Pub matches in solo queue recorded in one hour of game from 3 days ago (2.6)

High level game on Private match 4 man discord coms vs Predator

Pub Pred game

Pub vs Pc premades

So I decided to record some pub games in one day (just an hour or half an hour) of solo queue in which I play with no teamate on Discord agaisnt both Pc and Ps4 Predator players. The purpose is too show the difference between pubs in random and premade scenario and also to highlight what in my opinion are the things that need to be changed for a more enjoyable game both sides. These weren’t even my best games, I played them for fun with mind off. The discord match was insane and I put my 100% cause we were against a very good Predator.

So in my opinion, now the state of the game is almost fine but the wait time increased a lot cause fireteam is in the most boring state ever. From the pubs game you can see that the most important parts are:

  • Fireteam with Bane does too much damage, one fireteam can deal a lot of damage and with the Proper class he can tank a lot (dutches and support)

  • Randos are bad not because of the aim but because of the coorination and positioning, From the game posted by CrazyBoy (https://youtu.be/JqK0-zPvwBM) you can see that a well cordinated fireteam that play safe, do missions and shoot at the Predator at the same time together, can be deadly for most preds (and they were 3 only). Obv the ps4 vs pc version must be balanced in a different way, I will wirte something later.

What the game need for randos is a tutoial for giving them informations, there are many deafault medikits in the maps and people after 500 hours still dont know where they are. The cloak made the things even harder for randos cause they are uncoordinated by default and now it’s even worse. The damage of the fireteam makes one player able to solo kill a lot of avarage players, thing that is not normal for me. High level is still in favor of fireteam because they can finish missions in 4 minutes and deal so much damage if they are coordinated and with 3/4 Bane perks.

In addition to my ideas I posted weeks ago about balance suggestion I would recomend to make a tutorial for ft and teach them to stay together and dont focus on veritanium for the first 2 minutes of the game. Also the damage is too high and force the Predator to play only one playstyle against same skill level fireteam (you can see in Dice streams when he used plasma caster only with relative perks). You cant play close range with any kind of weapon, but at long range if you spam plasma you will mostly win your games. The range play style is ok but why did they nerf every range weapons then? Bow is bad, plasma pistol is bad and spear is garbage now after the shadow nerf. Pasma caster is ok but with the new full invisibility while moving at 45 meters it requires no skill and every one can win now. On the other hand you can be very good and still lose if you try to get close even with a tanky class (you cann see in the discord video, the guy lose a lot of hp for getting close, it’s bullshit cause he wasnt even using melee at all). The game should be more skill based and randos will soffer any way cause their problem is coordination rather than aim and damage.

Here’s my idea for changing basic things that can help a lot:

  • full invis at 100 meter and not 45 , texture of cloak is fine

  • nerf damage of fireteam , nerf bane and SAWZ damage from middle range and long of course

  • tick skin from + 25 to + 15 but 3 points cost, so people would play that perk more frequently and they will be more tanky but at least they wont solo kill a pred with the insane damage

  • objective need to force fireteam to change location, so change the missions in which you have 3 objective in the same village (it’s game breaking)

  • default medikits should restore 75 hp and not full hp, reinforcements should revive with one syringe only and half ammo

  • increse ads movement speed of Pred and increase the arrow speed for low charge, increase the damage of full charge in the body

  • increase plasma pistol ammo or damage

  • make the spear destroyable but revert the damage of throw to the previous

  • Bear traps need 2 seconds after throwing in the floor to activate them self, so you wont use them like netgun, it’s bullshit design

  • fix hit boxes of crouch fireteam and bow bug with wrist blade attack

Now for Pc vs Ps4 side. I think that 3 pc vs 1 Ps4 pred is fair, also standard 4 ps4 vs 1 Pc Pred is fine as well. Ps4 still need:

  • better aim assist , at least 30% better

  • more sensitivity options, they should be able to use very fast sense to turn their visual 180° very fast and put ADS sense low for better aim

  • 2 different cross play options, one for pred and one for ft , for fireteam should be ON by default with the possibility to turn it off

Right now the Pred is forced to rash and kill 1 vs 4 as I did in the videos, cause fireteam can finish the mission in 4 minutes and call reinforcements and restore their entire kits (as we did in the discord game). A ranked mode could be cool but I know you will never do this. Despite that, I think the game should be more skill based cause wait time are over controll right now. Change this full invis, nerf melee damage for both ft and pred by a lot, nerf ft damage and buff bow, pistol, combi throw and disc. Tutorial for fireteam and better performance optimization in general, Ps4 should run 30 fps and pc at least 60 with medium settigns. I would agree with remove a lot of the leaves on the floor and objects detail, if this is necessary for better performace just do that. Performance is a must in a multyplayer game, specially if it is more like a shooter like PHG. @Courier


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Jesus fucking christ arrow, spread your text out a bit more.
You’re throwing a fkn wall of text at me.

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ahahhaha I didnt know if there was a limit of space

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Apparently there is not. I’ll go through this when I’m done Game of Thrones

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I couldn’t read all of that cause of the wall.
But no to the bear trap change, and no to the spear being destructible.

I still think we should be able to throw the best traps like a frisbee and lock it on to certain limbs for different effect.

Head, it wraps around the neck and strangles the ft for more damage and damage over time,
Arms they cant shoot, legs stays the same.

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Ima have to agree with @Fire on this the wall of text makes this very difficult to read. From what I could decipher, I will agree with the ft tutorial, but idk how they would implement it. I think perma medkits just need to show up on mini map.

It’s not because they have bane, it’s because premade teams attack as one unit, essentially quadrupling their firepower, over pub players that typically attack one at a time.


Lol you keep arguing this with arrow but the bonus does add up man.

Tho I think some guns just need a bit of damage reduction, then if bane I’d still a problem, lower it.

What do you mean for wall od text btw? Can you provide me a screenshot? What should I do to make it better to read for everybody?

Yes 3 players shooting at the pred with or without bane is gonna 2nd wind them have been accepted as fact. But the big issue with Bane is that 1 player that is close enough with either the hammer, mercenary, or goslr with bane and extended mag is going to 2nd wind the pred this is the biggest issue

It was just an idea to compesete the damage buff it needs. The shadow nerf was insane.

Oh just press space after every few sentences.

Right now it’s too pressed together. That’s all.

Your first paragraph, you started to make points indicated with the (-) symbol, that is great thanks but also add a space between the paragraph and the points you are making.

When ever changing a topic try to add a breaker, I understand that you were concerned about space and word count.

Walls of text are difficult to read and the black background and white letters is tough to keep a steady flow of reading.

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Add some spaces here. This should be like at least 2 different paragraphs. Stuff like that.


Sorry for the multiple responses but I dont think spear should ever be destructible.

I agree too, but I think.the damage should be reverted to the previous in some way. At least for bodyshot.

is it better now?

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Waaay better. Btw I been meaning to ask. What was the shadow nerf to combi?

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