Some clarifications for FairYautja (with video)

Dear @FairYautja ,
We don’t know each other personally but we are both members of the PHG community for a long time (I play from the open beta)

Looking at your twitch I noticed that you flagged me as a cheater. Consider that I have been a Predator main for a long time and I know very well how frustrating it can be to play against a PC death squad. I also believed that these teams used cheats.

But I can assure you, now that I know most of the players, that none of them use cheats. They are just regular players, very trained, who play an average of 3-4 hours a day and know all the mechanics and all the strategies of the game. Psychobabas in particular, who is the player I know best, uses absolutely no cheat, but has developed extraordinary aim and an extraordinary ability to spot the predator, after thousands of hours of play and training.

Indeed, I’ll tell you more: our team is the greatest weapon against the alleged cheaters (if there are any), which in 99% plays as a predator.

See you soon


I just love how he is waiting on that one cliff that every good fireteam observes because every other pred comes from there, then cloaks, but doesn’t wait to be fully cloaked and directly runs into the action again just to get fucked up again. xDDD
No wonder that he thinks everybody is cheating, you can clearly see he never plays fireteam.


6-8 hours of this game? A day?
As ft?

Jesus christ ya the line between Cheater and no lifer can blur there, and no lifers are never fun to play against in most games.

Tho seriously if you play this everyday, for that many hours, as ft, that’s pretty lame xD.

I think making guns fire projectiles would be the best thing to help vs leap sniping lol.

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It’s 3-4 hours , it was a typo

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Well, there’s still a pandemic, some people just got nothing else to do, and it’s just our way to socialize via discord and do something.


I fought you guys loads of times and have learnt that leaping is a waste of time due to the pradictability of the path,.

I used to think it was cheating but once I work out what you are doing it clicks and you have to adapt to it, we have real counter to it due to the spotting mechanic and how long with the right perks it can last.

Once psycho pops a spot on you, it sits there for an age! And gets over lapped (correct me if I’m wrong)

They are one of the best teams on the game (not bigging their fat heads up 🤣) but they’re incredibly hard to fight!

Its like a harsh reality check after killing several matches of potatoes lol

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I started calling it no lifing a few years ago.
I think 2.
I literally cant think of a better term.
Try hard can kinda fit, but at that point it’s more than just trying hard.

So it’s not so much a statement about their life or them out the game, it’s just a term or label I use for ppl who are pushing hard in a game.

I’ve done it myself in a few games.

But idk ft gets boring after a while xD.
Usually we can do like an hour and then it gets boring.

But you guys are on pc.
I envy the party games yall got over there.
Like the fuck around games?

Like g mod, prop hunt, and other stuff like that.
Yall got Raft too, I wish we had that on console.

Anyway the point was, I dont really use it as an insult, more just a category of gaming.
If anyone else has a better term, or hell just a funny one I’d love to hear it lol.

They dont consider it cheating xD.

He uses medium settings

I know, along with Macros.

So might be an idea for OP to amend the first post to stipulate: “No cheats as long as you don’t count graphic level exploits and weapon enhancing macros”.


No macros. And medium settings. (I personally set everything on cinematc apart from post-processing, proud owner of an RTX 3080 here :D )

Think about it: what kind of macro would be useful to snipe? Macros are useful to free from the net or shoot the first pistol very quickly

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Because you have a 3080, I hate you with all my heart and I will find you and I will steal it! Somehow!


Another member here claimed they’d seen him use a macro for net escape, and I’m literally quoting his own words about turning the graphics to low - he started a goddamn thread about it.

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In that thread he said he was thinking about turning the graphics to low. But the game looks like crap and he plays on medium settings.

It’s possibile that we tried the anti-net macro. Somebody of us uses it when playing solo, I’m honest. But trust me, when we play as a team, the moment the pred uses net he’s dead. Net is not a viable meta right now.

So, if the net was a viable meta…?

This is the thing with a lot of ‘top tier’ PC playing - it’s an arms race, and whatever little bit of advantage can be tweaked out is used regardless of how morally dubious (or flat out cheating) it may be.

Given Psyco’s previous statements, you’ll forgive me if I don’t trust for a second that they’re above using exploits to gain advantage.

It’ very situational.
Out of 20 preds we face, maybe 1 uses net.
So, no real impact.

The only 3 preds that sometimes can beat us now
(Dragos, Dan3800, Top 1 orbiter)
use plasma, bow and disc

lmao you know that the Net-macros had been nerfed like nearly a year ago?
You can literally get out of the net at the same speed now by using the legit way.
I even made a video to prove it:


Yep, they nerfed it because of players like those mentioned in this thread.

My point stands - if there’s an exploit that can be used, there’s a good chance certain players will use it.

Also like how you felt the need to install and test a macro.


@Fires accusations of having no live are way more accurate than this shit. xD
Get some proper proof, and not some trollposts or rumors.