By Removing the isolation vision then the hunt will really be on, theres absolutely no buzz from tracking and hunting with it all it does is create lazy predators players just sit there and tap right on the D pad and be like oh there they are! Its spoon feeding predator players and causes early slaughters to fire teams within 240 seconds joining match.

I got to lvl 100 just being fire team and just started being a predator and noticed how bad it is to just be handed the fire teams location from a tap of a button.

A balanced match for ingame players from both parties should be as follows.

1.Predator has thermal vision to seek out fire team.
2.Fire team have mud to counter thermal vision.

A NOT balanced match for ingame players is as follows.

Predator has 2x vision which is thermal and target isolation to seek out a fire team, where as for fire team the use of 1x counter which is mud so you have mud counter 2 predator vision abilities thats an issue, how the hell is that a fair game when trying to balance things out for ingame players to have fun instead of being pointed out from the very start of the fire teams match there location, this needs addressing ASAP.

MY POINT exactly is that why should a fire team for example that HASN’T mudded up come under attack by an Ai team but yet also out of range from predators thermal vision due to maybe being inside a building or behind a tree taking cover from bullets from Ai but yet still appear on predators other vision which is the target isolation vision which is without doubt (UNBALANCED)

Isolation is stupid and gotta go and then watch all the so called hardcore predator players that try rush kill rates drop by having to work more ingame enabling fire team to at least enjoy the first 2-5 minutes of ingame time at least.

This is predator hunting grounds we want to feel like were hunting our prey and to search and kill not by being pointed the area/location. What a buzz kill.

This is killing the whole experience and gameplay.



Target isolation has counterplay, just use mud.


You do realize the cooldown is long as hell right?
You do realize it only works if the fireteams mud level is at zero right?

You do realize it’s only really useful for getting a sense of direction on the big as map right?

You do realize the main purpose of the scan st the point of the game is just to see boars after you got shot to hell right?


If you think the Target Isolation is an issue given how insignificant the bulk of its effectiveness can be with counter play… then I honestly don’t know what to tell you without being a doucehbag.


Your deffo one of those lazy predator hunters, if you think that these maps are big with that ridiculous predator in the air leap jumps lol i mean 7 hops and you’ve pretty much jumped the whole map , that isolation defeats the pure fact of being a good predator hunter to the points its embarrassing, you use the environment and surrounding sounds and if its main purpose was for boars then why they have a big round pink blur saying “LOOK THE FT ARE HERE COME” absolute ridiculous, if you ask me thats one major problem in this game and ingame timer but i guess the lazy predator players like yourself would say otherwise because for me as the predator thats spoon feeding at its best.


So something that has a easy counter needs to go?

I have not been impressed by stupidity in a long time. Thanks.


The target isolation is a spoon feeder at its best the worst thing illfonic have done to this game, i refuse to use it at all i feel like im cheating fire team so seems as im lvl 100 i dont care about xp i play as a real hunter.


I’d rather we remove useless one man army team mates who can’t do the simplest of things like stick together and revive -_-

Honestly, i’ve had so many matches now where rather than revive, they let you and others bleed out and then get wrecked themselves vs a fully healed pred…


Yeah because predators in every franchise movies and comics and books all had a button to just sniff out an enemy location through there masks using isolation if they cant find a human or pig lol think the stupidity was from the game developers not me. Wheres the challenge of being a hunter to seek and destroy no fun im afraid.

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I take it you’ve never had a match where one fire team member goes off alone to hide in some remote corner of the map…

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So preds aren’t allowed to have good melee weapon(Nerf the combistick), arent allowed to have a good Ranged weapon(Nerf Plasma Caster), arent aloud to have Hitpoints(Nerf Berserker), and now you want to take away our Eyes?..

I just want you to know that i mean this in the nicest way possible and with all do respect, but Fuck you,. 😂🤣😂


I notice you didn’t mention the long list of buffs that far outdoes the small list of nerfs?

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This suggestion is like saying your ice cream is too sweet so you have to remove the hot sauce. It doesn’t make any sense and has no relevance whatsoever.

The numbers are dropping because no one wants to wait hours to not even get to play man
Atm the matches are way too short to even think removing target isolation vision from the game

You need to realize not everyone plays with headphones.
If you play with headset that has…directional audio. You can hear up down left right AND behind.
Although I don’t think the game is exactly codded for that.
Isolation is almost…useless because you can hear the FT huffing and puffing.
I so does serve a purpose in that it can let you “get ahead” of the FT and set up an encounter.

You don’t have ANNNNNY of that context when you play from a monitor or television and have no surround sound.

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Imo its only use is to spot pigs, because FT is always mudded. So for you to come out and hate on it is so illogical.

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Im sorry but target isolation is a good thing. It doesn’t equal a lazy predator. In fact you see the general direction of FT at first but then they mud up and you lose them. You can head that way but most likely they wont be there anymore. So now that you knew where they were you might be close to get sound bubbles on infared and finish tracking them. Now yoi found them and let the hint begin. Thats what target isolation does. Your topic here is just a waste of forum space man im sorry to say it like that but please think this through before you post something. Its almost as bad as that one thread saying to being micri transactions into the game.

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I was referencing the constant boo hooing from the FT on the forum.
How many separate “Nerf Berserker”/“Berserker OP” threads are there??

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To many to count😶

Probably as many as nerf FT melee and snipers.