Yautja are not honorable - change my mind

Please do not abuse anyone (that includes bloody me) and share your arguments below. Try to refere only to original source please - Predator and Predator 2. AVP movies are not cannon and Predators is now wideley considered as a soft reboot of the first movie so dose not count.


No not all yautja are honorable. Honor is different among the yautja than for humans.


Yeah the yautja honor code is only recognized by some clans and could be interpreted in different ways like religion also the whole reason for hunts in yautja society is for breeding rights mostly which in turn causes a literal pecking order so if a yautja wants to ensure his seed gets out their he should make every effort to ensure his hunts are successful it’s worth mentioning judging by CH an elder is usually present to ensure tech isn’t stolen and perhaps to judge their hunt this implies if you become elder then… Who judges your hunt? Do you just do whatever to ensure you get the most children during breeding season?


Fair, in my opinion Anytime and Ghost (JH and CH) were not honorable. Let me expand on this abit :
Anytime killed everyone whiled cloaked and mostly by shooting from above. City Hunter… he was just playing with them like a cat plays with a mouse. Never gave anybody a fair chance

In my opinion DC comicks created a false image of a honorable warrior - and in fact he is a hunter that floows some set of hunting rules

I agree, their idea of honour isn’t very honourable at all.


In their defence, they did engage their main prey one on one uncloaked with melee. As formidable as yautja are, they know the odds are against them and use their tactics against humans. It is the same in combat sports amongst humans. If I know wrestling and my opponent doesn’t but we agree to mutual combat and I slam him into the ground before I bash his face in, does that make me unhonorable? Granted humans don’t necessarily agree to fight a predator.

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Absolutley not! However… this was not mutual agrement, Ghost did not do this willingly, he was forced in to this situation. Remember when Harrgan shouted “You want me? Here I am!” - what better way to annouc you want to go mano to mano? What dose Ghost do? He attempts to engage his cloak and shoots a projectile at Harrigan - he is clearly not interested in honorable warrior battles - he is on a hunt, and animals are being hunted down. Also, from the first movie - Anytime dose not give Dutch equal chances - he is a goddamned 2.5 meter tall reptilian with super human strenght and still has his wrist blades on! To me that was not ritual man to man fight - it was a way to prolong the fun - the hunt.

Was it mutual? I think so. Not in traditional terms but among the yautja, consent is given the moment they are armed and poised to attack even in defense.

Think the way Jungle hunter kills every one - most of the time prey did not even know it will get blasted in a second. Thats not how honorable warrior would have done it - thats how a hunter/serial killer would have handel the situation


I really doubt that dutch agreed to anything that happend to him XD It was more of a “lets see what that pace of shit can do, someone hold my beer” XD

Again the yautja society is vastly different from humans. Just like in some Asian countries they eat puppies but here in the west we look at them like wtf lol.


So true lol XD

Thing is, in my opinion DC comics created this false image of an extraterestial honorable warrior, when in fact source materilal clearly states he is a hunter, and hunters dose not have to be honorable at all. No dobuts that there is a set of rules in place, something that they follow on a hunt, but its not a honor code. Its more like a what can and can’t I do list

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Just read something… I could not have put it better myself - this is exactly my point :

In no way this alters my love for this character - if anything it makes it stronger. This is the predator I remember from my childhood - not a samurai like warrior but more like a serial killer on a killing spree

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City hunter was a young blood so I don’t expect him to follow the exact code Jh followed the code very nicely mainly cuhz he was an aged hunter lol

I do no Iduno, I simply do no…

Ok, give me one exaple of Jungle Hunter being honorable

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He fought Dutch hand to hand with no mask
He apparently from comics fought billy hand to hand
Any time he shot plasma the team was using/holding projectile weapons

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Dutch was already injured, forced to go against a 2.5m tall reptillian with super human strengt and native infrared vsion (also still had his wristblades on) - that is in no way honorable, that is sadistic

Not confirmed in movie script, so dose not count, however I have this comic book - great one!

He blasts them from above, while fully invisible, mostly in the back or from an ambush suprise, not giving anyone a real fighting chance. Also, on purpuse sadistically injures Dillon before finishing him off - all while fully cloaked

Try again, my mind is still not changed ;-)


This over emphasis on ‘honor’ came about because someone at Dark Horse decide to copy/paste Klingon culture onto the Preds.

Going by the early films, they are hunters with a ‘flexible’ code of conduct.


This is where different clans and individuality come into play. The honor code isnt set in stone and is more like a set of guidelines. Then you have bad bloods that kill anything that moves and preds like mine who like combat over hunting.


Sorry for quoting every thing byt this is exactly what I was afraid to say, quz I could ofend star trek fans! Some one did just that! Confused Yautjas with Klingons. Quot from website I’ve posted a link to above :

"…most preys weren’t aware of the predator presence.And when they found out some worthy preys, they toyed with them and only lost because their foes got lucky.The only times the “code of honor” term is used by staff members are used in the Hopkins and Thomases audio commentaries, it’s not even a statement, just barely mentioning “A sort of honor code”.