Exclusivity. Authenticity. Singularity.

Through this post, I ask Illfonic, that in the next DLCs and in the next Patchs add more Exclusive Content for Classes that are not 100% Customizable in the Game.
Samurai, City Hunter; Elder; Viking, Valkyrie; Alpha and Jungle Hunter '87 are All Predators who need Exclusive Items !.
To make them unique. Different from each others.
Berserker, Hunter and Scout, are 100% Customizable Classes Predators. They don’t need Exclusive Items.
But the others need it!.

What makes one Predator Different from the other:

  • The Weapons He uses;
  • Your Roar;
  • Your Skin Pattern;
  • Your Mask;
  • His Armor;
  • The Equipment He uses.

I have already said in other Opportunities.
Use the City Hunter as a Reference.
They have a Unique Skin Pattern; It will have 2 Exclusive Mask Models; They have a unique roar; He have a Unique Armor; A Unique Weapon (Your personalized Combistick); Your own equipment (The Wrist Laucher).
They even have their own Phrase sound effect: “Want some candy ?.”
A personalized Smart Disc could be added for Him as well.

And it is no different for soldiers.

Attack, Recon, Scout and Support Soldiers also do not need Exclusive Items.

But “Dutch” 2025, “Dutch” '87, Dante and the OWLF Agent need Exclusive Items.

Weapons, accessories, knives, pistols; Equipment.

These classes do not need to be equipped with the same class items that are 100% customizable.

This completely removes the exclusivity, authenticity and uniqueness of the class.

They can be customized.

But with Exclusive things.
Not with the same things as 100% Customizable Classes.

If not, they would not need to have come as DLC’s or added post-launch.


I do agree, DLC’s need to start having a degree of exclusivity because if you can wait for something free which someone else already paid for, what sort of DLC did you buy? Just the Predator and none of their fancy gear.


Jeezuz please revise you first 5 sentences grammatically!

Exclusive items for …Classes that are not 100% customizatioon…shit you not that didn’t make much sense.

So your’re saying you want the next DLC to include SMALL items exclusive to classes? LIke a PAID DLC for Samurai…that changes his sounds? For how much money are you asking for ? 0.30cents?

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That was exactly the point that I would like to reach!.

Forgiveness for my failures in grammar.
It is probably a Typo or an Automatic Correction.

I am not asking for the next DLC’s to include small items exclusive to each Class.

This can be added through Patch’s.

But taking the example you mentioned.

The Samurai.
It is a Predator class that was added by the DLC, and there were no items to make this class more exclusive.
He does not have a unique skin pattern; He does not have an exclusive roar; He does not have a second exclusive weapon option; He doesn’t have one Exclusive Equipment.

And as the colleague said in the other comment, what is the Advantage of Paying for a DLC, if the Items are later available for free?

When paying for the DLC, we acquire the Predator or Soldier class. But what was done to make these classes really unique, can be used in any of the 100% customizable classes.

This is what I think is wrong.

The opposite. More customization, less exclusivity. Now if you want to unlock the patterns for everyone by getting the dlc, For example, the theoretical elder dlc has the elder pattern, so now all the classes have the pattern. But the game should not have too much hidden behind paywalls. Dlcs get early access to a new thing, but the new things should be there for everyone. The endless increase in classes with new stats hidden behind money is already a bit of a problem, more things only increase the problem.

Roars and patterns and other cosmetic things, sure, why not make them more unique, but that’s hardly their first or even tenth concern with these.

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Roars, taunts, clicks, cloak effects, different thermal visions because no two preds we’ve seen on screen have had the same looking thermal.
I’d pay more for all this then I would these for these minor stat adjustments. For Honor makes bank off of cosmetics & exclusive effects.

Thermal vision needs love in general its a crappy looking filter compared to Rebellion’s.
Same for Rebellion’s sound work.

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I would like them to add “shit happens” and the predators laugh from mkx

Ignore that knuckle dragger mass , good suggestion on the customisations 👍🏻


I totally disagree.

Those DLC’s is Paid.

And the Items are added for Specific Classes.

This should help to Diversify each Class of Predator and each Class of Soldier.

If the Player wants a 100% Customizable Class, we already have 3 to be chosen for Predators and 4 for Soldiers.

Now, these Classes that are Specific, You can not be Customizing with items that are not specific to this Class.

It reminds me of the Jungle Hunter '87.
It was an Exclusive Pre-Sale Item.

What is the Reason for Paying for a DLC, if later on part of the Content will be made available for free ?.

By DLC came Classes that should have their Exclusives to really make them different from each other.

And if you want to pay for the DLC, you will have a Class like no other.

Very Well Remembered.

Different Thermal Views would give another perspective.

But the Roars of each Predator, had to be Different from each one.

As if it were a Registered Trademark.

Today, if we play a game and hear the roar of the City Hunter, we immediately know that it is he who is on the hunt.

But with any of the other Predators, the Roar is Equal.

The Elder’s Roar is slightly differentiated.

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Sexist ?.

Why is adding more Exclusive Items to their respective Classes is sexist?.

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Sorry, but I didn’t understand your comment.


I hope Illfonic will see and fulfill these requests.

It’s not.

I was just meming a recent conversation from the forums

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I just saw a little of the Conversation.

Because there are some People who were unhappy with Predators having Specializations.

But I wonder, what is the problem with that ?.
This helps to have a Predator or a Soldier with a clearer objective of how to behave.

Don’t you think that each Class should have its Itens Exclusives ?.

I mean, these Specific Classes.

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“Because classes represent our gender and ethnicity and therefore must be treated with equality…”

Ya no burn the entire thread :p

I’m all in on making classes unique

On one hand we don’t need exclusive items to push certain playstyles, just limited specializations and passives. If we have that then each Pred can be unique without limiting what other classes can do.

On the other hand exclusive gear would hard push classes to being unique…

Also It’s a massive L to that thread


That thread made me lose brain cells, fak you for showing it.

Just…how?.. why would he go so far to bring identity politics to the game for a class of character that can have different genders based on the players preferred taste? I still don’t fully grasp what the argument is there, is it racist because a scout can’t be a fully armored berserker?

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That’s why…

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