Predator weapon change exploit

I wish that Illfonic will implement a “fix” for this phenomenon, maybe adding a global cooldown between the usage of one weapon and the changing to another one so this bull$hit can be taken out of the game. This can be so game breaking if you manage to land a fully charged plasma bolt or an arrow with the bow, followed by a combistick throw, it must be enough damage to down any class in the Fireteam instantly.

It’s simple and easy to recreate. It seems to work with most ranged weapons, and i haven’t tested any melee weapons yet, but as an example, imagine if you could land the strong attack of both the Battleaxe and Norse Hammer at the same time(even though they are poop). xD

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I mean it should be fast to switch anyway.
Maybe a half a second slower than this,
But that’s all.
Not the base 2 or 3 secs it takes now.


I agree, but not instant like this. xD

To bad this game is more shooter focused.
I would love to see cancels and long stringed together combos.

Like this looks cool, and against a good team I would see this as balancing things out.

But vs the average player?
Overkill lol.

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Now hang on…

Some games have “tech” which are essentially exploits that have been deemed by the community to be balanced and fun…

Could this be PHG’s first tech?

Let’s make a case

For balance, Game is FT favored so even something as broken as this is fine and against randoms preds who’d do this would already destroy them do to a lack of any SBMM so it wouldn’t matter

It can’t be annoying on the FT side (then again you’d be amazed) and for Pred learning to do combo’s fighting game style might be fun

so then are we ok with this “mechanic” completely invalidating a perk that the predators possess called fast hands?

cause that’s what this does as well making that perk now worthless and should never be chosen

while i am a Melee player so i def get the take on Tech however i dislike Tech that leads to unreactable situations which this does in some cases

and it also invalidates a perk which is designed to allow the predator to swap faster but now it’s worthless cause you can do it without the perk and get faster response time than with the perk


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a certain “best PC Pred” use this.


Among other things.

Another fix would be to require a small animation for “drawing the arrow” back and “lifting the combistick” to throw.

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It’s one perk that barely has a use. And it’s not like it can’t be reworked or have a use for low skill preds.

It just allows you to combo ranged weapons, at worse it allows you to instant down a FT member which the Predator should already be doing.

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Here’s part 2, with charged arrow shot + combistick throw, and a 4-hit combo that deals 214 damage in less than 1 second. Perform it twice to both down and kill a Support that uses the Thick Skin perk.
Though i’m not going to use exploits against other players, i test these alone in Privates so i can tell Illfonic to fix their shit! :P

@OldKingHamlet @Courier You might want to look into these 2 videoclips, i performed these moves without macros, that means anyone could do this. If macros were used then they can be perfected and be performed even faster.
Please look into adding some kind of global cooldown to weapon change after using one, this exploit makes the perk Fast Hands useless.

Email them, there you can be sure you will be heard. :)

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Gonna borrow a little bit of Bruce Lee philosophy and apply it here.

Walls don’t move or shoot back.

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ah, thats op to consistenly swap weapons really fast. itd probably be like triple damage



More like slap chop but still fits

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How do we know this video isnt edited to make it look like you did it? Kidding! But it seems everyone agrees that its an exploit,great! But it also doesn’t sound very promising when you don’t even say how you did it and nobody here is even asking how.

Because here I am looking like an ass trying to get those kinds of speeds and I most certainly am not. Not with my keybinds setup and not with my gear, not with the current class i’m using which is Berzerker, but ill test with the Hunter as thats what it looks like you’re using.

Its not possible to execute the combi-throw without actually seeing the entire animation of the combistick properly in hand and same goes for the bow and arrow. That animation should be an additional second longer. but from your video it looks like you even skip that half way through. I don’t believe this exploit.

I don’t see the point in fixing something that isn’t doable by most people.

The slicing video? Dude you hacked this fucking game somehow! ~Explain yourself!

You want more people to know how to do it? 😁