And before you try to pull that bullshit claim that it’s all desync or just glitches… if every one of these instances is desync then the Illuminati is real because it’s pretty fucking convenient the desync ONLY EVER HAPPENS in this specific manner. And there is no documented evidence of glitches that allow you to shoot through walls and/or see the Predator through walls. So it’s indisputably hacking but go on. Let’s see what kind of regarded excuses you have to try to rationalize this bullshit.

Edit: That took me about five minutes to find. But there is much more where that came from :3 Like I said idiot. If you’re ignorant of this it’s because you are consciously choosing to be.

He doesnt have a win streak lol. I have beaten that team multiple times. I have beaten them by time and by killing them.

They are actually decently easy to beat. They are very aggressive not so much with their lives, but with their time. I ran them out of time to escape multiple times and beat them by elimination once.

However, they are griefers and they reduce their in game settings to gain advantage. Its clear as day on his stream. I also believe they use spotting macros if you watch how fast they spam spot while running around.

Like I said. I beat them, I know how they work, I dont need to fight them again until something changes that I think will be relevant in a match against them. As of now, I just leave the lobby when I see them. Totally woth another 5 minute Q to not have to deal with the cancer parade.

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Decently easy to beat or cancer parade pick one.

So desync

So there is zero hacking in this game and every instance of cheating is purely lag with a couple being just glitches then huh? And these only ever occur in these extremely special cases where the Predator basically gets insta killed or continuously hit through walls huh? And you buy that?

Nah I’m 100% sure that hacks are being used in this game right now by the lizard people who live inside of the earth (its clearly hollow).

Interesting theory. CSGO, Staracraft 2 and every other major game by every major gaming company in the world has players that are able to find ways to hack in them but PHG has somehow found the holy grail. Seems legitimate. Either that or hacking in its entirety in video games is utterly fake to you and 5G towers created COVID right? Lol

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This isn’t a major game so those examples are ridiculous.

Fucking. What? XD

You should be comparing this to things that are possible in the engine-server input flow chart. I get that you don’t understand how hacks work, I get that there are videos that you saw where you were like what? And given you’re limited understanding of the factors at play, I understand that you have confirmation bias and militantly think you’re right. That’s pretty much it really. Youre a dumb dumb that knows roughly what the word “hacks” means. :0

This jackass is a troll, he’s Buddha 2.0…

Simple Google search…

In other words you don’t have anything resembling an argument that does anything to address the plain evidence that there is hacking in this game like every other game out there so anyone that disagrees with you is a militant. Pretty sure no one is putting a gun to your head and lynching folks for disagreeing with the topic of hacking in this game.

You do know that injecting them is when they get picked up in Anticheat right?

As I said to this other guy, if you have NO CLUE what CHAMs are you shouldn’t talk about them as in use hacks, which they aren’t.

Oh I know he’s a retard. He just called me a militant for posting evidence of hacking lol

Me and you have never spoken of CHAMS and CHAMS are cheats. If you deny this it’s probably you are using them yourself lol

the s doesn’t stand for anything. You actually have no idea what you’re talking about and I already addressed you misunderstood ramblings above.

Actually all you said was I was wrong and you were right because you said you were but then accused me of being dogmatic in my view while you blatantly ignored and dismissed video evidence displaying obvious hacking and cheating. In other words you proved that you probably someone that uses hacks and cheats yourself with how far you are going to deny their entire existence or that you simply are a total narcissist.

If you don’t understand a discussion, you don’t have to speak and we all reach the outcome quicker and you get to learn.

All you need is a bit o cheese with that whine.