Predator Specializations Thread

Community ideas for Pred specializations. I’ll link to the original brainstorming threads in General Discussion in the comments.

Tracker - Can tag targets quicker, tags don’t disappear unless mudded (Hunter/Scout)
Panicked - FT members bleed out faster the closer they are to the Predator (Berzerker/Viking)
Lock on - Plasma Caster can lock onto fireteam members and homing fire. Caster cannot be charged (Scout/Elder)
Shooter - Increased damage at further range (Scout/Elder)
Scope - Biomask can zoom in and magnify (Scout/Hunter)
Rusher - Increased melee swing speed (Berzerker/Viking/Samurai)
Punisher - Increased damage to lone FT members (whatever the range is for supports passive damage reduction) (Elder/Alpha)
Vulnerable/Bounty Hunter: After achieving full body scans on all ft players. Ft are weaker to plasma caster direct damage. Ie maybe like 5% and Mud cover is 50% easier to see through. (Hunter/Alpha)
Stalker: Noise reduction while cloaked (clicking, branch creaking, footsteps) Increased cloaking effectiveness (cloak fully invisible @ 35m out)(Elder/Scout)
Higher Priority - Receive less damage from AI wile near FireTeam (Samurai/Berzerker)
Third Eye - Highlight the direction of nearby speaking prey (Alpha/Elder)
Glutton - Gain a small amount of extra health from eating wild animals, but movement speed is reduced. Does not stack (Viking/Berzerker)
Berserk - Gain a damage and speed buff from overloading (City Hunter/Zerker)
Reflective Sparks - Gain a small defense buff from overloading (City Hunter/Alpha)
High Rise - Reduced damage in and around buildings and man made structures (City Hunter)
Primal Survival - Predator can consume claimed FT or NPCs to recover health for a very limited time (2 minutes after claim) (Alpha)
Plunder Damage boast for destroying ft pick ups. Maximum damage boost 15% 5% per destroyed pick up (Viking)
Cybernetic - Predator upon losing mask still has mask tracking capabilities (???)
Bull -Dual plasmacaster (removes charged shot) (???)


Nice lets gets this thread some massive traction


I like the third eye perk although is should be available for an classes since it does not give you a massive buff, unlike the FT ones.


I can agree.

Lets give 87,and CH some.

CH: Takes less damage while on top of buildings. 10% maybe

JH: stamina use cuts in half and speed increases by 10% while fighting in the jungle. (Must be on Ground)

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I did completely forget about CH. For this I am shamed.

JH however, is supposed to just be a skin so…in fairness he should just have Hunter specializations apply

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What about

Primal: Alpha can eat clamied ft member and Stargazer NpC the ones you take skulls from


Oooh that’s fun. Limited time after kill though. Can’t be using AI like pigs to go back to later that’s just a little too much

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Yeah. Thats true. So maybe stargazers have to be eaten at time of death

The stargazers ops are uncommon and they need to be killed by the pred to be used for health

Anything claimed i think makes for a fun dynamic. “Use all of your kill” kinda deal.
I’m updating as they come in

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Viking only special

Plundering: Viking gets a damage boast for destroying ft pick ups. Maximum damage boost 15% 5% per destroyed pick up

Medkits, ammo crates, med throwable, and Ammo throwable.

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@Anyt1m3 @Robo_2696 @

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Stalker using bow and caster with down range would be the new meta. Let’s do it. Tired of the FT ass wiping. And this is from someone who plays FT way more now.

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Yeah, but then they would need to use the glass canon preds. So even Trade off. We can always tweak it

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Yeah I figure it balances the health issues you have with Scout/Elder. They melt faster than ice cream in an oven these days

@RedBaronBob @NerdatorPrime

I think the bezerker would be able to do this

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Okay okay. So we hve a Alpha/zerker trait