Some players spot you easy...

Spotting the predator needs to be removed!

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Spotting needs a fix!

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Any update?

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Low graphics really ruins this game. As both fireteam and pred you can see basically the entire map unrendered with foliage and without using thermal vision. You can easily see the fireteam/predator on low settings.

Please nerf spotting

@Courier @uk_spawn

It’s still really easy to spot the Predator. If the fireteam sees you fire an arrow or sees your laser or looks in the direction the pred sound is coming they know where you are (general direction) but can’t see/spot you. So, they can just fire in that direction and usually cause damage which forces the predator to move which then allows them to spot it. Then they can just stay on you and with the Predator’s squishyness and lack of useful gear it’s really easy to chase down and kill it. None of this is a bug just imbalanced gameplay. Preds are weak these days…

when your cloaked you generate clicking noises. also when you are at half health you bleed. every few seconds a blood splat hits the ground.

This can give away your position. if your cloaked this is even worse cause the way the cloak works is it uses the environment around you and distorts it around you. That includes the blood you just splashed on the ground and now there is a bright green target on your chest or leg.

Further more regarding your blood. if a fire team member shoots at you while cloaked and just barely taps you. There will be a blood spot on your body that is bright and clear as day. it doesn’t go away right away. You can uncloak and recloak and it will go away. Sometimes it glitches and doesn’t go away at all and there is this bright green target painted on you that stand our no matter were you go and you got to uncloak and recloak to make it go away.

also if your cloaked you can stand still for a few seconds to become completely invisible. This can be helpful.

You also just got to chalk it up to people who have a far more observant eye. Some people can just pick you out super easy and others (example me) couldn’t find you if you were standing directly infront of them doing the macarena. So just always expect someone like that and test your luck right off the bat and see if they do notice. if they do then you know you will have to be more stealthy.

Get out of the trees, use crouch to get into position that is in their field of view, take a few shots and get out. Never engage at half health and believe and think they can’t see you cause your blood will reveal you.

My best answer is:

They hear you, and take a good guess. I generally “kinda know” where the predator is. And depending on their playstyle I generally know a few “good spots” where most players tend to stand still. If you are cloaked (100% invisible) you will make so much noise as a predator (fucking clicking orchestra) that you are basically a homing beacon. At some point, I will figure out where ‘you’ are with roughly a meter or two difference. I bring an LMG, I’ll just spray that area and spot (mark) you when I get my first hit.

They can’t see-see you. They just played long enough to predict your play.

It’s why the experienced players are all asking for a massive reduction in Pred noises. It’s insane you cloak and basically become more obvious to detection than not wearing a cloak. I literally went for a full green-camo look on my Pred so I can hide in the bushes, uncloaked. It really works because people aren’t looking for that, they are following a shimmer.

If you ask me it’s not pc or console player its newbie or experienced player

i go with that had some games too they run after me how mych i jumped hide i whas always spotted even after a wall…the other day somebody headshot me everytime so im sure there are cheating in the game…every cheater who get caught have to be banned for good in this game

Would like to believe that - but, why does that happen just with PC players? Never experience such things with PS4 guys…

Cannot believe all PS4s are noobs :)

only one way… low settings on everything

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its really not that hard to head-shot 4 or 5 times on the preds huge dome piece. Remember this was for ps4 not for PC… adding in pc players makes balancing extremely difficult.


Has anyone been spotted not shot just spotted while fully invisible

had that many times sometimes i see ft coming im on the roof looking at them not moving and not shooting sitting there 10 sec and they come near and sniper shoot me and total invisible how you do that ?and dont think thats its over they spot you everywhere you go aimbot and wall hacking they spot you the time you get in range and there guns aims for there self

Could it be lag? Maybe on your screen you are still but to the fireteam you are still moving? I’ve had people bump into me and still not know I’m there, but other times they ping me like lights on a Christmas tree. I’ve had it work affectively but I’ve also had it almost useless. Connection would be my go to. I’m on ps4 but I have seen videos of pc when the graphics are set to the lowest available, there is no foilage on the trees what so ever and you are basically a black shadow that can be seen from hundreds of feet away. I’ve had questionable games for sure

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that can be i heard also that people put there graphics so low to see predator better… im playing on ultra with 90fps so i cant tell if its that or not …

Might fit into this thread too:

I know some people rely on the aim assist to let their ret hover for a bit and if it moves by itself they fire away

go to post cloak really? from weevo in the feedbacl and watch his video and i think we have our answer right there ^^