Predator modifications

Similar to the Predator specialisations Idea we should be able to modify our gear, weapons, and masks to have different abilities.
Predator Weapons
I’m already collecting ideas for this over on Ammo types for FT and Predator but here are some highlights from that thread

  • Smart-Disc mod

    • Nanovibronic Edge: This Disc will embed itself onto a target and causes a bleeding effect for a short amount of time before returning to the sender. However this effect has a cooldown, witch is displayed on the HUD. Disc Melee Damage is increased. Idea provide by @Xenomorph_2099
  • Plasma Caster mod

    • Cyrocaster: Causes the slow effect on splash, as well as causes concussion effect on direct impact. Idea provide by @TheETgamer
    • Pyrocaster: Fully charged pc blast will have a fire effect added that will leave an area covered in flames for 5 seconds. Idea provide by @Fire , ironic

Predator Gear

  • Bear traps
    • Sharp teeth: Adds bleeding effect to traps.
    • Well hidden: Traps are harder to see, but have less range. One less trap will be taken
    • Obvious trap: Removes cloaking field and drastically reduces trap range. 3 more traps can be taken and all traps do more damage.
    • Rusty Teeth: Trap brakes upon activation, trap does more damage, and target is slowed

Predator Mask

  • This you be the section that allows you to pic and choose from all the vision modes we’ve see up to this point. Like for example
    • Enhanced sight: Zoom in with all range weapons
  • I also think this could be were you could customize your mimicry wheel

After a while I’ll swap this to Feedback so Illfonic will see the “suggestion”


Maybe a zoom function for the mask?


Oh I completely forgotten about that
Give me one second
It’s there now

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Some great ideas here.

I particularly like the Rusty Teeth trap!



Bad Blood modification

Choose one of the following

Dual tri-blade wristblades at the cost of a secondary weapon

Dual plasma casters at the cost of

Dual plasma pistols at the cost of plasma caster

Blood Rage Perk - replaces second wind ; when activated you take significantly less damage but must kill a FT (wristblade only) before it runs out or else you die. If successful regain lost HP

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What was the price going to be?

And the Blood Rage is is just down or do you need to completely kill 1 FT


I wasn’t sure what it should be so I left it blank

At the cost of all other weapons seems fair to me

Blood rage I think should require a kill

You would really be able to eat bullets though while still being able to be killed

Open for discussion though

Only if Illfonic sees our “suggestions” and decides to take note

I’m not interested in money

Only making the game the best it can be

I swear I won’t try to sue if you use my ideas

I agree with this statement
And highly encourage any Illfonic employees reading this to take our “suggestions”, so you can make a better game

Ultraviolet vision mode. Allows one to track their prey that is injured as UV can pick up on blood spray. So you can follow a trail all the way to whoever may he weakened on the team


This sounds quite interesting

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Thank you. It’s probably one of just a few optic modes I want added. The ability will of course work the best if everyone is at full health and you single one person out to burn through their healing items. This way once they’re injured and out of healing items, when they run away, they can take you straight to the team if you haven’t found them already. You’d also have reduced glare when heat flares are thrown as you’re tracking via chemical compound, not heat.

So yes your vision would be distorted but nowhere on the same level as thermal.

True and I really do hope that we get different viewing modes other than thermal

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I’m gonna put this in Feedback for right now

Remember to check out my other post Ammo types for FT and Predator
Especially if you have an idea to give FT something

Bear traps need to have more health so they are not instantly destroyed when they are deployed or revert them back to being Indestructible

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Wow you’ve got a lot of posts about suggestions. Some of these don’t seem like they belong in this game, but in like an RPG.

Obviously we’re not getting everything we ask for, but it never hurts to try