Enraged Spec stays on

it stays active even after health is regained, not sure if its intentional but its happening, tested it in a pvt with a Viking vs the new 4 bots.

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this makes the fatties playable


watcha mean viking is nasty already, stealth kills all day with that guy vs non death squads

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If you’re gonna go and get Enraged fixed you can also report that Fervent & Analytic are bugged in the exact same way and even if Fireteam die or get downed their 15% damage bonuses are permanent throughout the entire match.

If Cleo has to lose her greatest Spec, then I’m sure as hell making sure City Hunter; Valkyrie, Hunter & Scout lose theirs too.

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Enraged makes Cleo good, it makes slow Classes playable, We can’t afford to lose it like this.

Didnt know fervent was busted , analytic seems fine since i thought being scanned meant being on the right side of the screen.

every class is playable against people who can’t read that’s correct

sadly i only care about people who can read and those that can follow a yellow or green dot

cause the ones that don’t lose to wristblade rushers which i don’t know if you know this everyone can do


Ah ah ah, I don’t think so (losing the spec)

Analytic’s buff is SUPPOSED to get reset once they die & respawn (which THANKS BTW now Fireteam can respawn up to 3 times in a single match due to Bots, AND SWAP THEIR LOADOUTS EACH TIME TOO) but it doesn’t so it’s permanant.

Fervant just straight up never goes off.

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I didn’t want Enraged Cleo being shared with others, I wanted to keep this power for myself and others in the Discord. But if Enraged has to get fixed them I’m sure as hell pushing for Fervant & Analytic to get fixed too. Take Hunter, City & Valk players with me.

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And it’s good that it doesn’t go off

Good thing I don’t used enraged

idk cant say since i thought it was just having their name on the right, but if thats not the case then yeah fix that too

You want to keep Fervant bugged, I want to keep Enraged bugged. We are the same.

one could argue the spec is supposed to turn off when the diamond is no longer above their head too man

because when the diamond is gone you can scan them again

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yeah if thats supposed to be the case it needs a fix

Indeed we are


i dont know if its intentional thats why i put this

we can assume it isn’t otherwise the low hp fireteam dmg spec (fanatic) would be permanent too which it isn’t

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cool then it needs a fix