Okay so I wanna know your preds!!!!!

This is my Zerk, nun of this is to show who’s your strongest ect just your favorite look and maybe if you have a bacc story that would be dope asf😭😂

This iz my elite zerk and he’s my overall favorite look I have

Ik zerks garbage and melee iz but for the idea it’s my favorite WE NEED MELEE AND ZERK BUFFS 😂

Show me yours!!!

@Fire @DisturbedLlama @Idek @DovahkiinJr @Deadpool_ROX13 @BadBlood @Xenomorph_2099 @Papa_Applepie @P-willie2000 @ADIsnap


Ik theirs an old thread but that shitz ancient

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Hmmm I never knew you could make a red combistick like that…time to go make a Darth Maul Predator.



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Here he is in action


Personal favorite look of mine. The Jungle Demon. Bad Blood predator.


One of my favorites is my Alpha, but since he’s been bastardized it doesn’t really matter anymore 😩😂


Not sure why we needed yet another one of these threads, so I’m just going to link to my original response in one fo the original threads:


I would really like him but I’ve never played as him and never will

Unless they unbastardize him by taking away the plasma caster and giving him the alpha spear and shuriken and his crazy ass wrist blades

Like he was advertised with the toy he was modeled after

Oh God…

The PTSD!!


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Elder - basic skin because the bug will just reset it anyway.
Bow and elder sword, because meta.
I keep it simple with impenetrable, medic, and large pouch, because it forces a high pace match and doesn’t let the Fireteam push the mission or look for supply crates, medic kits, etc.
motion sensors and decoys, because I might lose my mask and I like to be able to easily locate the fireteam if they make it to the exfil.


This is my Alpha Bad Blood it’s changed a few times on the look and the build but I usually do pretty good with this


I just can’t with the alpha

After all the hype around how the toy would be in the game

They failed to deliver imo

It can be fixed though by adding the alpha spear and Shuriken @OldKingHamlet

And let the alpha carry the sickle, spear and shuriken


Yeah make up for his no plasma by his solid arsenal


I rock the alpha because you know LOL 😂 but I don’t usually play Predator


Magical girl predator

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i had done this before in another thread this one


Oni Drago / Dark Drago

He once lived as a Warrior of Honor and Loyalty, but the very Clan…the very planet he’s done everything for betrayed him. Living his life in Exile, Drago would barely escape the wrath of his own planet, crash landing on Japan for he would be named as a Oni from the very locals of ancient Japan. He would survive by any means necessary, but as more wrongly accused Bad Bloods filled up Earth to be hunted down by a now advanced Human Race…Drago would start his own clan of Exiles. Pandora was the sanctuary for any Yautja who was betrayed by a currupted government, with enough people on his side, Drago launched a attack on Homeworld that would shake the very honor system of Prime. He clawed, kicked, and bit his way to the top of the Prime and eventually surgically removing the cancer of those who poisoned his home.

After all that Drago and his Nomad Clan had achieved, it would seem that his people were none appreciated towards his actions. Drago would become the #1 Bad Blood that was hunted all the way till 2030. Just like Prime, Earth was invaded not for the animals they consider trophies, but the one who was called Drago the Insane. Pandora was invaded leaving no survivors, those who did told the tale of how their Leader was fought all who challenged him. However the very last moment Drago was seen being surrounded near a cliff and then was riddled with plasma shot off the cliff. With the Nomad Clan roaming the galaxy for a new home, back on Earth there was still a unknown presence that felt demonic.

A company of O.W.L.F would investigate the area, only for no one to return once entering the forest…something lurked in the Jungles of South America, and it was not man…not a Hunter…but something more…something worse then a human can ever encounter.


I like this one cause it looks psychotic.
But my current one Is just red with vex mask.


(is late the party, had work)

Making a Fallow Up to my post

Jadhi Zabin, which is Sister Insect.

She’s my favorite at the moment for being a ruthless Bad Blood.
This is the same Bad Blood my unit is here for.
(Aka Mud-Blood, Little-Shit, and LookOut)
Again I don’t have a name for my clan still.

Zabin was originally designed to be like a wasp.
Using the Combstick like a stinger.
But she’s going to be given an overhaul since her updated backstory.

Zabin’s Backstory

She is one of many daughters to my Clans Matriarch.
Which is her -> DONE36
Zabin’s a valiant hunter and very skilled.
Her attitudes cold and calculated.
She sets all aside to make sure her Clan continues it’s strong up rise.
This includes baring pups of only the most skilled Males in the clan.

Which is hard to judge.
There are many skilled males.
But she’s only seeking the best of their best.
Picky Bitch Basically.
But her own goal has been the bringing of her end.

At the same time of her upbringing.
Ni’thya Thwei (Mud-Blood) was also in his prime.
And eventually the skilled Male and Zabin would share an interest.
It was strictly for making the Clan stronger.

But before this Zabin would take to one of her missions.
The Clan had territory over a planet yet to be cleansed.
Claimed to be Drifting with no life.
It went horribly wrong.

Zabin was stranded on this planet.
Her team had been slaughtered.
She endured the horrors of this new “prey”.

Eventually Zabin was able to get off the planet.
But it wouldn’t be for some time.
And upon her return she was completely “deranged”.
Zabin would only explain her survival on the dead planet to the Matriarch.
Other than calling the so called prey “Essence”.

Either way.
Zabin expected Ni’thya Thwei to be ready for mating.
But even Ni’thya had changed over the years of her stranding.
The well seasoned Male turned her down.
Having chosen to claim a life Mate after so many years of already breeding for the clan.
And though it was seen as disrespect, he had earned enough in his ranking to do so.
The Punishment was more than a slap on the wrist for him.

But it absolutely pissed off Zabin.
Claiming she was in better strengths then ever, she cursed his name.
And, normally she would have let this go.
But after her stranding, and enduring that hell.
Zabin was hiding something, and it effected her attitude more then ever.

Even Ni’thya said she was sick after her return.
And she refused to see it.
Course he meant well by this.
Only encouraging the high ranking Female to see her flaw.
But still she refused.

Unfortunately for Zabin her moral goal for her clan was corrupted.
She claimed the sickness from the dead planet.
Where one night back on their home planet.
Zabin met with Ni’thya’s Life Mate.

Unfortunately word spread fast.

Zabin met Luar-ke Lit Dekna.
Luar-ke a completely Blinded Huntress.
Which is why she is called Moon lit eyes.
Though Zabin talked with an upbringing click in her tone.
Wanting to walk with the other Female.

Luar only smelt the sickness on Zabin before having her neck snapped.
Zabin gutted the Female.
Pulling from Luar her unborn pup.
Leaving the empty corpse for Ni’thya to find.

After this Zabin Disappeared.
Many have already pointed fingers.
Since she told a fellow Yautja clan mate she was going to see Luar.

It is presumed and rumored among the clan.
That the sick high huntress took the unborn pup.
Making it into a trophy for Ni’thya’s disrespect in turning her down.

She has a bounty on her head for any clan to claim.
And though Ni’thya wishes to seek her out.
He has been denied every time.
Up until now.
Where Zabin has been claimed to kill another fellow clan mate.
And stolen special tech.

He has been ordered to reclaim the tech.
And kill the High Huntress.
Along with her accomplice.

Jadhi Nracha-dte, Sister Relentless.
She has been helping Zabin in the Jungles.
She is a fast running Yautja.
Her habits of stalking law to the ground and sometimes on all fours.
Often being mistaken for a large wild cat among the humans.

Thanks to @BadBlood

  • this is the other Bad Blood.
    (The one you mentioned the plasma pistol for)

Anyways that’s it, im done sharing. (If you even manage to make it through that)
Till next time.