Armor idea

I would love for an armor health bar. It would degrade over constant fighting and some of it would pop off like the biomask. Then the perk protection would have more functionality, because it would be applied to the armor as well

Because I can I’m posting this comment about my idea


Okay I am in love with this idea! I’m always a fan of battle damage in games, showing how much your character is suffering to get a task done. For the Predator I love the idea of not only armor popping off, but also the idea of being forced to survive. The Predator has to be carful now for if his armor is complete destroyed he is literally a squishy just like the Fireteam, just with a larger health pool. Idk why but this is giving me Lab Fugitive (2018 Movie) Vibes and I like it.

Yes finally someone gets it
It’s so true

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This sounds quite interesting. I haven’t been able to play many games as the Predator, over 15 minutes for a game no thanks😆.

I don’t really like the idea of not being able to replenish something like armor, because most games let you replenish it in some way.
But I can see why not being able to replenish it would be a good idea.

Now I hate to get off topic, but because I’m new here I have a post limit? Thankfully this site saved my post. 😩
I can understand if I had a limit and I could post maybe every few hours, but an entire 24 hours. If I would have known that I would have used my posts more wisely.

Didn’t know there was a limit
I can easily see why though

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Yeah it was super annoying
But it seems I don’t have that limitation any more

Still love all of your ideas

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Giving this a bump, because it’s an interesting idea both visually and it’s an interesting gameplay element

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Interesting idea, I think Illfonic should maybe implement it into the game. Just hope that if they do it wouldn’t be too OP lol

It wouldn’t be OP once it pops off

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Honestly the easiest way to explain/implement is there is a Halo style shield that exists on certain body parts I’d you shoot them 30% of the damage carries onto the preds hp bar until the “shield” is broken when it is broken it’s gone forever unless they add a gear item that is effectively repair kits of course they carry over dmg should be based on the armored area (ie chest mask should probably be the the most defensive) then some guns should have penatration properties to do more dmg against armored areas


I didn’t even think about the Halo analogy

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I may be an armchair game designer but I can put words together really well

Yes, way better then I can

It Would be nice!

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I do like this idea alot. May give the preds a chance against the 4 man avengers.

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@Rapha @Overhere13
Good to hear people like the idea

Now if only they’d give more armor customization

Hopefully they can make FT missions not speedrun-able, being able to complete a mission under 2 minutes isn’t fair for the Predator


When I saw this idea for the first time I was thinking about Doom(all of them), Quake 4, and Wolfenstein. Mainly because you couldn’t replenish your armor unless you found it lying about.

I also agree with this

Never played Quake, any of them if I’m being honest

I’ve only played Quake 4, wish I still had it

From what I remember it’s literally Doom 3 except with more cyborgs, and not as dark