Is this damage normal?

I know i played was so weak,but this damage i can not accept

They probably were all running yautja bane. Typical kill squad.

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I think it was more just good coverage on their part. Those first 2 sniper shots where nasty.

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I wonder how this game would become without dmg/health perks, sometimes I feel them to be part of the problem.


Modern gaming trope. Unfortunately everyone wants an advantage these days…


this damage is completly normal with yautja’s bane hell how about i just give you this and you can see for yourself how broken damage output is on the FT side never forget there are 4 people you have to put up with that can kill you this fast so multiply the damage your seeign by 4 and you’ll get the idea what it’s like going against A tier FT killsquads
oh and also don’t forget this


Yep just remember, preds op. Here we have proof. Lol.


“Nerf pred buff ft”

Where is that meme @Fire

How dare you.

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Oh whoops hang on




Lmao xD I love it

Yautja’s bane is only a 10% difference, assuming all 4 are actually using it. You ran on foot into all 4 players, 3 of which are on pc, and you can’t accept that you got shredded? What do you think should happen. You would have died even with an extra 25% health.

You’re right, your gameplay was weak.

You’re wrong that there is any problem with the damage you took.

You might want to bring at least one ranged weapon so you can still attack from range without your mask. Also, you should move more until you’ve located the whole team. Tree branches will block a lot of those sniper shots.

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The pred was bad man, he jumped in the middle of’em trying to melee them to death before doing shit and having no clue where the targets where.

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The last game I played before putting the game down for over a week now, no exaggeration I had my mask shot clean off after 3 or 4 shots,players using under the decking exploit. I miss the game ut I don’t miss it at the same time. Maybe when new modes or bug fixes drop I will get back into the hunt. Its a bummer

Gonna be honest man, the game is broken and FT needs a damage nerf, getting random critical hits that 1-shot a biomask and yautja’s bane killing in 2 seconds of sustained but shit-aim fire from an LMG? Inexcusable. You can’t make an excuse that this video won’t rebuke: there needs to be a nerf.

The part that confused me was how fast your mask got popped off. Was it damaged prior to that engagement or what? Litterally 2 shots to pop it off… Doesn’t seem right at all. At least, that’s never happened to me, and I’ve gone up against plenty of sweaty PC sniper squads on Derailed.

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Two shots only with the bolt action without a suppressor.

I believe the 7en takes about 5 to knock of the mask.

But there is a perk for increased mask health if anybody finds it to be a problem.

I guess I should also add that without a mask, he would have taken increased headshot damage after that.

Yes he didnt play well, he played bad, but the fact that you guys think this damage is ok is pretty fucking ridiculous. I’ve said it before. If it was a 1v1 game this damage wouldn’t be a problem.

But you guys always refuse to multiply the damage.
I do not understand how you can consider 1 guy being able to solo kill the pred in a 1v4 game as balance.