You’re finally back… k

You owe your community an apology

Resource - The Dumpster Fire of PHG

Bookmark this thread, I’ll be coming back to it

Again, fuck me dude, thank god its not 28GB like last time

Nice fucking trailer

Are you fucking kidding me, 7 fucking months and you still fuck it up

patch 2.50

Nice, update to hand held plasma caster and you still have to figured out what naming convention you want within your own project organization

2024-04-02 16_30_17-Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 - H__Projects_Predator Hunting Grounds_Resource - The Du

Wow… This is still here

Still got bugged lobbies

Illfonic should hire me for qaulity assurance instead

Top notch HHPC Update

I ran out of beer must get more from store

And people wonder why the mudding is so fucked up in this game

Now imagine if there was 4 of me

Memory bad, cant remember where rest of disc bugs are

We will always have similar varients of the same type of bugs


because slavery to beer.

Hey guys, keep an eye out for any cheaters. We don’t want to spoil the fun of the player base. Not now since things are starting to work well with the comeback.

they found out how to exploit reckless so watch out

The reckless exploit’s been around as long as the fanatic was. its just illfonic, again, failing to listen to the community. They’ve been told both specs can be abused, but they only fixed one.

L illfonic

I told everyone to not get their expectations up…

That’s very interesting, well once you skip the pretty tismy parts that is, i didn’t know this game was even worse than i thought in so many ways.
I’m interested to see more stuff like this.

It really seems their process for patches is to fix the surface level problems presenting and not the deeper faults that are causing them within the game’s code. Course it’s more work trying to find that one specific thing and fix it, but fixing the core problems would likely fix multiple problems that have existed for a long time.
They fix the glitch for certain specializations but not all others, and they can still be exploited. Fix the timing on certain melee weapons, but the problems continue to exist. Etcetera.

I think if they focused on the core problems instead of treating the symptoms individually, the game could be in a playable state much faster.

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We can expect a patch for this update in a weeks time

I agree wholeheartedly. What really, really sucks is we waited OVER A YEAR for this. Like holy shit. That is so much time to comb through all the community complains and issues, which they referenced numerous times in their update today as their main source of inspiration, and fix these core issues. They got us all hooked with their phrasing, “weapon balance issues, Predator balance changes”, etc. and look what they actually did. Nothing. Nothing that is SIGNIFICANT to the actual problems we have.

Fixed the axe’s damage stacking? Cool. The weapon is still OP, the heavy attack takes too much HP and is too fast, and the hit box still too wide.

Fixed the Fanatic exploit? Cool. I’ll just go use Reckless instead.

Nerfed the 7ZEN? Cool, I’ll keep using the SAWZ, I love still being able to SW Preds in 5-6 hits.

Added recoil and reduced the rate of fire of the SAWZ? Cool, doesn’t change the damage output, I just need to adjust a little and it’s still the same.

Increased direct hit Plasma damage? Cool, too bad the new movement system fucks up my shots, and oh I still get torn up by the OP weapons because my overall health is still the same.

Took away Field Medic for Dante? Cool, good thing I can keep the spec on the one I already created.

The list goes on and on, and will continue as the people who do these testing keep tearing apart this update.


Updated, another editor fuck up

Just waiting for a 30mb on steam to download 3gb on epic

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You have 181 hours. I have over 943. I think I have a problem.

I highly doubt they were developing anything for PHG until very recently. But yeah, for a whole year’s wait it’s really lacking and disappointing, especially that nothing’s truly changed. If they want to truly revive the game, they better start really listening to the community and those playtesting the changes, apparently some are saying the fanatic fix doesn’t even work.

This update hopefully was just the start, but my previous experiences with IllFonic has made me lack trust in them and doubt this possibility.


To this point, I reckon that the most obvious sign to see if they’re really gonna change things is community communication efforts. If they stay silent, then I assume it’s only to restart the cash grab DLCs. If they start communicating openly, then I’d be much more inclined to be hopeful for this game’s future.



Aye, it’s not a hopeful projection and it confirms what many of us OGs have thought for a while now, but I’d love to be proven wrong here.

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It hits harder when you actually have a visual to look at and study. Multiple patches and soft updates over the course of three years, with major issues running underneath all of them, and none of them fixed in a timely manner, or at all.

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update to thread

the fuck dude.


Okay this is hilarious