ideas for the game

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ideas for the game
predator hunting grounds

and so the ideas for the game.
The first thing I would like to suggest is to make the time of day in the missions, so that the time of day, night and day would be present. Not during the game itself, what would change, and what would be either the night before the game starts:, during one game before the end.
next, increase the time of one game from 15, to 20 or 25 minutes, so that players can choose the time. By voting.
Mode: “on the battlefield”
there is an idea to make a separate mode: “on the battlefield”, when the team has to set traps for a predator, as it was in the first predator movie with Arnold and in the 2010 film. And the second option is more interesting and broad, When people were taken to another planet to hunt them. Well, it is appropriate that it would not be so easy for both predators and people to make it so that more people could connect in this mode, up to 7-8 people, when in the same moment, there could be 2-3 predators, that is, 8 fighters against 3 predators, for predators to make like mini dogs, before the start of the fight where something like horned mini dogs were launched. as it was in the 2010 movie. And to hunt each other, before the start of the fight, a team of stolen fighters or a voodoo squad, the fighters create traps for predators, and the predators go to meet them before doing various tasks, while Kamanda has time to set traps in a certain territory, which the team must choose before the start of the game. Or a predator puts traps on the territory, and the fighters go to them to attack after completing tasks.

Duel mode, on a green lawn at night, as it was in the 2010 film. where a fighter against a predator is one on one. Purely hand-to-hand. So that the predator has nothing but blades in his right hand.

for the voodoo squad:
first, because if it’s night, then make a night vision mode accordingly.
make it possible to set traps of various types, natural where branches or logs with pins and technical explosive and revealing predator positions. Also add more voice commands for the squad.

For a predator. Make different vision modes as it was in different movies.
add animation, as if hanging on one arm and resting his feet on the same side, like spider-man on the wall, so that the predator would have the opportunity to hide behind a tree trunk. And then the predator being on a tree branch, it is difficult to hide when the fighters found the predator. Add an animation where the predator clings to the walls and the trunk of a tree to
make the volume of the stomp, depending on the class of the predator. For example, a hunter is lighter than a berserker, and from this the sound level will be appropriate for this class.

Please Remove the bug with the profile, when the game is set under the level that you have already scored in the game, it happens that it comes out: -1, for which reason there is no weapon in the game that the player chose during personalization.

Well, in the end, maybe for the future, if you have a desire. I would really like to go through a good company for a predator and for a squad, with an interesting plot. There was an attempt to make a predator against a stranger in games, but this is neither, but in this game, it would have turned out very well and attracted many customers to buy this project.


Yes, I too would like to play a predator with spiderman powers.


Cool ideas! I also would love the ability to cling to a tree on the far side of the fire team. Sometimes hiding from them when your wounded and spotted is a bit tough. Especially if they come after you.

Jsyk dude, the devs do not care

I know for fact they only come on this forum to moderate things

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Thanks for the ideas.
You’re 1 year and a half late, though.
Please somebody tell these newbs who got the game for free that this game is walking towards it’s end and it’s useless the work to open topics like this one…


Lol yeah

But apparently they have their stupid Ghostbusters shit to work on instead of PHG

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For me @IllFonic is no more.
In fact i just play this game for the fun with friends… Till something better shows up…


LMAO You must be new.

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Why do these New Forum users not Search for these kinds of threads to see of they have been brought up over the last Year and Half.

Like seriously how hard is it to search first post second.

Like fuck man.

@Kassinaillia there needs to be a new rule made for new users. 24 hours no comments or new threads allowed to be made. Only Read.

Like these are threads that have been made thousands of times and yet the new users just add to the chaos

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Also Wall of text.

Bullet Points

Spacing. Like fuck you cant even read half of this cause of the wall

This is pointless

A. If a game increases the timer of a timed segment will that affect speed runners?

No because they’ll Speedrun it anyways.

If speedrunning is the meta strat then how would increasing the timer help?

So a team deathmatch?

Let’s just ignore the fact that Pred can very easily outrun the FT allowing for preds to troll the FT into quiting

As FT you spam heavy

As Pred you jump spam

In my opinion, the day/night switches are a great idea; also, I would like to see the battle royale mode when you are playing against NPCs and players at the same time. It can be a really interesting mode to play in combination with night mode. Usually, I don’t play this kind of genre; most of the time, I play solitaire card games or any modern card/strategic games with my friends, so if any of you is playing HS or Gwent, let me know in private messages so we will play together.