They nerfed the lockers again

Exotics no longer give 2500 back for duplicates only 500. And this is why we should have all stfu about how nice it was making our money back. Everyone just had to post about how they were making more vert back on the forms and went and got it nerfed


That’s on me. It’s my fault…I’m actually trying to get a trophy now


Lol. So we expect the devs to be open about things, but when things go out way we stay hush hush 😂

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I think it’s bullshit and hilarious how quick they are to implement a fix like this yet we are still stuck with bugs that have been here since launch. Nice to see where their priorities are.

The field locker adjustments was literally the only thing that excited me about this patch.


Also I’m not buying/ opening anymore lockers because who knows what they fucked up whilst making this “fix”.


I really hope you’re being funny lol

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This was one of the few things we could fix without pushing out a patch for it.

We changed the amount you received from field lockers to average out to what it was before we increased the drop rates for the higher rarities. Many people we’re getting way too much Veritanium and were never running out just from simply opening field lockers.

Now Field Lockers (since this recent patch) are behaving as such:

  • Increased higher rarity drops
  • Less chance for duplicates at higher rarities and no more duplicates for mythicals (we’re looking into the issue that players are reporting about the small chance of still getting duplicates)
  • Lower returns from duplicates

Umm, ok let’s go with that

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People were just rolling and receiving V without having to play the game.

Makes total sense.

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See now…I get the gold rush cut off. I really do. What’s kinda bugging me is (and I get not responding to every tagged post, on every level) we’ve had arguments breaking out all over the forums over what the increase to predator armor actually means and not a peep? Not even a “I have to check with the team on that” but the second we notice a stealth change your all over it?

That…kinda is what people are complaining about. Just my two cents.


Dude the game stays with bugs but the moment we have something good it gets nerfed lol. Like he just said though it makes sense I guess considering we could literally make money lol. Just weird that this gets fixed so fast over other things


Oh look at that. Someone making sense

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I’m sure you aren’t a fan considering I do a lot of complaining, but just letting you know I’m still getting nothing but duplicates. Sure I’m getting more mythics. But they are just mythic duplicates


Agreed. I was mistaken in my statement


My bad, y’all.

I was just excited. I had never gotten a trophy, not even a skull, and I got 10 in one day.



Just calls them like I sees them. This one gets under my skin a little


well there goes the gold rush. Im so glad I got in on it. Just so you know @Courier I actually had a positive vibe from it. Really did, now im not sure ill play anymore.the loot crates that is. Then again, we dontt really spend the V on shaders tthat we didnt need. This was a way to get them. All it was was a way to waste time in a cool and exciting way which wowed our eyes. It didnt really equate to anything of real value.
But the value really depends on what Illfonic WILL do with our accumulated V.

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What’s your vert total at now, @MassImpact124?

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2,916,000., I was around 2700000 before the rush. The rate of growth was slow though.
alot of the gain had to do with playing dailys and weekly challenges. Then there might be growth with scoring duplicate exotics. Not mythicals. I literally had no mythical duplicates (yellows). Only reds.