(QOL/ Content)
-Leader Boards for Predator and FT wins and kills. Stat tracker…

-An increase of Lv cap to 150-250( Possibility of player prestiging)

-Ability to buy FL in Bulk

-Abilty to skip field locker reveal animation

-increase in vertanium from Weekly and daily challenges(Reasoning loot box odds are extremely poor for high rarity content and new items)


-Predator New Ranged Weaponry

-Predator NewTraps/Gadgets

-Nerfing Field medic

-Nerf Unleashed

  • FT weapon Attachments/Customization( magazine types, Ammunition Types, Flash lights Lasers, Quad shot, Double shot fire types etc…

Not bad. But ft needs lower damage all across the board.


All the predators got a health increase across the board last patch. I feel reducing damage even further would effectively make classes like Viking and beserker a Trojan horse just like in the beta.

I feel Predators are in a good spot. They just need options that include the use of long range weapons and gadgets.

Well theres two ways to go about it.

I’ve been saying for months, the fact that 1 ft can sw a pred is seriously unfair and unbalanced,
Because when you multiply the damage by 2, 3 or 4, it’s just unreasonable.

The damage I feel that would be damage that would be reasonable, is the damage the plasma rifle does.

But if we keep ft as is, then pred needs two things.

A good effective way to engage multiple people.
Right now the entirety of the preds arsenal,
Is too 1v1 focused.

And a good effective way to fight the ft indirectly.
I really want a good summoner class and trapper class.

With a good amount of traps and summons.
Because too limited will not be fun.

I’d like the summons to not be easy to kill.
And for the trapper class. He would need some indestructible traps.

Undetectable at all as well.
Not all the traps, just a few.

I think this would be fun.


I’ll leave these here

How would you feel about like a 10 percent or so flat damage nerf on AR’s and the bolt action but a big buff to shotguns and make them primaries?

Shotguns do fine as it is, but sure make them primaries.
I dont think they need more damage.

If you land your shots you hit hard with them.

As for what should be done, I’m not sure anymore which would be better.
Cmmon sense dictates lower the damage, but what I’ve mentioned About new classes and more effective ways to fight sound good too.

I feel like you haven’t play tested all the weapons. Cause shotgun damage definitely is not fine. Haha. Considering it’s the only class of weapons that has to be used point blank, there’s absolutely 0 reason to use them cause the dps gets MASSIVELY outclasses by all the smgs, and the pistols.

But I for sure think slightly lower damage on AR’s and the bolt action would be great, then keep adjusting as patches go on. Don’t necessarily nerf them to the ground in one go but nerf them and keep playing with the stats till it feels right

Then you havent gone vs people who have good aim with the shotgun.
I’ve definitely felt the increase in damage.

But jesus christ I swear you play more ft than pred, or at least you favor the ft more now.
Almost everytime we speak now a days you just want crazy damage lol.

Which you know, if that’s what the majority wants, which I highly doubt, then so be it.

But then give pred good effective ways to fight indirectly and engage multiple people.
A huge problem with preds arsenal which wasn’t really exposed until ft damage was way too broken is preds kit is too 1v1.

Broooo I don’t want crazy damage 😂 I want AR’s NERFED and the bolt action! But dude if you and a buddy both have shotguns and the predator blitzes you (melee only), which is THE RANGE THE SHOTGUNS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THE STRONGEST you will both get rinsed 0 difficulty. I think that’s dumb. I think they should be buffed, not to the point where you like 4 tap the predator, but my drum mag automatic shotgun should not take me dumping 3 mags into a pred to do any damage. That’s literal nonsense. Like it effectively makes the shotguns useless if all the other guns are winding him in 3-5 seconds. Hence nerf those busted ass guns and buff these weak ones but make them primaries

Also think about that. You’d have big close range damage, but you’re whole build is hoping the Predator comes in close. If not you are borderline useless. Which is… what’s that word? BALANCE lol

I agree that any FT member that is able to solo a pred (not in last man standing mode), doesn’t deam this title “asymetrical”.

Its asymmetrical against people that have no idea what they are doing.

Maybe they should take note of the base health/dmg of FT now, peel back all FT by like 20-25% and allow the last man standing perk to bump the last FT member to what FT is capable of now?

Maybe even 5% more to actually make the “last man standing mode” 1 v 1 able (if thats what folks want)

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The best solution I can think of is slugs rounds as an option.
But might be too strong?

Idk it would require testing and tweaking.

It’s bonkers how many 1v1 weapons there are in the gaem

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Giving that to 4 people automatically makes the pred the biggest and worse class in the game.

Nothing beats a meta FT. Also makes it asymetrical FOR FT loooool

I’d prefer just keep them close range but slightly buff the damage. The AA12 would be so fun to use if it wasn’t the worst gun in the game. Like all 4 people using this gun I don’t think would match the damage of 1 guy using the 1011-12 with duelist+Bane

I’m fine with the FT being able to melt a predator for being dumb and just running at them. But at the moment, you don’t need a Fire TEAM to melt the predator you need one dude in bright orange “camo” with a beret and sunglasses on using a tiger colored AK lol

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But since you cant melee unless you do that, this mentality just negates melee.
And the one hop hit, gets pretty lame too.

The only way to make melee viable is to lower ft damage.
Though it seems everyone wants pred to play like a bitch.

I’d like to see everything viable.

I’m confused here. Are you saying melee would not be viable if shotguns were buffed? Cause melee already is not viable haha. The only way to make melee viable would be yes all around nerf damage but also decrease or remove parry stun. Damage can be lowered all day but if you can just stun the pred in place it kinda doesn’t matter