1st Suggested Sunday Chibi Event!


Choose a Skull offered by the community.
Each skull is linked to a suggested Chibi.
(Hiding the suggested offers to give everyone a fair chance at a chibi)

  • Normal Skull
  • Grey Skull
  • Black Skull
  • Green Skull
  • Purple Skull
  • Red Skull
  • White Skull
  • Blue Skull

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We thank you for choosing.
The Offer that makes it will be our next Chibi made in a Video.
(If this goes well we might do 2 Offerings Next Sunday when the Video is posted)

P.s we are most likely going to change to a bot vote.
That way we can pull back on forum checking.
And having to tie break.
Our bad, sorry guys.

Again thanks for helping us out thus far guys!
We can’t wait to share more form the Butkus Project!


Green is not my favorite color but I chose it anyways.
I do like this random choosing because you never know if your suggestion will be chosen


Good to know.

We were afraid of needing bots.
But if choosing helps.
Then we’ll keep this system.

We’re gonna get through all the skulls before restart.
Hopefully giving everyone a chance.


Can’t wait to see what skull ends up being once it’s drawn. Maybe we can have a trophy room dedicated to each skull color.


I Would LOVE to do that.
Sadly we were going to re-use colors for the next batch of suggestions.

There would be allot of repetitive Skulls.
It probably wouldn’t look as good nor seem very “show of worthy like”.

If we can figure something out, we will.
But sadly cannot be promised till then.

Plus we still have our main Concept.
Which is gonna take some time considering it’s requirements.
And only a 3 man team.

Fingers crossed

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Nice artwork btw


I see
I sure something will be figured out

So we’re going to see the suggestion come out next Sunday?


We’re always willing to try.

And yep.
Sunday will be the drop of the video.
And there will be a poll for the next Skull to be chosen.
Once all the Skulls are gone.
We’ll then ask for suggestions instead of dropping a poll with the last video.
And the cycle repeats.

( P.s We’ve got an idea for the skulls, but we’re gonna test it and see.)

Thanks mate!

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Very welcome