Predator specializations

As mentioned in the latest stream, I’m here to make as suggestion for predator specializations. Even though I think FT is very strong right now (and this made then even stronger), specializations made FT gameplay feel more unique and allowed for more organized team mechanics and varied gameplay. I think same can be true if they were available for the predator, allowing for more varied gameplay. The current class perks are good, but limiting to a certain class, and may not go well together with selectable perks. Specializations would allow for a more specific buff to a certain area of predator skills: melee, long range, cloak, speed, healing recovery, etc. I realize that most those are already available through selectable perks, but it would be nice to be able to stack some of them for specific playstyle builds. Overall, it would offer more variety, which i think everyone wants. @Courier @OldKingHamlet please consider passing on my suggestion. Thanks


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Did the work up from the general discussion posts. Feel free to add any input you can


I’ll take a look at both. My approach to this is a bit specific so I’ll see what I can use

Maybe even come up with so awesome ideas as well
But I would suggest switching over to Predator Specializations Thread
They got some awesome ideas/reworked ideas

It all depends how those suggestions are approached. The simpler the better. Rework will make things too complicated.