Thinks that should be fixed or added

Well, some thoughts on stuff that needs either fixing or adding in general.

Predlocks Some of the Predators Predlocks go either crazy or started to look like solid concrete. The following go crazy: Viking, Youngblood, Alpha (not on every device, seen in a stream), and Thin (not on every device, seen in a stream). The following look like concrete: Thicker, Alpha (not on every device). So, the Predlocks would not take damage by getting their physics reworked.

Predator getting stuck on small objects I don’t know what you think about this. But I think it gives a wrong impression of a mighty Hunter like the Yautja getting stuck on small rocks or other obstacles. It makes them look silly. So, if Illfonic can do it I wouldn’t mind the Predator have ground parkour.
Meaning that the Predator is acting according to the object he hits and maneuvers over it in different movements.

Predator Specializations It doesn’t have to be many Specializations for the Predator but at least two for each class would be enough the help against the Specializations of the Fireteam.

Locker Drop rate The Fieldlockers Drop rates could need a little adjustment.

Elder The elder is so bugged that not even different skins can be applied to him. He needs a fix badly.

Other than those I don’t have more ideas right now. Everybody is welcome to add their thoughts.

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I’ll leave these here

Those must be all good stuff. I would hope that at least see some stuff of it come true.

I also would like it if the would have something like this: for us to just see that they listen and have a to-do-list.

Edit Predlocks Or what Illfonic could do is to turn down the physics of the Predlocks altogether for better performance, smoother look, and to avoid that bugginess. This was mentioned by a friend.

Weapon Aim The Aim for all weapon’s need some adjustment.