This game is taking a hit from bots in public matches...

So I haven’t been playing much but I’ve been drinking so I figured today’s the day for some gamer moments and words. I’ve noticed the inevitable, as I’ve posted about the bots before…

People are quitting more frequently due to the addition of bots.

Not just myself having been matched with one or two oblivious newcomers, and two or three other bots, but fireteam as well when they realize they’re basically stuck in a very handicapped match.

Bots are not a viable substitute for bad players, and shame on them for assuming as much.

Bots are also not a viable remedy for wait times, and is a cheap way to reduce wait times and force start matches.

The fact that bots are essentially glass cannons ruins the hunt more than previously thought possible. They have immaculate aim, yes, positively fucking ferocious accuracy. Just about every shot hits… but they’re still absolute retards. I’m talking pooping in the sink retarded. So maybe more like some kinda idiot savant level viability.

But as soon as those human players die, it’s just you and bots cuz they’re quitting 100% of the time.

Get bots the fuck out of public matches.

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bots should def stay

but the devs need to bite the bullet here

if someone leaves pre reinforcements they get a 4-6minute leaver penalty where they can’t que hunt

it’s the only solution to stop leavers

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Nah no one cares about penalties, they’ll just stop playing altogether. Re move bot s

Pffft , you say that like you have never been caught short and had to drop trou in a sink before 🙄 .

Happens to the best of us .

My question is why do you still play this POS? move on dude. There are better games out there and greater ones on the way.

What else do you play