The game needs a balance of Newbie PS FT folk going up against Tougher PS Predators/PC Predators and PC FT Death squads from going death squad. This suggestion is a possible fix for the big Crossplay Problem!

I previously had these in separate posts, so i thought I’d follow up by summing it up.

What I suggested was this:
Give us LOBBY PERKS that either allows us to setup traps (1per FT) on the map in per-determined areas but enough spot to choose from (these are wide range traps spread across 20 meters)
or allow the Predator the ability to use Poison Gas automatically where ever he goes (these are wide spread spanning around the predator).
These will all be at a COST of several thousand V (price of rare shaders), so you can take a hit on these matches and spend the V or you can choose not to. The choice is yours. But IMHO if it were available the opportunity to use these perks come often for PS and rarely for PC. But the balance is there.

Here are the links:

FT Predator Net Traps:

PREDATOR: Poison Gas Trap

These special elements in the game either stop the predator from moving temporarily and renders him above bullet fire damage (invincible) for a minute or two.

The Predator’s poison gas basically disables spotting for FT and renders their aim down sites to be on the wonky side (harder to aim or slower to get on target). This poison gas should be delivered automatically and frequently throughout the match (basically its to be considered on all that time when bought). This isn’t a pay to win perk, no all it does is render FT’s ADS slower or changing constantly and the spot mechanic to be disabled for everyone.

I’ve played this game from launch and to this day, and from my perspective, this may solve the issues of poor controls/ or over powering controls just by knowing when to use them.
That is: as PS players, youll know when to use the traps because the predator is a PC user. As a PC/PS Predator you’ll know when to use the gas when the whole FT are PC players. Simple as that.

It will cost as much as a shader but by now you probably have enough to spend.

Nerf PHG, buff B4B.


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