Predator armor variant master

will also be released in the next update [FU_08] with airstrip map.


Hoping they raise the level cap and make the Master Variant the reward for reaching the new max level.


What might it be exactly? “Master”? Smth like elite armor Varients? Like how the FT have the elite skins for their basic military gear?


I’m guessing so.

Yes, me too! I feel stagnant and nasty just sitting st this very small level cap lnfao.

Well if that’s the case I been wanting these forever so that’s fine by me!

To be more precise, it is called Master Armor.


I feel like it’s likely to be for the base three only. At least for now. But hey…if we get Master Varients for all of the Yautja classes…FUKK YEAH!

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I predict that it will be base 3 and that the master armor will be the same texture as the wretch mask.

I say this because the wretch mask doesn’t suit the og armors at all and seemed out of place. Just a gut feeling anyways.


Wretch is perfect for Alpha predator IMHO, and Haze perfect for CityJunter/JH,
and get this, RIVAL is perfect for female builds.

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Nicefeeling, you might be right

Tinfoil armor plz no. I hate gear that doesn’t match the texture of everything else. Then we just have a set of armor that doesn’t fit with anything else.

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I wouldn’t care for it either, but like I said it’s just a gut feeling.

I’m half convinced that if they don’t have the AVP license that the masks here are adaptations of Wolf’s mask and the concepts for his helmet.
Rival does resemble one of the concepts whereas Wretch is basically Wolf but wrinkly. Haze I want to think could be from the concepts as well but I can’t find the specific. If they don’t have the license then if I had to bet money on it then the master armors will resemble what they don’t have and be a stand-in.

Scout will be a stand-in for Wolf
Berserker will be a stand-in for Scar
Hunter will be a stand-in for Celtic (half chest armor)

Haze is from one of the original designs for the Jungle Hunter mask, but the current JH87 mask that we all know and love was selected for the film. It can later be seen in Predator 2, on the guardian Predator, and then influenced the design of Celtic’s mask in AVP.

Yeah I was surprised when I saw the original mask

But at least they still used the mask for the Guardian Predator

I would still like to actually have that mask in the game, so that way we can have the OG JH and also play as Guardian

From the art book of requiem. Pretty much what Rival is reminding me of.

Reminds me of a very slim Plague Doctor