Stop rage quitting!

Really I played 6 different classes and they raged quit, take it and stop being a poor sport I am not even that good, stop rushing to evacuate and learn the hunt


I’ve had several games where the FT’s rage quit when I kill their team so I don’t get the claim. It’s honestly dumb and they should have matchmaking penalties for quitting in my opinion.


Its not like they can’t reinforce either! Half the time, I have no idea where the damn radio is to boobytrap it or get there in time to kill them. What is it? Like a 7 second delay until all 4 people are back at full health and ammo?!? I mean, I can see quitting as an Ft member after reinforcement, because what are you gonna do? Just not go play another match? Or as Predator? The match is over, and if you’re already at lvl 150, losing xp means nothing. But for goodness sake, don’t quit on your first death!

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I get that, but quitting out in general causes players to not want to play if every game they get in the FT quits and then the Predator has to wait 10 minutes for another game


Just the other day I finally loaded into a game and I so happen to load in with 2 of 4 FT’s I just played against the previous game. Once they were in the game they told the other FT’s to quit out and how I played. They all quit and I got nothing other than another 10 minute que time.

It’s even worse of an issue in Clash Mode.

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Interesting. Last time I was FT, half of my team quit too. My partner and I lasted 5 mins. I wonder if the other 2 quit because of the Predator we faced…?

It’s quite possible

btw I am TentacleDadi on PS4 if you wanna add me

People leaving started (to this degree) once they made the reinforcement countdown take so long. People are not going to wait in the game for the timer to run out, then guys running to the radio that can be quite a bit away, then waiting for the radio to be done. This is as they consider if those people are even going to reinforce or if they will even make it to the reinforcements part. Majority of randoms are potatoes so this is a valid question, I’ve seen the predator that I’ve soloed (today) kill all 3 of my squad at the same time. The majority of people I see in the game don’t even run a specialization… Even after I tell them it exists and the guy did understand english.

Why would they do the above when they can get into another games really fast?

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You were the one who could that I faced!

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Don’t Fret!!

More FT buffs are coming!!

OWLF class!!

Radio operator!!

STGZ class!!

More classes are not exactly buffs. Not unless they make it OP compared to the rest.

Lol what do you mean?

Sorry spell check I said you were the one in the group I faced that rage quit

I’ve never rage quit, had one game I did get kicked out of match when game froze then crashed and it came up on my PS4 with an error code.

Your excused

I was honestly pissed because it was close to the end of the game, I had 2500 v on my person, a new OWLF tape, and a lot of xp I could of gained. I see no point in rage quitting because ruins it for pred and fireteam. It also wastes my time and I want all the xp I can get to level up more since almost to 100

Pred- Experience

Also there’s a experience perk for both XP and Resourceful

I use the xp perk and I find I honestly get more xp as a FT than I do as a predator. Predator xp usually is about 4-5k. FT if complete mission and I am active in the game 8k-10k xp