Patch Notes 1.10

Patch Notes 1.10

  • Free Update
    • Increased max level to 150
    • New unlockable Predator - Elder Predator (At Level 150)
    • New unlockable cosmetics (Full list at end of Patch Notes)
    • Hammerhead now unlockable by leveling up
    • Dutch’s Knife now unlockable by leveling up
  • General
    • Smoke Grenades now appear in low and medium video settings
    • Fixed an issue where the perk loadout may be incorrect in the lobby
    • Fixed an issue where the Predator’s hand would sometimes be in the Fireteams face in the Main Menu
    • Fixed an issue where the chopper was missing during the Fireteam escaped outro cinematic on Backwater
  • Fireteam
    • General
      • Added reinforcement mission timer to Fireteam HUD
      • Fixed a bug where Fireteam members would not die from stealth kills if they have the OWLF perk equipped
      • Can no longer open the weapon wheel while exchanging weapons with the weapon crates
      • Fixed an issue where Fireteam members would be unable to interact with the same item twice in a row unless they look away from the item
      • Fixed an issue where Fireteam members continue to have standing collision boxes while they’re downed
      • Fixed an issue that caused the animation to not play properly when spam throwing grenades
    • Weapons
      • S-R3D
        • Fixed an issue where Fireteam members would A-pose when the player would equip the S-R3D in certain locations
  • Predator
    • General
      • The Predator will no longer be marked from spotting if they are completely invisible and haven’t been damaged recently
      • Reduced duration that spotting marks predators
      • Predator’s leap slam can now destroy foliage
      • Reduced leap slam damage through walls and roofs
      • The Predator is no longer able to switch weapons during mid leap
      • Fixed a bug that caused the Predator to sometimes get stuck in Predkour mode
      • Fixed an issue where auto aim was being affected by players behind the Predator
      • Fixed a bug where backing out of the customization menu for Predator weapon shaders would bring you to the wrong menu
      • Fixed a bug where the Predator Mask would sometimes be missing the glowing eyes
      • Fixed a bug where The Predator would sometimes not enter second wind if killed by an explosive barrel
    • Weapons
      • Smart Disc
        • Fixed a bug where Host Fireteam members are able to see a cloaked Predator after the Predator throws a Smart Disc

New Unlockable Cosmetics:

  • Lvl 100 Platinum tints for Predator
  • Lvl 150 Gold tints for Predator
  • Lvl 10 Unique Fireteam Weapon skins

Predator Gear Tints

  • Net Gun Obsidian Tint
  • War Club Obsidian Tint
  • Hand Held Plasma Caster Obsidian Tint
  • Smart Disc Obsidian Tint
  • Elder Blade Obsidian Tint
  • Yautja Bow Obsidian Tint
  • Combistick Obsidian Tint

Predator Mask Tints

  • Default Mask Obsidian Tint
  • Journeyman Mask Obsidian Tint
  • Eclipse Mask Obsidian Tint
  • Prophet Mask Obsidian Tint
  • Inferno Mask Obsidian Tint
  • Plague Mask Obsidian Tint
  • Phoenix Mask Obsidian Tint
  • Phalanx Mask Obsidian Tint
  • Nocturne Mask Obsidian Tint
  • Immortal Mask Obsidian Tint

Predator Armor Tints

  • Crimson Scout Armor Tint
  • Crimson Hunter Armor Tint
  • Crimson Berserker Armor Tint
  • Sage Scout Armor Tint
  • Sage Hunter Armor Tint
  • Sage Berserker Armor Tint

Predator Skin Pattern Tints

  • Scout Default Skin Pattern Ivy Tint
  • Hunter Default Skin Pattern Ivy Tint
  • Berserker Default Skin Pattern Ivy Tint
  • Scout Raptor Skin Pattern Hydra Tint
  • Hunter Raptor Skin Pattern Hydra Tint
  • Berserker Raptor Skin Pattern Hydra Tint

Fireteam Weapon Skins

  • Stalker - Dutch’s Knife

  • Butcher - Dutch’s Knife

  • Rival - Dutch’s Knife

  • JunkYardDog Skin - Hammerhead

  • Drip Skin - Hammerhead

  • Monarch Skin - Hammerhead

  • Blue Viper Skin - 2XL

  • Blue Viper Skin - Z-06

  • Blue Viper Skin - DJL-33

  • Blue Viper Skin - SAWZ-50

  • Blue Viper Skin - 1011-12

  • Blue Viper Skin - PDW-Z

  • Blue Viper Skin - D34-D

  • Blue Viper Skin - Grim19

  • Blue Viper Skin - G-ROW

  • Blue Viper Skin - RP-103

  • Blue Viper Skin - KR-55

  • Blue Viper Skin - AR-W

  • Blue Viper Skin - 7EN

  • Blue Viper Skin - CS-12

  • Blue Viper Skin - GOSL-R

  • Blue Viper Skin - S-R3D

  • Blue Viper Skin - XDB-12

  • Blue Viper Skin - QR-4

  • Blue Viper Skin - ABR-Z

  • Green Skin - HammerHead

  • Tan Skin - HammerHead

  • Blue Skin - Hammerhead

  • Brown Skin - Hammerhead

  • Gray Skin - Hammerhead

  • Woodland Skin - Hammerhead

  • Desert Skin - Hammerhead

  • Green Tiger Skin - Hammerhead

  • Sandstorm Skin - Hammerhead

  • Digital Skin Skin - Hammerhead

  • Green Shatter Skin - Hammerhead

  • Red Tiger Skin - Hammerhead

  • Charcoal Skin - Hammerhead

  • Blue Viper Skin - Hammerhead

  • Green Hexagon Skin - Hammerhead

  • Silver Skin - Hammerhead

  • Golden Skin - Hammerhead

  • Viridian Skin - Hammerhead

  • Aurora Skin - Hammerhead

Fireteam Outfit Tints

  • Fireteam Assault “Digital Camo” Camo Tint
  • Fireteam Recon “Digital Camo” Camo Tint
  • Fireteam Support “Digital Camo” Camo Tint
  • Fireteam Scout “Digital Camo” Camo Tint

Thanks for all of this great work Illfonic! Don’t worry, alot of us believe in you to make this game live up to it’s potential!

If you guys like this game as much as I do, free to check out my YouTube Channel as I’ve been making daily videos about it day 1 :)


I was first! lol

On the real though good patch guys.


Thank GOD


Great work from Illfonic team!


Terrible change


Another fantastic update illfonic!


No fix for private lobbies crashing?

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Yo! This patch was huge!!! Much appreciated for listening to most of the posts <3

Please focus on fixing performance on PC’s


Very good update , was hoping for some reinforcements nerf (considerig that roof slam got nerfed, rightly). Keep going with awesome work. The game is improving patch over patch and being every time more fun to play 💪🏻.


Sweet update! Glad to roof and wall damage is reduced from Leap Slams! Also THANK YOU FOR RAISING THE LEVEL CAP!!

Woop woop! ^_^


Why is it 8 gigs to add more skin collecting? Advertise this correctly and you will get the playerbase you are looking for. How about some focus on game play elements instead of the stupid fcking skins.

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Damn I love this game so mutch. Thank u Illfonic :)


digital camos…


hint of urban map?? ahehehehe


@Courier This is awesome, well done guys and thanks👍🏼

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Holy Jesus…


Nicely fucking done Illfonic. You’re making me eat my words and I couldn’t be happier


Thx for the Update ! Keep the great work !


Fantastic. Keep up the good work guys.