manner of movement.
2nd cloaking should not burn energy as fast as it does since the name of the game is Speed and Stealth as Scout
As far as Passives are concerned same as before your suggestions are great but also you could add an ability to swing your melee weapons while moving at the cost of both action’s stamina but that way you could actually utilize the Scout’s speed and the Ghost Spec for true speedy hit and runs.
And these are also just some stuff right off the noggin 😎👍

I would say trade Focused for Disciplined as that boost is so merger for a timeframe that not only last only a few seconds but its in conjunction with a device that is used to track Fireteam. Its not really much of use outside tracking.

I also liked the ability to charge attacks like battering up the war club for a huge bonk on the head is something I always wanted for a while now. We just need more passives for a side that barely has anything compared to the diverse passives Fireteam posses.