Patch Notes 1.04

Happy Launch Day! We hope everyone was able to look at our Patch Notes that went live on Tuesday morning on the forums. Click here to check them out. From then to today, we were able to squeeze in a few more fixes for everyone. Looking forward to seeing you in the hunt today!

  • General
    • Fixed an issue where an AI’s weapon would sometimes float in the air after their death
  • Fireteam
    • General
      • Parrying the Predator attack with your knife will no longer cause you to automatically switch to your primary weapon
      • Reduced amount of stamina required to Parry the Predator
      • Fixed an issue where Medical Kits (spawned in the map) were sometimes not interactable
      • Fixed an issue where Parrying the Predator would sometimes cause you to be unable to interact with your equipped gear
      • Fixed an issue where Fireteam members would sometimes spawn in with an invisible weapon
    • Weapons
      • 1011-12
        • Reduced 1011-12 damage
      • Grimtech19
        • Reduced Grimtech19 damage
  • Predator
    • General
      • The Predator will no longer be able to see or interact with Veritanium drops around the map
      • Predator Vision Mode will no longer show players as claimed if they have been reinforced
    • Weapons
      • Smart Disc
        • Fixed an issue that could cause the player to have infinite Smart Disc uses
      • Net Gun
        • Fixed an issue that caused performance issues after repeatedly firing the Net Gun
  • Sound
    • Increased Fireteam and Guerilla footstep attenuation
  • Matchmaking/Parties
    • [PC] Improved visual and controller support for friends list


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Thanks!! Can’t wait to see, loading first game now!

Still haven’t been able to load in!! 😡😡😡😡😡

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Haven’t found a full lobby, never mind.

What a bummer ! still waiting

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Needs offline vs bots as both fire team or the predators


Pls fix 1 thing and I love the game. FIX THE FPS DROPS ON PS4 PLSSSSSS. If you fix them the game is perfect.


We need chinese!

Make the FPS better and youll be a sexy Tyranosaurus just like me

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Waited 15 mins to be put into a lobby on my own… been waiting over 30 mins for 4 players to join! Takes the piss… I didn’t pay £50 to not be able to actually play it. Ripped off. And from what I have read the predator sucks and is too easy to kill. The predator should be bad ass… and for fanboys like me who wants to play as the iconic predator there should be a campaign single player with story to hone skills and have an alternative to multiplayer as most times I prefer to play on my own… this would be perfect for times that you just want to go straight in as Predator and just play the game without having to worry about online players random actions affecting your experience or never actually entering as predator because you selected “I don’t mind what class” because you will get into a game quicker. My digital delux version gave me the dynamic themes but I can’t see the digital comic? Unsure where to find this? I’m gonna exit this lobby and reserve myself to playing the tutorial… at least I can just play the predator. Thank god I haven’t activated my double XP yet… would have been even more of a waste!


I pre ordered the game and it ran well I was so interested in the game that I forgot were I was but when I went to start another game it said that I had 14 customization’s but when I clicked to see what it was there was nothing I checked in every section in fireteam and predator but couldn’t find it so illfonic please just fix the customization errors please it will do a huge favor

Damn for the unlimited disc fix. 😂

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Yh I don’t get the waiting the servers should be overloaded with ppl since its day 1 launch and it is packed with ppl but its not working out

This game has a terrible concept behind…
Is a predator oriented game based on a multyplayer archetype… two aspect that are not very near each other… predator in a franchise born in the 80’s, the most of the old fans come from those years, I am class 1981… im 39 YO and I believe that I and my comrades are a bunch of gamers not so near to the multiplayer concept… We are raise up with single player based games… predator is a gold mine for a very good action games type, but most of the aspect find sense in enviroment, atmosphere, sense of power, human reactions and gameplay… im not against this actual concept, i think is a good gamemode… but it can be not the core of a game… We need some predator vs bots option, or a challenge mode, like in friday the 13th… because like this… the game is not enjoiable…

  • the predator fail in the predator experience
  • the predator stealth ability is useless because you will never kill someone stealty so is skirmish, so it fails againin pred experience
  • the predator weapons are not powerful as requested by lore (Plasmacaster is pratically a shit… in the movies it was the best pred weapon… one shit ine kill)
  • fireteam members are totally anonimous
  • fireteam gameplay is a bad fps experience, with nothing special if compared to other fps games… why someone will choose that?
  • choose to play a pred, means wait till death
  • choose fireteam is not fun
  • no choose mean choose fireteam, that means you want to play pred, that mean you quit after a bunch of matches.

The game need a deep restructures of the mechanics and a lot of content to be competitive… add single player. It can give a longer life to this title…
Playing the tutorial forever is not a solution


That’s some pretty quick updates, nice.
But I think you guys should focuse more on the servers and peformace of the game overall, make fiding a match faster. The balancing is pretty good on the moment so it shouldn’t be priority.

I feel totally ripped off. This wasn’t the experience I was looking forward too. I’m ready to call this game DOA

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Fr predator is trash takes about 10 hits to down some one its ridiculous 64 bucks for this smh

I’ven been fooled by the item boxes twice by now. I got some purple glasses and even a mask for the predator, but suddenly I actually did not get them. Why is it, that only low-quality objects are obtained, but whenever I get something I really want I actually didn’t?


As a community, can we please all stop ignoring how bad the graphics are on PS4 so it actually becomes a focus for the developers? I don’t want to hear no “We need single-player!” or “We need new modes!” until the game looks like it’s from this generation. I’m one of those people that moans about how graphics don’t matter as much as gameplay, so it has to be pretty bad to get me complaining about it.

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