Things we want for the game in 2021. Devs please read this.

List things that you guys want in 2021 for the game. I’ll start by saying Super Predators and bug fixes.


They will not read this nor implement. We’ve given 8 months of feedback and we still have a broken game with less content than should have been present on release. 🤷‍♀️


If anytbing you should have waited to post when they come back from vacation. But yeah goodluck getting g illfinics attention

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More maps

More weapons

More perks

More gear

More customization

More characters

4 Pred vs 4 Pred


Everything fixed, improved and actual balance.


If by the next update we dont get any maps or alot new material then i doubt we get anything going forward and i see me playing alot less.

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I’ll leave these here

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I agree with this. They have a lot of customization options, maps, and game modes they can add. They could take more stuff out of the comics like they did with the alpha predator. This could easily be a great game if they was more supportive and professional about it.

Yes im sure the devs have never thought of either of these OP, high quality post

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