Patch Notes 2.42

For gods sake, just deliver us the lone wolf missions campaign and that will be all, you can go away to your new ghost busters bs!!! PLEASEEE!!


Wandering around killing AI’s?
You have the tutorial for that.

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Yes, there will be a time when the offline mode will be the only thing we have to play

Speak for yourself. I have a bunch of other good games.

They care more about that stupid osmosis Jones looking BR than they do Predator.

Fireteam still haven’t gotten any love.

And how hard is it to add more loadouts?! Idk if they’re gonna add any more DLC Packs, but if I wanted 1 of each and 1 of each Default, I can’t get that bc there’s not enough slots.

And I’m sorry, the NVG still stinks.

Ft dont need anything.


Fantasma voice line pack DLC?


Ok maybe that.


I’d start playing again if they drop that.

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They need an end to their cursed immortality lmao

Nah, they do. Since you’ll be playing FT most of the time, unless you wait 15 - 30 mins to play as Predator…

I mean, it’d be better if they added ft stuff, maybe more loadouts than it would be for them to keep working on a Osmosis Jones BR…

No, they don’t. If anything the game needs more mechanics.

But it needs bug and performance fixing before any of that.

Even if ft got new guns, or new classes, its still the same boring ass core game play.

Nothing cool, or interesting to play.

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Which is why they need to add more to it
Cosmetic wise and mechanic wise…cause it’s either play FT or wait 20-30 mins to play Pred…

I said add more mechanics to the game.
Meaning ft and pred.

Just go play another game.

Seriously the only people who stick with this game are those that are only good at this game.
Theres plenty of better options out there.

If you’re on pc you can actually just go play AVP which is way better.

Stop clinging on this game, the devs dont care about it, that’s why it’s in such a bad state.

Like you dont have to listen to me,
But you’re better off playing any of the better games out there, and actually enjoying yourself, solo or with friends.


Yall got some ping XD
Idk if you’re exaggerating here, but pred wait times are down to like 5-7 minutes most of the time.

Nah, not the ping. Even YouTubers (was either Blood Thirsty Lord or Kevduit) complained about it.

Other day was 3-5 minutes do find match. People can always ask for private games, no wait times for that but then the people that are into privates will be way harder to play against.

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Lol thay would still be better than playing against the AI.

Just wish they’d add alil bit of content.

I’ll have to see if I can find a game in 3-5 mins…
… So I can level up faster to get the Pred Trophies… Since for some reason the RNG for my field Lockers is terrible (apparently some ppl have said you can actually get trophies still. But also think there’s something wrong with my account since I can spend 50K in Veritanium and not get any trophies, only 100% dupes, even tho I have Pred Skin Styles, Predlocks, etc that still need unlocked).

Is it me or do more people play this game and Friday more than Arcadegeddon? Still say some of the characters look like Osmosis Jones…

Idk what kinda fucken limp-dick processor yall are running but waittimes for pred are no more than maybe 5mins, usually less.

what is happining at the moment with this game.
In game i often cant run, the predator make the autowirstblade/slam bug more often in the game.
Often i can hammer the cloak key and its not claoking, the same with the weapon-switch.

When i aim with the plasmacaster i cant leave the state of aiming and move all the time very slowly witth the red dots active.

Why the fuck is still the auto wirtblade-bug still happining, it exist sind the release?!?!?!?!?

PS: My ping is ok with 70ms