Welcome to the final installment of Rule Reworks for the Ps4 Predator: Hunting Grounds Tournament hosted by (@Idek @Idunno56 @Scooda @DisturbedLlama and myself.)

Welcome to Season 1: Season of Unblooded

Tournament Rules

• Tournament Rounds in a Set can be played on the map Derailed or Overgrowth. The Predator Player chooses the Map each Round. Predator Players, It is preferable for the Predator Player to be Host of the Lobby for this to work cleanly.

• A fully fledged team of 4-5-6 Players will be needed to form a Tournament Team.
(4 players and an additional 5th or rare case scenario even 6th Predator Main Player/s in the case all 4 FT Players do not play Predator or perform with Predator at a high level.)

•The system by which Teams will fight each other will be in a Tournament Bracket, Tournament Teams will be placed in their brackets and matched with another random team to have their Games.

• Games between Tournament Teams will be played out in 3 Sets of 3 Matches or “Rounds”. However, only 2 Sets resulting in victory for a team are needed for that Team to win the Bracket Match and rank up the Tournament Bracket.

For Example ( Team 1 won Set 2. but Team 2 won Set 1 and 3. Thus, they win the Bracket Match.)

• A Victory in a Set is achieved by winning 2 Rounds (or Matches) in the Set. (Example, Team 1 won 2 “Rounds” against Team 2).

In Set 1, Team 1 (Top of Bracket) will get to send their Predator in Round 1 and swap in the future rounds from there. In Set 2, Team 2 (Bottom of Bracket) will send their Predator in Round 1 and swap in the future rounds from there.

• The Predator Player repeating a Round in their Bracket Match MUST use a different class than previously used in the specific Set at the moment. ALPHA and JUNGLE HUNTER count as DEFAULT HUNTER.
(For example: This is Set 3. Team 1 Predator was Jungle Hunter/Alpha/Default Hunter in Round 1, now they must play either Scout, Berserker, Elder, Samarai, or City Hunter in Round 3.)
This Rule Has been edited to account for the earlier release of City Hunter.

• The Predator Player playing for their teams in the Second and Third Sets of the Sets of 3 must be different players than the players who played in the First Set of 3 in the Bracket Match. This is only applied to their specific sets, not Tournament Teams.
(Predfan_101 played for Team 1 and Fireba1l70* played for Team 2 on Set 1.

Now Xenofan_202 plays for Team 1 and Iceblock#234 plays for Team 2)
(This Rule is now up for discussion and could be subject to changes)

• If a Team loses their Bracket Match they will be sent down to the Loser’s Bracket.

• The Tournament Bracket itself will be constructed as the Teams finalize their Team Names and Group of Players.

• Sets and their Rounds in entirety MUST be recorded by one Fireteam Member of a Team and the Predator in the Rounds.

Glitch Rules:

• In the event of a Glitch majorly disabling the Game working as intended and results in a unforeseen circumstance, (Example, Leaderboard Glitch, Auto Claim, Auto Boar), the Game will be viewed by Moderators on site with Recordings and/or Screenshots provided by the Players and will determine if the Round must be Redone or not.

Exploit Rules:

• In the event of a unforseen Exploit occurring in the Round, the Game will be viewed by Moderators on site with Recordings and/or Screenshots provided by the Players and will determine Warnings or Outright Bannings for Players/Tournament Teams.

FIRETEAM Tournament Rules:

• All Fireteam Players must play a Unique Class.
(Example: Dutch, Assault, Scout, Recon)

• Each Fireteam Tournament Team can only have one of each Weapon spread across their Tournament Team. Most Attachments are fair game.
Assault: AR-W/Z-06
Dutch: HH/DLJ-33
Support: RP-103/XDB-12
Recon: 7EN/2XL)

Yautja’s Bane Perk is Banned from Tournament Play.

Gearhead Perk is Banned from Tournament Play.

Season 1: Season of Unblooded begins soon. Load up, sharpen your blades, and prepare for strategic warfare in the Hunting Grounds unlike anything seen before.


Thanks xeno!!!😂


How can I participate?

Message one of our Moderators, listed at the very top of the post, and we’ll get to talking as to Joining and Team Placement.

Where is this point system coming from? Don’t recall us wanting to do a point system

While I never brought this up to you specifically, I thought you had read it in the PSN Group Chat. It was up for review and everyone pretty much liked it.

And why are we banning perks now

A tournament set up, that also has point systems? I’m not sure how that plays out

Further Testing revealed that Yautja’s Bane was simply too strong to be used in a Tournament Gameplay setting not even Sliencers made much difference. Gearhead drastically increases the amount of Heals and Ammo up to unimaginable levels excluding what you can find randomly in Level.

It is practically much harder to say who really wins based off pure Victories or Defeats the way how this Game defines it. You can kill 6 Fireteam Members as the Predator, but if that 1 FT leaves by Exfill, you would have Lost the Match. This Point System tries to simplify that.

If support runs bane, it’s the only perk he can run. The balance of the perks is already in game by there point system

And as for a point system, I’ve explained this numerous times. It’s like science class in middle school. If you have too many variables it’s harder to come to any kind of actual conclusion. It should be, you win the round, one point. You lose the round, other team gets a point. Best out of 3 wins that set, and it’s best out of 3 sets. With brackets. So you just do double elimination. Otherwise, you end up with a lot of variables.

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And I just read the part about the ammo bags and med kits. Again the item system is balanced in game by how much people can carry. If you limit the heals on purpose, the entire meta of the tournament will be hand plasma spam from a distance. Attempting to actually kill someone out right has no purpose if they are limited on heals

As mentioned before, and you can talk with anyone else about this, Yautja’s Bane is simply too much of a “Carried Perk” to really be seriously considered in a Tournament format. You yourself know how easy even one FT can melt a Predator with Bane. Now try without the Suppressor Restriction.

Sure Support is out of room for Bane, but Assault can just go Bane, Handling and Action Hero. With the right gun, they shred. Recon and Scout can pull similar stunts with Bane. With something so universally good and carried to an extent, why wouldn’t there be restrictions to this Perk?

While the Point System may be confusing at first sight, it remains a clear guide as to how Fireteam and Predator can gain points towards a Set Victory for actions performed during the matches, not how the game defines victory which is tedious at best with Time Expired being a Predator Victory now or what I mentioned earlier.

Everyone has their own amount of Heals, and it is up to the Player who has that Health Kit to support their team, thus, teamwork.

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Lama this all was decided today after testing and you wouldn’t join lmao it’s only fair if these rules are in place 😂

These rules are not good for a tournament hahah I literally laid it all out like 5 times. If you take away a meta perk, what happens in every single game ever will just happen. Next meta perk up. Everyone will be OWLF and thick skin. Just a bunch of tanks. Limiting perks cause they are good would be like saying you can’t have a particular item in a MOBA cause it’s too strong. Doesn’t really work like that. And again with the point system I’ve told you all many times why that doesn’t work. So randomly today you decide to come up with the final rules and just throw all this together and it doesn’t make sense

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Lama face our main team as pred with no restrictions or even with restrictions i gurentee no pred will win

So what you are saying is assault can make a damage heavy bruiser build, scout and recon would be glass cannon, and support would be tanky? Um yes. Yes that’s how it’s supposed to work

Again, I laid all this out for review today. You could have viewed the rule set at any time and voiced your concerns. You were not present in the GC so I went ahead with everyone else’s approval.

Ok I’ll play you guys with no restrictions

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Having more health is more fair than killing a pred 5 seconds after spotting him lol I played a team of three and these changes made it drastically better

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