What exactly is everyone expecting? (Gauntlet Mode)

Everyone keeps bringing it up.

It was a data mined item from the past.

What exactly do you think it’s going to entail?

The only mention of a Gauntlet in the game is of the Predator Killer Suit.

We going to be trying to collect that and escape with it?

Who knows!


No it’s a 15 player mode.
3 Predators Vs 12 Fireteam


I can’t imagine how bad the games performance will be at that point


It’s going to be capture the flag except in this case the flags are predators. You only get to play as FT though.

Yeah Daddy Told You Right LOL 😂


Find a hidden gauntlet (wrist computer) hidden in the jungle and bring it back before the pred gets you. Die and it is laid out on the floor…capture the gauntlet basically.

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well ill give you a checkmark for waking up in the morning but that just sounded awful.

Just snap at it, they said 2 FT teams and 3 Preds right?

Guess there wil be 1 Stargazer squad and 1 OWLF squad.

Preds will have to Protect the gauntlet, maybe.

I don’t know who said this, one of the devs maybe but correct me on this if I’m wrong, but didn’t they say that the reason why they didn’t add a mode of 3v12 or 2v8 is because the Predators would unfairly jump on one Fireteam member?

If that is the case, well good thing that guy got 11 or 7 of his buddies to help him out and stick together huh? Plus other games don’t suffer to this reason as well so idk where did this thought come from, but its technically not a real issue at all that should bar a 3v12 or 2v8 team hunt mode


If you watch Samhain’s latest video about PHG’s future, it explains a lot about why FT is buffed up and why they see certain this as “unfair”. The devs themselves are not good at this game, in every livestream they play so basic. And they’ve admitted that this game is balanced in favor of the generic pick up and play gamer, which is why FT is so overpowered, and they’ve been slowly downgrading the Pred. Their excuse for not having a 2v8 or whatever, because of one or more FT member being singled out, matches this mentality. Logic suggests that yes, there would be 7 or 11 more FT protecting this guy, but because the concept alone of that happening is “unfair”, its best to not even include such a game mode.

Because, god forbid Illfonic receive any negative complaints, right?


with the current DPS, two preds will easy kill every Ft player, 3, even easier.

DPS needs to go down on both in order to balance things out. And I still think a trio of Samhain, Thunder and Dan will be unbeatable even with a nerfed Pred damage and a buffed FT damage. Just imagine having to dodge 3 ranged attacks from these guys at the same time.

Then again, I think the major issue will be performance. This game fps tanks whenever 5 or 6 AI spot around you… Imagine what would happen with 15 players.


howmany times must we do this? Do you have 8 hours to kill to discuss this every…day? yes, u do.

Yes I do

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that was my idea but i’m not expecting anything from illfonic anymore if they can’t even do something special for the 2 years anniversary (just to lure us not to reassure us about the future of the game) then there is no hope at all

every dev stream they mostly do custom game with giant head and weird stuff (aka they are not playing at all) and they will maybe do 1 or 2 game which shows how bad they are on their game (well they have the lvl of most pub that we usually see on this game i guess =/

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I think it was scrapped

They are releasing characters without weapons or even getting their appearance/audio right

Then they rewrote the lore for another dlc while still not providing weapons or anything to make playing the game refreshing

There was no second year anniversary celebration DLC

It’s over man

This game was nothing more than a stepping stone

They never intended on reaching it’s maximum potential

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Scrapped content.

capture the flag or something that was as bad as Clash.
They casually disable multiple maps for performance issues, probably got scrapped year 1.

it’s not a prb to disable maps when there is prb with them
it’s a prb when they disable them , told us it’s only for sometime (i’m sure they told us a month at the beginning) and it take ages not because they don’t know how to do it but because they are lazy

Just like BTL can’t get past his accent makes my ears bleed 🩸

Hey that was my idea dammit!