Poll: What is your main, Predator or Fireteam?

  • Predator
  • Fireteam

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Lets see how the community is divided, cast your vote :).


DK12 slipped and fell on his keyboard and accidentally voted predator, redo poll

What a stupid fucking thread lmfao, many guys will say fire team because they dont wonna wait 10+ minutes to be pred and pred mains chose pred because there either their shit with a gun and cant do team work or hate being without target isolation lmfao.

Whats the point of your thread you tosser lol

Anything is better than your shitty target isolation thread tbh Jessie.

I like to imagine most people bought a Predator game to play pred instead of getting an authentic early 2000s gunplay experience shooting at AI that have an IQ slightly above @DeadEyeBuddha 's


Didn’t you say you uninstalled the game?
Why are you still trolling the forums with random unintelligible insults?

Just ignore the troll :).


Lol wants to play victim, keeps on trolling just walk away buddah you’re the reason why the community seems toxic atm

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PS4 players can use macros the same as everyone else…
Why is it that it’s a problem when PC players do?

(again I’m talking non game breaking macros, insta fire and f spam are game breaking and I do not support or use them)



Whats a macros




I’m going to assume you are trolling, but for the record I will explain it in case you are serious. “macros” is plural for “macro”, I’m guessing you are thinking it should be spelt “macro’s”, but that is either a possessive pronoun (implying that the macro owns something). Or a compound verb (macro is = macro’s), implying that the macro is doing something.
In this instance I’m using it in the plural form “macros”, meaning more than one.

Let me break it all down:
That players has many macros. I can’t believe that last macro’s power. That macro’s making him unbeatable.

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Is the game got that fucking bad people are creating these sorts of threads lmfao, wtf is wrong with you people, what aload of pig shit, get me outta here pmsl.

you are free to leave at any time and considering you yourself posted that you have uninstalled the game… Don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out (we don’t want to have to disinfect it).

how can we setup macros for PHG on PS4?

(asking for a friend) :)

For game running smooth needs 80% of FT players (4) and only 20% of Pred (1).

This will be good feedback for Illfonic too, if they see how the playerbase is split, maybe they’ll find ways to compensate.

As you say the community needs 80/20 split in FTs favour for everyone to get decent matchmaking times.

So far its 87/13 in Predators favour lmao.

Game called: Predator. People come to play predator :D… But someone comes to win, so plays fireteam

Not sure illfonic would even care dumb dumb after your stupid thread pmsl

programmable controller or interface dongle:

1 example of controller (there are about 50)

interface dongle example (again there are very many but this is quality):

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I love playing Predator but I’ve been playing Fireteam a lot lately mostly to farm VT and finish collecting the tapes. Tomorrow I’ll probably play a bit of FT so I can hear those sweet Dutch one liners and Predator so I can final-cinematic-claim Dutch like the '87 wishes he could’ve ;)

TBH there is not much of an incentive to play the FT. It is just boring because you just rush through the objectives without giving much thought to your approach and strategy. I would prefer a “running and gunning” style that is closer to Rainbow Six. That would be much more immersive and the slower pace would allow for a bigger world feeling. Also it should feel rewarding to actually finish objectives and there should be some kind of in-game mechanics in place that favour a more silent approach or even not killing folks at the wrong spots. Once the tactical element is implemented properly I can see more people favouring playing FT.

you realise that’s today already right?

but still not released…

and you posted yourself that you had uninstalled the game… no one is creating anything (including the devs).