Predator - Aim Lock [Patch 2.47]

Platform: PC

Operating System: Windows 10 Home
GPU: MSI RTX 2070 Armor
CPU: Intel i7-9700K
RAM: CORSAIR - Vengeance RGB PR DDR4 64 GB
Motherboard: ASUS Prime Z390-A

Predator - Aim Lock

*Predator enters a state that automatically holds ‘Aim’ input when pressing ‘Aim’ after the current weapons ammo has been depleted or when ‘Aim’ is held when climbing trees or transitioning between branches while holding ‘Aim’ and pressing ‘Select Weapon 1-4’ or ‘Gear 1-3’

Solution: Press ‘Aim’ input

Aim lock [Technical]

‘Gear 1-3’ (Wrist Launcher) --> ‘Select Weapon 1’

‘Gear 1-3’ (Wrist Launcher) --> ‘Last Weapon’

(While on branch) ‘Wrist Launcher’ --> ‘Cycle Weapon’

(While on branch) ‘Wrist Launcher’ --> ‘Cycle Weapon Back’

(While on climbing tree) ‘Leap/Branch Switch’ --> ‘Aim’

(While on climbing tree) ‘Jump/Branch Switch’ --> ‘Aim’

(While switching from branch on same tree) ‘Move’ --> ‘Aim’ --> ‘Select Weapon 1-4’

(While switching from branch on same tree) ‘Move’ --> ‘Aim’ --> ‘Gear 1-3’

(When out of ammo on weapon) ‘Aim’


Predator - Aim Lock is distrusting to gameflow and uncommonly causes Predator to Aim unintentionally

Most commonly will happen when Energy Overloading while using the Plasma Caster and using the Combistick due to it’s behavior of switching weapons automatically but can happen with any weapon or gear when running out of ammo

‘Gear 1-3’ (Wrist Launcher) --> ‘Select Weapon 1’ or ‘Gear 1-3’ (Wrist Launcher) --> ‘Last Weapon’ (Plasma Caster)

When switching from Wrist Launcher to Plasma Caster there is no switch time which mimics the games 0ms-50ms window of creating these input related bugs naturally within its own coding

Seems to be enhanced by higher ping like all input related bugs


‘Gear 1-3’ (Wrist Launcher) > ‘Select Weapon 1’ or ‘Gear 1-3’ (Wrist Launcher) --> ‘Last Weapon’ requires Predator to be host

Triggering Aim Lock via empty weapon ammo (Energy overload, weapon switch due to empty ammunition) is harder achieve when host

Can naturally happen without pressing additional inputs

Additional Information

Hides Predator plasma caster laser

Allows Predator to ‘Aim’ while jumping

Allows Predator to stop looking at camera from behind while sitting at edge of branch

When second winded during Aim Lock Predator will remain in Aim Lock state

Causes melee weapons to A pose Predator when moving

Plays ‘Aim’ sound for Plasma Caster (This effect is stackable)



Nothing extraordinary to note

Estimated Activity

April 25, 2020 (Patch 1.0) - December 18, 2022 (Patch 2.47)


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