Samhain13 and his crew never cheat. Nope.

First off, here is a screenshot of Beer’s Steam profile showing he uses HudSight, which is a crosshair overlay software that puts a crosshair in games when there isn’t intended to be one (think sniper rifles or the Predator’s bow/pistol without ADS’ing):

Ever wonder how they no scope you with accuracy? Or how they accurately pop off animation-canceling shots with the bow or plasma pistol while zig zagging around like a headless chicken even though there’s no crosshair until you ADS?

Macro + HudSight. That’s how. Remember how Sam said “I don’t use macros. I’m all-natural” LMAO. Yet here is his close buddy outright busted using a crosshair overlay crutch. And you really believe he’s not using all the exact same shit? Give me a break. If you were to believe Sam, he’s playing on a Windows 95 PC at 5 FPS with a broken mouse and keyboard, and zero third-party crutches, while overcoming it all because he is a GOD. Absolute perfection.

And remember, these are the same guys that have always called high DPI disc an exploit, which is cheating without actually hacking. Gear exploit, disc exploit, and yes, crosshair overlay exploit. All exploits that are intended to get around the game’s design and give you an unfair advantage in doing something that you shouldn’t be able to do.

And here is Sam and his crew getting busted LIVE on Stream using gear exploit:

But they never cheat, right? And the funniest shit is that Sam’s own words say it all: “no exploits cuz I’m gonna start streaming” LOL. AKA he’s fine with cheating as long as nobody can call him out on it and take away his self-perceived “Godly status”. Too bad you were already streaming at that point, noob. Too late, BUSTED.

And remember when Beer and him claimed they don’t know the first thing to hacking a game, so how in the world would they be using hacks in PHG? Lmao ya, yet here is Sam asking Beer if he can “turn on friendly-fire” so they can troll and kill late-striker:

And here is Sam asking Beer again if he can “crash late-striker’s game somehow” lmao:

Why would Sam be asking Beer all this shit if he wasn’t aware of him hacking and exploiting the fuck out of this game on a constant basis? What a joke. BUSTED.

For all you honest players that wanna avoid these guys, here are links to their profiles on so you can keep track of who they are, no matter how many times they change their usernames or avatars. SteamID logs it all:





This is community work right here.
Too late i’m afraid. They already had their dicks sucked so hard on this dead game.


I am. Im better than all of you. Blow me. And you know it, it shows by how much you care. Look at the extent you go, I hadnt streamed phg in weeks since im barely playing the game. The rest of you are that jealous that despite hating still watch me on yt. Still obsessed with me even after all these years.

Both jelou and beer hacked the game these past months, they told you here, which was only because of you showing them it was possible, you seen that when jelou managed to kill you. I asked beer because I dont know what he can do or not at this point, I dont really keep track of what they do. And I stopped caring, why you think I openly talk about during live? I dont care about what you idiots think. You are the only ones that still cares.

And I didnt use a single exploit during the livestream. While we found ps players that did.

And at this point you all are such pos that I dont care if they use on you all. There are still ps using fanatic bug. I killed a few. And if you go vs us aston, jelou can one shot your ass, and its because of your actions leading up to people finding cheat engine.

Everyone know of exploits on this game, I openly talk about them all.time, I was the one that exposed the ps team that came up with fanatic exploit im hopes of killing me in privates and I still won. And people still think the console players are innocent. At this point why would I give a shit? People on this game have proven to be the most pathetic I ever seen in an online game. So yea if you are a pos I dont mind beer using hacks on you. There is a reason why jelou only managed to one shot kill potatos like you now in 2023.

Thinking a crosshair is cheating is dumb as fuck, but then you are a retar. Beer never denied using it and I only used a few times that even appeared which crosshair I used on my vids. And it doesnt work for the pred cus its off from center.

You are like a salty ex girlfriend. Yea you did suck my dick for a while, too bad you are just as dumb as you were before. You should thank me for trying to educate troglodytes lik you. Never learned thing. Even other ps players think you are a retar for thinking shit like field medic is balanced. Then again thats how you think when you are a shit ft.

The community of a bunch of jealous petty salty tryhard losers that would demonize anyone that played better.

Never denied anything me and others used, I was the one that named who started using speedhack.

I made videos using the bugged specs when they first happened, never denied a thing.

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Never said that, not an exploit, you just spamming lies over and over, without any proof. I said it was op. Get a clip of me calling it an exploit then.

You seen so desperate to push your schizofrenic narrative, this forum is more dead than the game, there is no one here, no one cares anymore except the haters that never managed to get good at this game.

I was always open to play private fair games no cheating vs anyone but most of you are too much of pussies to do it.

People that use fanatic or bug under map cant complain about what pc players do now.

Bro you still think i give half a fuck you think or say?
You full of bullshit. Everything you talk comes from your self dellusional world sized ego.


Someone woke up and get triggered…

How angry one has to be… to edit single post 2 times, 5 times, 6 times? Just asking for a friend…


Im on my phone, cant type and quote well with this. Dont you need to go watch your wife get gangbanged like your valkyrie did by fts?

You guys caused this, I was just playing a pred game with my friends and people had to make the conspiracy that the reason I play so well is because im hacking. Its because of all the hacking accusations that I realized Im so good at games. Thanks.

Calm down, hud sight is a crosshair I even tried to use it for educational purposes for other people just because of crazy asses just like you

I’m bilingual with and without crosshair you little cockroach

You would probably hurt me in real life as you have more muscles than me.

You need a brain to hurt somebody in discussion. You and your toxic friends have no brain unfortunately.

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dude you cant tell the difference between a perk that extends spotted duration on the predator and wallhack, you are not smart, you have a potato as brain.

Anyone wants to go at Halo Infinite vs me ? Here so you potatos can jerk off to how good I am in other fps games.

You guys think I’m hacking in there too ? Am I that good of a hacker to bypass anticheat in so many fps games?

What macro dipshit

The retad thinks we need that to change pred weapons, there are ps preds that also do that with keybiddings but he gives them a free pass since he biased.

Or maybe ps preds are using macros on ps5

The concept of keybiddings have always been hard for potatos to understand. Its like trying to explain to a monkey that fire isnt magic.

We cause this?! LMAO.
I see your ego achieved some sense of humour.
You brought this on yourself pal.
Play so well? Oh my, we could talk about this for days…

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Im just so good at sniping

The word you are looking for is 𝗿𝗲𝘁𝗮𝗿𝗱. Let me show you an example in sentence:

He may look 𝘳𝘦𝘵𝘢𝘳𝘥𝘦𝘥 as he isn’t able to spell his expletive properly.

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that word gets blocked by the forum, if I type it right it blocks from posting