Squirrelly Predator Bow & Caster Spammers

It’s pointless arguing with console players. You guys live under a rock.


There’s nothing I can say here. You don’t balance a 1V4 game around the 1V1

As soon as the dude goes down follow the blue trail. Pred can’t stay still and shoot otherwise he gets SW.

So what’s the issue

I’ll go call the smash bros melee community and tell them that their air dash is an exploit and all the fighting games who’s combo system is based of an old Street fighter exploit that under no circumstances are exploits allowed to become tech and that their entire pro league community is based off a lie.


Default to PC elitism. You got that on macro now or is it rare enough you still take the effort.

Fuck it let’s go a few rounds. I’m just a filthy casual console player who knows he can’t win. Lemme feed your ego a bit

tell that to illfonic

your right unless distance occurs which lowers FT damage and he doesn’t have to stand still anyway to do this 1 jump then perform exploit then retreat do it again win game
See original topic of the thread so no downed guy is dead nothing can be done except what i said before it needs to be patched out

I’m just gonna end this here.

Got better things to do tonight.

@IllFonic don’t balance your game around the 1V1 and give us a 2V6 mode

Snipers and if they can land a shot from that far away between all the cover and the small targets good on them.

Jumps are predictable. Meaning FT can still apply pressure.

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Directional movement during leap and non collision would solve a lot of problems

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Ya. Whenever I see a pred leap, 180. Easy damage.

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i’m glad i’m right


Dont let it get to your head, it doesnt change it change or take away from what I’ve said.

It matches ft dps.
God forbid though theres balance eh?

We already knew their stance on animation cancels because of the slam nerfs. Guns reloads they will halfass fix though.

Unless of course you’re a masochist using melee which locks yourself in animations or subjects you to the only stun in the game at immediate kill range xd

This is the sort of Predator nonsense I’m talking about…

And did you see how much damage you did to him WITH A PISTOL?

Had your buddy been lighting him up with you he definitely woulda been in second wind.

The second vid I dont understand how you guys didnt just get killed, cause he definitely could have killed you.

But the first one?
You just got outplayed.

Btw having comments disabled on your videos is pretty lame.

That first one was just funny.
Sorry whatever point you were trying to prove, these clips did not show it.

@REYNOSO_FUA11 that first clips funny ain’t it?


Oh yeah didn’t we get a pred like that and you ended up taking his mask in like 30 sec or something?


Nah he stood still for a whole sec xD.
My aim was on point that match tho.

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Figure best to just deal with the snarky comments here rather than in two places.

Right, I got outplayed by a pred hopping back and forth and firing upon branch touchdown, if you say so. I’ve been taken out by Preds who don’t resort to such lame tactics and still had a fantastic round. Going ‘that was a good pred, they earned that’ but no, people taking advantage of animation switches and cancels and hopping around like spazzes don’t seem like great players to me. Also it straight up kills the enjoyment of the match and the immersion. Great Preds try to actually act like them, to role play in the premise of the game, not take advantage of every potential exploit or cheap tactics to win.

This whole argument of ‘It’s just so they can match the FT DPS!’ doesn’t take into account multiple factors.

Are you talking 1v1 DPS or 4v1? And if it’s 1v1, Predator should be taking them out easily, unless they’re making themselves known. The Preds being able to be fully invisible when still allows ambush and to start their DPS before a FT member has much of a chance to catch up. Naturally, they will split up to complete objectives, it’s all about finding those opportunities and exploiting them. FT also has to deal with AI more than Preds, and objectives. Their ability to focus on the Predator is juggled with those two factors, leaving them open to the Pred attacking first much more.

Snarky comments?
You just dont want to see people disagree with you.

Look you want to actually have this conversation, I’d prefer in a voice chat because it will be faster.

You stood there shooting him.
If that was me, you would been dead.
You’re too cocky in your play style just standing there.
You deserved it.

Now please, for the love of all that is holy.
Answer my question.

You, shot at him in a very fast consistent rate of fire.
He, returned fire at you,
In somewhat the smiliar manner.

Why is it that when he does it, it’s a horrible negative thing, but when you do it, its perfectly fine?

I’m so tired of this question being ignored.
You wanna actually talk about this?
Let’s do so on discord, or in a psn party.

And dont worry, im not trying to have an arguement or yelling contest with youI can just explain my points better and faster in a conversation.

We dont have to.
But I’m tired of people hating on preds and wanting nerfs simply because preds move around to dodge bullets.


Perhaps sometime I’ll take you up on that.

This forum has some snark, you can’t deny that.

I’m fine with people disagreeing, I’m arguing my perspective and don’t expect all to be on board with it.

I’m not trying to hate on Preds, I was fuming about FT impact grenades and parry spammers when it was more of a problem last year, and I’ve admitted though all of this that the Pred could use some buffs. I enjoy playing as Pred myself. Which is why I agreed so much with that thread by @SomeknowmeasXeno, it sucks to see Preds acting like this. Which doesn’t mean that more balancing in the Pred’s favor isn’t needed.

As for your point about why some tactics are fair with FT and not Pred. Well, I don’t think most care about this but from a lore perspective, Preds are hunting with honor, FT is just trying to survive & complete the mission. But if we’re just talking balance, Predator weapons typically have greater damage per hit, and more versatility when paired with traps, stealth, etc. A tanky FT member will go down with a spear throw and single swipe. Yes the FT has a higher rate of fire because they use automatic weapons and the Predator doesn’t, but unless all four of them are focus firing on the Pred, which again, is unlikely if they’re dealing with objectives and AI, a good Pred should be able to deal with them by ambush.

Again though I’m basing all this on my personal experience in quick match, you seem to be basing this in private matches against elite FT’s as you say, and I haven’t watched many of those matches. If high level skilled FTs are almost always winning against high level Preds, then further balance is needed.

It isn’t really based off my personal experience.
I tend to do better than most preds, last year tho I was one of the best.

Barely any team could escape from me.
However those who did, before 2.0. I could actually respect because back then it took actual skill to get away.
Now ppl just get away off cheap gimmicks which I hate.

The only counter argument that I can bring to your lore statement, is that preds aren’t at lore level.
They’re weaker.

However, even regarding the lore. You wouldn’t have every pred being bound to the exact same sense of honor.
So I dont like how ppl want every pred to hunt the same way.

Were talking about an entire planet.
They would differ In preferences and techniques.

But I dont really go by lore, I go by balance.
I just want things to be balanced.

I mainly go off the numbers.
The numbers show a huge severe unbalance.
Not only that, pred doesnt have too much to effectively combat multiple people at the same time.

Anyway if it gives you any idea of where I’m coming from, I didn’t start saying ft was op until I started playing ft.

Also, I hate bow hop preds too.
But I understand why they exist.
Vs a good ft with good aim, you need to stay movin.

If we start limiting jumps, or pred fire rate,
Preds just going to get completely screwed over.

At that point smart preds will stay in high places and shoot plasma