Just Suggestions part 2 electric boogaloo

ust a thread i’m going to keep track of from time to time to ask if something could be added or changed
I have been playing this game since beta for around 2-3 hours each day (including ques) i am very knowledgable about the game i feel as though my suggestions here are very valid

And i do believe all of these things i’m asking for CAN be implemented and wouldn’t too hard to do so though it may take some time but that’s fine
I’m going to try to keep my “please add X predator from other source or please add Royce” at a minimum

at the very bottom of this thread you will find more stuff that i think should be added as i don’t want to have to edit this forever

for things that contradict things or are too similar just pick and choose and your leisure cause i don’t really care which one you go with as long as one is done

  • why doesn’t the predator have a perk that increases RAW movement speed by like .7ms? it should cost 4 or 5
  • Please combine all the perks related to trees no one takes the climb tree perks and the downed perks for fireteam no one takes shuffler
  • Nerf the tracker perk no one likes wall hacks especially ones that slow you looking at you spotter
  • Warrior Brute and Focused specs as they are RIGHT NOW should be perks or passives for the predator’s
  • Make it so you can equip an unlimited number of perks with the only restriction being the cost of each perk or simply remove perk points altogether if we can only equip 3 anyway why bother limiting them with a cost
  • Fast hands should cost 2 perk points
  • The silent perk should prevent all voicelines from the ft that don’t come from the wheel
  • predator should have a perk where he takes less damage when in the air 3 cost
  • Predator should have a perk where he can skin AI bodies and hang them on predkour trees this gives him a buff or perhaps debuffs fireteam if he fights near this tree fireteam can remove the buff/debuff by shooting the body down 3 cost or alternatively make this a passive mechanic for all predator’s cause it would be cool to add a reason for predators to kill AI and make a fight at a camp more favorable for him
    Predator should have a perk that gives more hp ala thick skin should cost 5 and give lets say 150 hp
  • there should be a perk for the predator that prevents/reduced footsteps jump and leap landing sounds it should cost 4

why does every predator passive affect melee either for or against, or reduces bullet damage
why not get creative with things that affect target iso, second wind, Cooldown recoveries, buffs that affect predators sprinting, jumping, being in water, trees, stealth, crouching, or slam recovery or what about slam properties? it be cool if slam created a fire in the radius that could burn like fire does in game or smoke like a smoke grenade or when certain conditions are met

cause why do ft get passives like AOE dmg reduction, increased dmg beyond 50m, post sprint dmg increase or decrease, mud dmg resist meanwhile predator passives are: 7% bullet dmg resist Knife dmg increase or resist… and that’s it

For predators could you please add a tab of some kind listing hidden passives like melee dmg reduction or melee dmg bonus in the same way you list fireteam passives like hipfire damage and mud up resist?

You should swap the passives of Dutch 87 and Dutch 2025 here’s why
87 didn’t kill JH by running a him and shooting he killed him from traps and by hiding in the mud sounds like mud didn’t help him no take dmg nor did he hipfire the predator to death meanwhile dutch 2025 has killed many predator’s by the time we see him so shouldn’t he have increased hipfire dmg and mud dmg resist? and why does he have overseer? isn’t he supposed to be hunting predators? He should have Fanatic or Spotter

More predator balance changes please the same predator classes have been the best classes for over a year now why is hunter “the well balanced” hunter when samurai is the most mid tier? and hunter is the 2nd or best predator in the game?

  • FT classes are fine the only outlier being dutch 2025 one could argue Isabelle is particularly weak as it seems recon performs her job pretty well so perhaps give her more perk points or buff her passive
  • Do you intend to keep powercreeping the berserker into obscurity?


  • Could Focused be changed to when you spend stamina you gain like maybe dmg reduction (5%) or some other buff for X seconds? cause the target iso buff is garbage and you know it
  • Since your clearly willing to add perks/specs that allow you to completely ignore mechanics Warrior should ignore parries entirely not just reduce stun time duration
  • Go back to the drawing board with brute seriously who thought having someone get stunned then deal 11 dmg and almost die is a good spec??? make brute interrupt interactions, reloads and sprinting on melee hit
  • increase the dmg of scavenger to 30% because your taking a spec and hoping you get a 5% drop for a good weapon considering there are 1 or 2 crates per game usually that’s like rolling a d20 and requiring a critical hit to do as much dmg for what everyone else is already doing without the critical hit
  • Enraged should
  • Specs should lock weapon choices someone who takes deadly should NOT be allowed to take a sniper rifle duelists shouldn’t be allowed to take shotguns other specs can obviously be more lenient that don’t specify a weapon
  • Stalker should have it’s dmg reduced by 5% it is too easy to proc for the entire game ghost should be reduced by 10% for the same reason
  • Field medic should restore more hp on pickup and have slower revive speed than current FM does
  • Fanatic requires you to be in one shot range from every weapon in the game it’s buff should be similar to Last man standing
  • Height advantage should give you the dmg buff when you jump and fire


  • predator has no gear still lol
  • predator should have a gear item from what i remember in the movies predator has this red light that emits from his wrist computer that sharpens or repairs their wristblades this should be a 4 cost gear item that improves the last weapon equipped by either increasing it’s dmg by 10% for a period of time or number of hits or allowing the weapon to proc a bleed effect for a period of time or a certain number of hits this gear should have 3 uses
  • Predator should have a standalone gear use key like Fireteam does
  • Predator should have a gear item that jams the radar of the FT
  • Predator should also have a gear item that jams the UI of the ft
  • predator should have a gear item that makes a gas that causes the fireteam gunfire recoil to increase and add weapon ADS sway
  • make a gear item that gives a temporary stat increase for the predator and fireteam also i recall in the movie JH did some kind of scan on his wristblades so make a gear item for that have it increase the wristblade dmg or the last weapon equipped temporarily
  • predator should have a gear item that creates a false objective marker with distorted radio speak from zeus or it removes all objective markers in the same way that the maidens treasure on Headquarters has no objective markers just directions in text
  • predator should have a gear item that snares a ft and tether pulls them to a location this can be cut by a knife from the caught player think of it as a tripwire trap that catches you when you walk into and pulls you to one of the two sides
  • there are other ideas for gear but these should be the first
  • why don’t FT have explosive mines yet you added them in headquarters map for NPC’s just hand em over already i want pigs to be suicidal
  • why are smoke grenades in the game if they only hinder the fireteam? let predators have smoke grenades and take them away from FT Alternatively:____
  • Audio decoys from the predator should force voicelines from the ft reacting to it when in range to hear it
  • Wrist launcher should have it’s dmg increase by 25
  • Netgun should be a gear item half it’s current ammo it should cost 5 gear points
  • EMP mine should have it’s range increased to be closer to bear trap size but not that large about half the size ’
  • also add these equipment please


  • why are shotguns in the game? when they are always the worst option when it comes to secondary weapons?
  • Bow should probably have it’s dmg reduced by 5-10
  • If you recall you fixed various animation canceling bugs so you should probably make sure predators can’t frame 1 use their ranged weapons ensure that they can’t use them until the frame where the predator is holding them in the neutral stance
  • Melee specific weapons for Ft would be cool as making builds around them would be sick
  • plasma caster should have it’s direct dmg reduced by 10 and it’s aoe dmg should be reduced by 20 maybe we shuold increase the cost of firing the plasma caster by somewhere between 10-25% percent
  • Plasma caster customization (we know Mr.blacks caster is somewhere:) it should be equippable for all classes and if possible Wrist blade customization as well such as duel and or be able to shoot them or increasing the length of blades bonus points if we can equip other class variants like samurai’s

[quote=“SkooLBoY_SkePtiK, post:7, topic:23764”]

  • War club first or 2nd hit should do more dmg by 10 or 5 respectively or make the third hit in the combo be a heavy attack like the axe katana and hammer
    *the pitbull should have a burst fire fire mode also increase it’s dmg per bullet to 60
  • The minigun should honest to god have the fastest kill time/Highest DPS at close range than any other gun in the game due to the penalty of wielding it
  • I think the SAWZ and grimtech and 1011 do too much dmg nerf SAWZ by like 50 and the other 2 by like 5 and 10 maybe? you could also cap the firerate to 8-10 bullets per second not sure about this one
  • QR4 and the G-ROW don’t seem to have a purpose as assault rifles compared to the roles all other AR’s can fill perhaps take a look at them
  • Add limited use power weapons (figure something out) that appear out of those weapon lockers as right now those lockers are fucking useless weapons that lack extended mags are never worth picking up

You could instead do these

  • since there is a dedicated Melee button predators should be able to duel wield (this includes gear but i already said gear should have a dedicated button anyway like ft but if this was done you wouldn’t need to do that) cause melee weapons would always have a button to use them however obv you cannot duel wield two handed weapons such as the battle axe, katana, hammer, and Bow

make sure this weapon has a large charge up sound or bright flash when fireing

*Dante has a passive that is explosive dmg resistance why is the plasma prototype rifle and plasma caster not affect this when they in fact are explosive? same with unleashed which should affect them in the case of the pitbull since it’s not bullet If for some reason your really consistent about this why do no perk or class passive exists that affect these weapons?

  • The PDL motion decttion device should be permanent until destroyed like motion dectors from the predator
  • Pitbull should have a 3 round burst fire selection
  • The grenade launcher should have a proximity grenade option with the same range as the EMP mine now
  • more weapon attachements for the FT like an underbarrel slug shotgun
  • The OWLF guns should have a scope that unlocks at level 10 that gives thermal vision when ADSing i’m not joking
  • More ranged predator weapons plz like the speargun or whip (but i do also want the Maul)


  • Predator should have a spec or perk (alternatively this could be Focused new effect as as well) that gives him a benefit when and after performing a stealth kills
  • Right now stealth kills are just a way to troll the ft as you have to down them too many times for them to trigger and they have to be done on flat surfaces the only way people do these is by waiting for someone to rez then one shotting them witha ranged weapon so they can be revived again do something about this make SK’s easier to perform or give predator a benefit from it XP is not a good enough reward for this as it requires you to be good at the game in the first place
  • Make it so bot fireteam respond to Voice Wheel commands such as “need health” “need ammo” “group up” and “complete the objective” have “frustrated” force a bot to back up 10-15m in case of doorway issues
  • Make a FT tutorial just do it
  • Bots should also respond to spotting if it’s in their range (30m)
  • Since Dmg is getting really out of control to due the creep of stacking % based effects you probably should consider removing perks like: Bane, down range, and fearless you could also make them doubledged and have them increase dmg taken by the same amount of the same type of dmg
  • Or just increase hp across the board by like 10-15% but removing perks would probably be easier for long term health of the game
  • I have conflicting feelings about how I feel about pigs as they are very feast or famine in the current game i would prefer they be less RNG focus perhaps making a maximum number of pigs that can possible spawn
  • or have all possible pigs spawn after the match has been going for 3minutes randomly throughout the possible spawn locations and no more pigs can spawn throughout the game
  • More customization options other than shaders would be cool but i’m sure you hear that alot you have a great art team i hope you use them more often ya know things like necklaces, belts, bandoliers, capes, pauldrons, etc… use your imagination
  • The shader Crimson Should be a matte purple why do you have 2 red shaders? The shader olive should be matte black for ALL predators
  • AIM ASSIST PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IMPROVE IT the current aim assist should however be as it is against cloaked targets
  • making more varied AI types would be great stuff like a sniper AI that uses the RPG or a SGZR ai that uses the pitbull or a officer type AI that uses the 1011-12
  • It may help you with ideas but remember gear doesn’t have to be tech and items you could have gear by physical moves stuff like headbutts grabs pushes shoulder charges etc… you could even have them require special inputs like pressing MELEE+FIRE at the same time or the (mostly) unused melee button for them hero shooter abilities are cool
  • I’m sorry but you need to get better at communication for patch notes
  • have every single dev when they make a confirmed change put it on a text document and send it to courier
  • A photo mode would be cool that we could use to create our own main menu diorama’s
  • if you are making a 15 player mode it would be cool if it was 6v6v3 with the predators having the choice to become a bad blood and betray the other predators at any time for more rewards
  • If you are making a single player mode for the predator i do hope you considered it’s replayabillity either through rewards, challenges, or difficulty as without it it will simply be a thing people do for a week or when they first buy the game and then never again which would be sad
  • selectable long claim animations or stealth kills would be cool or even special knife kills for fireteam if the predator was last hit with a knife
  • Make Stargazer AI give veratanium for the predator when he claims them so predators have a method to get more VT and make a choice to help the fireteam for cash or let the stargazer deal damage to them
  • Predators and Fireteam should be allowed to see each others loadouts in Lobby have the fireteam loadouts lock s first at 15seconds to infil than the predators who lock at 10 after them this is to prevent loss at lobby situations for both sides and since ft typically have the advantage they should lock first
  • Target iso should be activated by holding down the vision button for 3 seconds
  • you could also make use of pressing combonations such as Fire and Melee they wether it’s doing a global thing like doing a push or other special melee move a specific melee weapon
  • Emotes and other wacky voice lines would be funny
  • Leaderboards?

Give this warpaint plz

Scarface & Royce plz

you shouldn’t limit Specs based on class

you already have to make choices via class on your gameplay (perks points, gear points, stats, passives,)
you should be able to specialize any class in any way

For Pred Add the ability to disrupt FT objectives, forcing them to hunt down and kill the pred as the only way to win the match Target isolation should spot AI (confusing Preds) and Objectives (in order to disrupt FT mission). It also needs to spot longer and maybe put a red indicator on FT’s next objective. At some point AI got nerfed to not activate camp alarms as quickly as they saw the pred. This needs to comeback. Sometimes you’ll hover uncloaked around AI for over a minute and they stil…

since Jungle hunter 87’ now has a mirror version of himself (captured predator) give jungle hunter a unique stat set up in the same way you did alpha predator when he was released to the public and have captured predator have those exact same stats

please do a look around on this site and review your various dmg and dps values
because some ofthem are outragous like for example the pitbull and the prototype rifle







Self revive should be changed to interrupt the process of a quick claim

when you add the falconer drone you should make it a lock on boomerang type item that locks onto targetes and does very low dmg (25 at most)

  1. Remove all bullet damage resistance
  2. Increase all predator health by 150
  3. Make all stamina regeneration rates standard to Hunter’s at 135 stamina/sec
  4. Increase the variance in stamina pool by increasing “Heavy” predator stamina pool and decreasing “Light” predator stamina pool.

Overall, melee balance change

  1. REDUCE the damage of slam by 75%, but, also, REDUCE the animation time by 50% and ADD a stun that locks rotation speed to 90 degrees/sec for 2 seconds.

If classes got passives via built in perks like Dithered Lens; Long Jump, extra Tree movement & defense, trapper, etc we’d see more interesting class diversity

honestly what wristlauncher really needs is faster projectile speed and a slower DoT that takes like 2 times as long
now that might sound aweful
but then your effectivly turning one or all of the ft memebers into a light (edited)
which is very easy to notice
it renders mud useless for the duration
you don’t have to waste time spotting them with thermal unless you have to

increase the revive timer for field medic by .3seconds increase the healing from being revived by a field medic by 100hp
add this mask it’s from AVP 2010 the one from SEGA bonus points if this predator makes it in


add more solid colors or iridescent colors to customization options and or make colors more consistent across predators (you decided later on olive is black and crimson is purple for example make it so for everyone)

[Illfonic plz just let players have a custom class with a point buy system just have the body types be selectable I’m tired of Hunter dominated meta]
the only thing the warhammer needs is a slam like property where that heavy does splash damage around its’ radius or having the weapon equipped causes slam to do more damage

could have it spend energy then after all the heavy attack looks like it ejects plasma i suppose i twould be cool to have a melee weapon that uses energy

scars on flesh Face or body
i don’t know why you didn’ like warpaints and scars stack on each other (scar first then paint ontop)

Improvements on Predator Cloaking is a must for stealth gameplay options. Right now, its either you run and be visible invisible or stand still and be completely invisible . It would help immensely with increased gameplay stealth tactics and experience of being a Predator if cloaking correlates with movement:

  • Running would be the current Predator visibility, makes complete sense.
  • Slow walking would lessen Predator visibility a lot more than running, like lets say you see only 50% of Predator cloaking than you would of a running cloaked Predator
  • Crouch walking would be 25% Predator visibility while cloaked.

Not only it will give more gameplay stealth options to Predator gameplay but also incentive of teamwork for Fireteam, stronger attention to visual/audio cues, and more use of their gear such as the ACIGS and EMP mines.

Maskless Thermal Vision would be beneficial for Predator utility when the mask is blown off. The current meta, the Predator’s capabilities is too limited. It can’t use its Plasmacaster, it cannot track Fireteam through heat or even sound, or even detect boars for healing. Its way too vulnerable to Fireteam counterattacks when many are packing Predator tracking utilities like drones and motion tracker mines, or even trying to find pigs for healing. This is where maskless thermal vision comes in: Recall in the film when red thermal vision popped up when the mask is removed? The Predator being capable of seeing thermal, just in a weaker state.

PREDATOR Movie Clip - Dutch Fights Back (1987) Arnold Schwarzenegger Sci-Fi…

What we can have here is that the Predator is not completely helpless. We can see thermal that requires no energy use, no flashing eyes as visual indicators, or even no sound cues it makes when switching vision modes. Draw backs are it cannot make use of Sound Isolation, poor use of Plasmacaster, and its only limited to a certain small radius, as red thermal doesn’t have the range its biomask provides. That way, at least the Predator isn’t at a completely unfair disadvantage for healing and tracking.

EMP Mines also need a radius increase , as the current radius requires the Predator to actually place its foot directly on top of the mine. Since the device is so small, more often than not, the Predator never triggers the mine, even walking past it triggers nothing, making the device almost useless in the current state. Increased radius would be perfect for offensive/defensive tactics such as covering Fireteam’s back from a sneaky Predator or setting up ambushes on a Predator trailing not too far behind.

Please try to keep this thread to suggestions or questions over the past year i’ve seen alot of worthless feedback threads

added poll for thread engagement

  • I still like these ideas and hope the dev’s actually do something
  • I like some of these things still and may even comment below about them or i will be silent
  • I hate these ideas and your still dumb

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these design questions are the only ones i care about asking from “why do you keep intending to powercreep the berzerker into obscurity?”

or "do you think the stacking of dmg effects was a good design decision? knowing it allows for some guns to kill in under 3seconds of sustained fire? " or predator plasma caster to deal 150 damage in a single shot or the battle axe dealing 146 dmg in one hit?

or my personal favorite “why did you allow the first two pistols to outclass all other secondaries and why did you add shotguns to the game when they are always the worst option to bring?”

or “why do you let perks remain the way they are when you know nobody takes the tree branch movement perk or the increased downed movespeed or that Large Pouch is the most efficient perk for the predator since launch?”

“can you explain to me why the plasma pistol hasn’t served any purpose in the predators roster? when the bow outclasses it in every way” ///// They looked into it

“Do you guys think Specs like Brute and Focused are good honestly?”

“Any particular reason why your willing to add things in the game to completely ignore game mechanics such as mudding in the case of Tracker? but not others such as Brute?”

“why does Unleashed not effect the prototype plasma rifle and the NRVE when they in fact are explosive weapons?”

“any particular reason Stealth kills are so complex in terms of requirements as most fireteam players just see it as trolling?”

“do you plan to do anything regarding the consistent fireteam quitting when they die prior to reinforcements such as leaver penalty?” ////// they think that it’s better to not punish players for such activity

or maybe “have you noticed predators as a whole don’t seem to offer unique playstyles differing from one predator to another all predators are mostly using ranged weapons and usually a single melee weapon with only stats causes differences do you feel as though there isn’t differences between them to let players experiment between differing playstyles to be more unique?

“Why in god’s holy name did the wrist launcher get nerfed? who hurt you?”

multiple ///// means i did get an answer

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We need to talk about wrist launcher @OldKingHamlet


Wow, really cool idea! Sort of like the panic trap in Evil Dead.

Only for the predator

Need a higher boost

Because they’re not passives, just stats.

His passives are a reference to the fact that his movie was a satire of action movies at the time. Less about the events and more about the character specialties.

His current passives make just as much

He’s not just a hunter, he’s a leader of a team of hunters.

Overall I think 25 should have increased mud duration and increased damage reduction in mud since he’s a Yautja hunter and 87 should have increased hip Fire accuracy and damage

This would push both classes torwards their intended goals while also giving them a unique playstyle.


Can you powercreep the worse class in the game?

Unnecessary in general.

Ya some people will fuck up but it’s extra work just to baby hold some one’s hand. If they fuck up let the m fuck up.

And that’s if they’re trying to use specializations in the first place and aren’t avoiding them as a challenge.


Wrist launcher make gas go boom

Either you can ignore the false OBJ making this pointless or you have to do this which makes it a bit busted

Hard disagree. It’s position as of now makes it unique as a gear item in the weapon Tab.

But why?

The problem with the QR4 and all of the iron sights is they have level one balancing. They’re the worse in the game because they’re the default which is bullshit.

A. It gives advantage to veteran players beyond skill and familiarity

B. It cuts down on our options.

Awe no quote for me :p

But I think I can help clarify this idea a bit more into mechanics.

Left handed weapons

Any weapon that is used with L2 into R2 or just R2

Right handed weapons

Any weapon used with R2 (and in the future R2 into L2)

Two handed weapons

Weapons that use both prompts

It’s a lot easier for the FT to get these into hard to reach spots making this unfair

Have a few random locations with sets of 3 pigs. Have 6 areas for it but only three at a time

I forgot about this idea

Ya the issues with MM are fixed

Ah yes crimson should be purple

Jokes aside create a new one instead of needlessly replacing the old one

Jumping is important for evading

Not up for this one

Can’t say anything objective yet though

Or just balance the game

Remove reinforcements

Besides this unfairly punishes certain situations

Classes are generic as shit and you want to make them more generic?

Classes need more thing to separate them, not just meaningless stats.

For all the bad Illfonic has done

This is not one of them. Imagine playing hide and seek with the predator. You’d just lose. You can’t catch him unless he heals, you can’t see him, can’t hear him if he has discipline. Your fucked.

But why?

Hard disagree. Of course I also think quick claims should be removed in order to force active play.

Other way around

Heavy preds need stamina to use melee.

Give heavy preds lots of stamina but restrict ranged weapon use

Give light preds low stamina

Remove the animation all together

Needs to be more impactful

Muds only advantage is TI

Well obviously the intention was that they’re balanced.

guess were doing this again huh

yeah probably but it’s a situation where i don’t know how much is too much and only know what is too little so i’d rather go with little than too much

yes they are when other predators don’t have them build in

don’t care it doens’t make sense as it doesn’t represent the character anyway

no they don’t his passives are build around being a stealth mission completer when we know that’s not what current dutch does current dutch kills predators he even has a line "i’ve killed many of your kind and your not special"that plays sometimes when a predator has died

yeah when there are classes that specifically do it’s role but better example: Fugitive

don’t care it harms other players experiance

still better to have an option to create more divergent gameplay for the two teams

you called it a gear item lmao as i’ve said before net gun is not a weapon it’s a CC item just like the bear trap filling the same role and they should compete for the slot in a predator loadout

nothing more than fairness fireteam can’t fire there gun until the frame the weapon is held they can’t cancel their reloads anymore to fill their clips faster they removed slam canceling they already decided that animations need to finish before actions can be taken so just be consistant and clean up the last few

can’t quote closed threads

plasma caster is explosive you don’t need direct shots

strangely they already decided to replace rather than make new ones as they did it with exiled and cleo

ft classes are not generic each one does in fact fill roles on a team support helps other members on the team recon, OWLF, dutch 2025 fill stealth spotting roles isabelle recon and OWLF could also be sniping roles
Assault 87 and scout are damage roles etc…

while predators do not really have roles out side of these guys are fat and these guys aren’t
i’d rather have more opportunities

to create whatever you please rather than having binary limitations to what a class can be

not true

agree to disagree

honestly now that i think about it your probably right

too overpowered slam does 90 damage remember the burst of damage with no animation would be absurd

i am not currently creative enough to come up with anything else

gotta go to work in 2 hours so i’ll give about an hour for this

No that’s just them being at 0

Ah yes

The entire point of the movie, the entire reason for it’s existence, as well as the entire point of Dutch’s character and his representation, does not represent him well.

Like he did in the first movie? To kill a predator?

Also you can use stealth to ambush the pred so no he isn’t a mission rusher.

Serious how else would you use stealth?

Dude, if they’re willingly using deadly with a sniper you have other issues than a slightly less optimized build.

Just make it base kit by having the pred Sabatage the ObJ manually and then balance around it rather than having it be an optional gear piece.

Boom both balance and divergent gameplay.

Your entire argument is that it acts like a gear item therefore it must, even though that’s not an inherent. Nothing wrong with a weapon that acts like gear. Besides what else are you going to use that slot for a useless weapon?

The FT are not the predator. Symmetrical arguments don’t work in an asymmetrical game. Come on.

That was

A. A glitch

B. The mechanic was interested to have that cooldown and the weapons were not. Not everything is equal. Your just generalizing and taking that generalization too literally.

That got closed?

Ima be right back

Even with that.

Inside buildings, under tarps, hidden in wierd areas. Too many variables.

But why would they do that?

And each one plays the exact same.

Playing FM support?

Congratulations you’ve done nothing interesting except revive people which was already a mechanic.

Congratulations assault you shoot the predator…

Like everyone else.

So does everyone else

Game goes like this

Go to obj

Pred shows up

Spot pred

Shoot pred


Classes at most makes things better. It doesnt change what you do.

What ever could the snipers do before- oh wait they just played assault

Then you’ll end up with meaningless classes who are nothing more than stats.

Jesus christ dude

They’re easy as fuck to see outside of heat vision. You don’t need it. It’s pointless because it’s useless. Mudding up doesn’t counter your regular vision.

What happened to nerfing the damage?

an increase in a stat where you didn’t have to do anything is a passive increase therefore yes it is


if you build around stealth you will lack the damage to kill the predator yourself unless your fucking samhein

then it will help teach the players to maximize effectiveness

fair enough

IE bow and stick bow and disc bow and plasma pisto melee weapon + ranged weapon net gun generally speaking is more usefull than bear trap so you’d see it more often this also helps in when the netgun challenge appears as i imagine since so few people use the netgun cause it’s always better to bring weapons that actually do damage cause that’s what weapons are used for

with this arguement no balance changes should ever be made cause whenever you make a change you can’t consider the other side

again not true
if your support +any spec your incenticed to stay close to your team so they benifit from your passive
when you play scout your incenticed to do combat with the preadtor and chase them around
recon is incenticed to stay out of sight and spot the predator for the rest of the team to benefit
if you play dutch 2025 currently you are incenticed to stay out of sight and complete the objective

classes incentivize you to approach the game in a different way

it does on night maps and mudding helps you blend in with foilage with normal vision cause that’s how camo works

i made the assumption that instead of the changes i asked for you wanted to just remove the animation cancel
if that is not true than this is reasonable

if your wondering it got closed because Kass had a policy of no necro threads that are prior to current patch


This just in

Berserkers passive is increased health

Stats aren’t passives


FT had amazing DPS regardless of build. Regardless using stealth gives you extra time that you need by allowing you to get better angles and avoid damage.

No it won’t. They’ll just go WTF why can’t I use other weapons.

But why?

Maybe the disc but why have two weapons that do the same thing. It’s like overkill in cod except worse.

But why?

And that’s where the netgun brings in it’s utility. You sacrifice damage for CC that even the beartrap can’t provide. It’s a pro and con that isn’t possible with gear.


Your saying this happened to the other side therefore it should happen to this side

Your making the SAME change for the sake of being the SAME

That’s different to making changes BASED on the other side for actually balance.

And if your any other class your incentivised to stay close to your team so they can punish the predator when he attacks you.

And if your FT your incentivised to gun down the predator on sight

So stick to corners that are near your FT and shoot the pred and spam spot just like every other class.

You are not incentivised to finish the OBJ.

And stealth is far more useful as an offensive tool

In ways that mean shit all

It’s like playing cod with an smg instead of an assault rifle.

Okay I can’t speak for night maps but foliage doesn’t matter either as just sticking in foliage is only useful during reinforcements.

different class which is a choice you have to make

i have had plenty of games where when your not building damage and a predator 1v1’s you with a bow or plasma caster where if you didn’t build damage or hp you are not winning that fight unless your fucking samehein

don’t care again it’s better for other players

being able to bring more weapons that actually fill the purpose of a weapon for variety sake is always good most people don’/t take the netgun anyway because it’s not a weapon it generally doesn’t help kill unless your in a situation where you already won (1v1)

not true the bear trap literally holds fireteam in place and they can’t fire behind them they serve the same purpose of CCing both can be destroyed mid flight as well cause you can destroy nets with gunfire before they hit you

yes that’s called consistency something that is important when you make balance changes

not true example isabella or anyone with the height advantage spec

no because spots overlap taking away the duration that recon has 2nd you want high hp classes or damage oriented classes to get as close as possible to the predator generally cause that’s where the highest damage output is and so the predator doesn’t deal with classes that possess this kind of utility

yes you are if the ropes come down the predator will typically lose with nothing he can do besides toss BT at the ropes which the ft can just destroy from out of sight then so long as the FT has more than 100hp he gets the ropes nothing can be done

you are just wrong unless someone is already aware of your presence if you are hiding in foilage with mud predator isn’t just going to fucking lazer focus you like he has some kind of radar it’s the whole point of camo in real life cause it becomes difficult for our very eyes to push out the visual noise to focus on something when everything is the same blur of colours

This is relevant how?

Remember the context is, zerk having more health isn’t a passive.

A. This game is 1V4 you don’t need to win 1V1’s because that’s overkill.

B. Personal experience

C. As you admit you can 1V1 a pred without damage if your good enough.

No it’s not, it’s needless limitation that won’t help because those people who do it are either meming (and likely good) or potatoes who won’t do anything even with this change. It does nothing, but limits the potential for meme builds. It’s a small con but a small con outweighs no pros.

Wow now I can use this ranged projectile instead of this ranged projectile

That’s still true as a gear piece.

Except for the part where bear traps are insanely easy to spot, and are only useful if you throw them on top of some one which is far more limiting then the net gun even with the fact it’sdestroyed by gunfire mid air. Don’t forget the rapid fire ability of the netgun to correct mistakes and higher volume of ammunition

Wrong. Every situation is case by case. Anything to suggest otherwise is ignorant of life.

Which leaves you separated giving the pred an advantage by making for an easy target.

Fine have the recon only spot

Wow such thrilling gameplay

It doesn’t add any more variety.

And you’ll want the rest of the squad with them to provide extra damage and back up

He’ll do that anyways.

This is stupid. You complete ignored the context of your own argument. You are not incentivised to build dutch 2025 around a playstyle that rushes the OBJ.

Better now?

Ya but why would you do that unless your trying to get to reinforcements? Your better off actually progressing the game like doing OBJ or shooting the pred.

In real life we don’t have health bars.

picking a class is a thing you ahve to do
this conversation did have a large cap so i’ll excuse you for not remembering

doesn’t contest with my argument at all so it goes in the garbage

again don’t care it harms the experience of other players

and nets can be broken in less than a second with the right trigger finger they are both gear items they are both not good as weapons

and now were back to here cause with that argument you should just make one side hilarious overpowerd compared to the other cause consistency doesn’t matter

please read

just being a contrarian

see above

and if he does that the high damage people shoot him it’s called making decisions

again yes you are he has mud and accuracy passives he has overseer (which is his best spec which is literally the only other obj based spec in the game) he has high hp allowing him to easily deal with large group of ai’s while the rest of the less hp individuals can focus on the predator dutch even has the lesser advantage of having quiet voice lines

correct this is my arguement for why building around stealth is only useful for the obj

No, this is not relevant. This is about how whether or not certain stat bonuses are passives.

Picking a class is not relevant to the conversation because that doesn’t support any of our points.

So what if you have to pick a class, how does that make extra melee damage a passive?

This has to be a troll.

A. Fuck you

B. Yes it does. The FT doesn’t need extreme dps so sacrificing dps for utility is better.

No it doesn’t

No they’re not

And can immediately be reapplied at melee range

Ah yes, I totally won’t notice the dude with giant sniper rifle shooting me dispite how loud they are even with suppressors.

If I’m getting shot I know where you are.

That’s not contradicting each other. You can spot the pred, then immediately shoot them…

You know that right?

Meaning the support characters can help push with the attackers.

Which can be used against the predator offensively if stealth was any good.

Accuracy pasisves is obj focused? You don’t need Accuracy to do obj you need Accuracy to kill the predator

He also has deadly and overwatch which increases his damage against the pred.

2 against 1

Also yes overseer is useful for tanking against the pred.

Lol. Imagine needing high HP to deal with A.I

His hp is useful for tanking predator shots.

Stealth isn’t useful, therefore use stealth to do obj are you paying attention?

I’m saying you can’t use stealth to do the obj. You just completely ignored that and my argument to twist it to your own point

it is relevent as the way passives work in commen parlence it reference to gaming a passive is an effect that takes place to a player that is outside of the players control as dictaed by the devlopers
therefore when you select a class that is a choice made by said player the passive increase in melee damage which is not a normal stat for other classes makes it outside of the player control as dictated by the devs and is therefore a passive

yes they do not everyone has 90+% accuracy the higher your dps the more likely you are going to kill the predator with less shots landed/faster if you are accurate while the predator does not have to land direct hits and in some cases has to land less hits than you aka if you have a SAWZ and trade hits with a predator plasma caster you might literally be dead for it because plasma caster does 120+ damage

again contrarian position

if a player is making a choice to perform worse regardless of reason or ignorance you are harming other players experience example every mmo ever who kicks people for not having correct talents/game knowledge

yes they are they both fill and compete for the same outcome that is CCing the opponent the net gun is not used to score kills/downs via damage output one could argue for example the wrist launcher should be a weapon not a gear item because of this and i woudl agree
as literally all other weapons on the list of weapons are used for that primary purpose of killing the fireteam without needing additional weapons (wrist blades attached to netgun)

and a ft can instantly knife out of nets to prevent wrist blade follow-ups

you know the direction i didn’t know you had a fucking radar as the predator and can pinpoint exact co-ords

  1. opposing or rejecting popular opinion; going against current practice.

“the comment came more from a contrarian disposition than moral conviction”

correct that is the goal of support plays to help other members on the team thanks for agreeing

correct stealth isn’t useful for fighting the predator it is really good at doing objectives and other pve content

when it’s hipfire which is never useful against a pvp opponet due to randomness yes yes it is cause you can use the extra FOV you have from not ADSing to notice background actions that could include predator movement

you are not picking dutch 2025 for damage specs don’t be trolling/ Needless contrarian

both of these statements are true?

you explicitly can use stealth to complete objectives when i played fireteam exclusively for over a month last year i did mostly stealth oriented builds and won 9/10 matches simply cause i could do the obj while my team did other things (i was not premade solo que exclusively) in most of these matches i had less than 100 pred damage) as i only shot the pred in cloak to mark for team

A. Your argument is still irrevalent. Why? Because it’s fucking obvious that you have to pick a class dude.

And no melee damage is a stat same as any other.

Skill issue

No literally land your shots. The design of the game is not warped around you being bad.

A. Conjecture

B. Fuck you again

Kicking players is a massively abused mechanic and is always cancer. You get paired with some one who isn’t good tough shit, ask for better matchmaking.

So? Not everything is one note.

No it’s called paying attention

I like how you hold this as a win

A. This only proves my point that the classes don’t play different because the playstyle is exactly the same.

B. You were originally saying Supports shouldn’t be pushing with the attackers. Your contradicting yourself moron.

No it’s not. Stealth sucks ass all around. You can’t stay stealthy during OBJ’s. You could use stealth to sneak up on the pred though.

Or you could just…

You know

Kill the A.I?

Also that only supports an anti pred playstyle since it allows you to spot the pred and start shooting him.

Who fucking uses overseer?

You keep throwing the contrarian around with no proof asshole. Anyone who doesn’t see things my way is immediately 10,000 labels.

A.I deal shit damage, ignoring basic use of cover.

Good for you

Want a cookie?

Winning isn’t prove of strength. Especially in this God forsaken game.

Besides you honestly expect me to believe that you consistent solo qued with survivors who also played stealthy and didn’t ruin your cover?

Or was it just the fact that you didn’t get shot while doing OBJ? Because I’d chalk that up to not shooting the pred.

again contrarian i am literally correct sorry you make a choice when you pick different classes if they have a hidden modifier dictated by the devs that is outside of your choice or knowledge that is a passive increase

correct but it is unrealistic that all players will hit challenger in every video game therefore
once again you are being contrarian

no i have all the information on my side in many of these points that you bring up i am correct or we are both correct yet you continue to argue for the sake of being a contrarian

don’t care

if a thing fills a role and does not serve any other purpose it is in fact one note

contrarian position in the scramble of a fight it is unrealistic to 100% of the time be line into a target player or even have the capability to due so before they move to another position especially when outnumbered
you are at this point ignoring the actual game being played and are playing a different game than the rest of us

yes you can try it it’s not hard

plenty of people probably use overseer cause it’s free healing in some cases you can heal for over 90hp in just a few seconds during a fight agains the predator that is invaluble considering the heal is instantanous
and i’m throwing the word contrarian specifically cause it fits this behavior you are exhibiting as you are disagreeing with me for no reason other than you view my idea as incorrect when we are again either both correct or i am actually correct i have used no other labels while you have insulted me and my intelligence which is an ad homonym lets not play word games

yeah in all of these games i didn’t have a group attempting stealth and if a player isn’t being noticed or shot at by the predator they are by definition using stealth in some cases i even ran away from my team to separate myself from them ahead of time when objectives were timer oriented and i didn’t need to be there to headstart and finish other objectives ahead of time without predator interference i also reinforced every single one of those games as far as i remember and got ropes and exfiled typically only getting hit by the predator a single time during the channeling of the rope

by definition i was using stealth gameplay whether you like it or not

that’s an easy block @OldKingHamlet get rid of this
i do not want it in my thread
this thread is about feedback of the current game and i only want (relatively) civil discussions about it

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