Pointless topic

I doubt will ever get any

Or a specialization that gives you some added benefits

  • A lazer attached to the PC
  • Extra perk points
  • More quiet while cloaked

And maybe a few other benefits that could be discussed
(Also posted it in Predator specialisations Ideas and Predator modifications)

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This was inspired by

This would be dope as hell I want it😍😍😍

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Bumping this

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@Illfonic @Courier @OldKingHamlet is Predators going to get specializations

How about a specialization that extends the mission time? Mainly to combat mission-rushing FTs. Something to tune of extending the wait times for certain mission objectives by 30 seconds or a minute each.

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I will agree that the mission are to short. They either need to space them out more not have to many parts of the mission in one camp. Or the ones that can be speed run should have them staggered spawn.

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The extended mission timer should be just implemented, no need to easy a specialization on that


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So do you know the mission on backwater where u basically destroy a tech stargazer base. Find hard drives and blow up computers and antennas so on and so forth. If you are a experienced player on a team or squad one player will find the hard drives while the other two blow up the computers and antennas. To speed run the mission.

So to offset this make it so that the two destroyable parts of the mission are not spawned in yet and stagger them apart so you have to complete step 1 before starting step 3 and 4.


I see
With that context it makes sense.
And yeah I know just about all of the mission speedrun strategies.

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I wonder if they’ve seen this thread or the Predator specialisations Ideas

well the mod in their stream said specifically “our devs look at the feedback section primarily for things to add or adjust in the game but we are a small studio so not everything is possible”

I see I didn’t watch the stream, more important stuff popped up. So what else happened

they said there is “cool stuff” in the pipeline but they can’t talk about it until the blogpost in FEB and uh they really like the elevator in excavation

and they won every single game they played as FT and one of their players used a spot in excavation where they hid inside a rock which was funny

The hid in a rock?

it’s in this clip
also in the general thread for the illfonic stream today there is the VoD from the perspective of one of the predators from the community in case you want to watch that

So they exploited a flaw in the game? Awesome. Here comes all the FT’s feeling encouraged to do the same. Yet I get grief for castering these type of dudes when they do this. 😩

Wasn’t a flaw really. Map design. Little hide hole cubby in the cave probably for that specific reason. They didn’t do a fantasma