Let the Games Begin... Apply here!

ATTENTION top class predators out there!

Arrow and I have negotiated terms for a competition you really could be interested in - the negotiation can be read in the thread Ranked game mode or knew match making for ranked games .

We now need 4 PC predators as well as 4 PS4 predators who think they can win against a top 3 (!) man fire team in a private match.

The matches will be recorded and provided to this forum - your happy audience :) The outcome will be published here too.

Rules of said tournament:

  1. The 3-soldier-fire-team lead by arrow (all PC) will play a single game against each of you eight predators.

  2. As the idea of this tournament is to experimentally prove, that the game balance for top class players yet is so, that 3FT can beat 1Pred in more than 49.9% - or to show, that this is not the case, we do not want any cheating and we want, that you stick to your missions and play clean, that in particular means:

a) ALL FT soldiers as well as all Predators record their own games (for being able to prove later, that no cheating or alike was involved and also to be able to view some scenes from different POVs) - starting with showing us all settings before every game starts(!).

It is agreed, that all players in a match play with a similar setting in particular with a similar foliage detail - so, when you apply, please tell me, which detail level your computer / console is able to provide for the match


c) good sportsmanship - you do nothing, which comes near to cheating, alike taking advantage of obvious bugs alike being able to hit through a wall

d) the predator as well as the fire team sticks to their mission and the idea of the game. The mission of the predator is to kill fire team members and to prevent them from completing their mission. The mission of the fire team is to complete their mission (and arrow has promised to try to kill you guys too:).

  1. I take the freedom to select said eight top predators from all who apply in this thread. Whereby I will gladly accept the recommendations of this forum during the selection process.

  2. If something in a game happens, which either is a severe bug or which looks like cheating, I take the freedom to discard said match or even the player, who seems to cheat - then a replacement match for this is done. We want 8 clean matches in the end.

I naturally will hear and consider the opinion of this forum in such cases carefully (same for the selection of players). Promised.

  1. The tournament will not start before next week. Individual time schedules will be taken into account as far as possible - so please mention your time zone and preferred time for matches too

  2. And so on. I take the freedom to mention details not already mentioned in this post, as soon as they arise. Feel free to give me hints in this forum, what else has to be settled before the matches can begin.

  3. In case of unresolved disputes I take the freedom to be the referee. I do not have to mention again, that I will give my best to be fair in every aspect and that I will try to interpret and consider the opinions of the forum wisely then.

I’M SO ******* EXITED BROS! That really will be epic…

LET THE GAMES BEGIN. Please apply in this thread now…



Yes, it’s me, how did you know :)))

The force told me XD

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May the force will be with you…

Sadly I really don’t have the time atm but I’m certainly interested in the results

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So, stay tuned…

Ladies and Gentlemen, please do not hesitate - feel free to apply by just leaving your post here stating something alike “yes, i want” - with some further information alike whether you use PC or PS4 and your time zone and preferred playing time… Quite easy… Don’t be shy :)


Love the idea!!

Our tourney helped with most of my perspective on balance but it was mostly randos ect on teams they all practice a lot so did the preds

But even with this the preds for most teams were dominated by fireteams I mean some preds were very very good

I personally recommend @DovahkiinJr he annihilated a lot of pre mades including mine

however this was a ps4 Tournament but he was really great at efficiently downing,moving,taking as little damage as possible and dominating some of the top teams even tho they didn’t win in the end he was by far our teams worst nightmare

Even tho some teams were randos we had a few premades who win 99.9% of rando matchs and even against top tier preds

Me and the mods were very surprised how well they all did

Other ps4 preds who did very well


But I must say even with a good team isn’t 3 on a team a massive nerf?

It imo wouldn’t be showing the real idea
I mean having 4 on a team is nearly or for sure impossible if their that good lol

But taking 1 member away your putting yourself on the preds level even tho you wanna show their not on the same lvl

That’s 1 less person

To do damage
To be gun fodder
To carry more supplies
To be their for ai support
To distract the pred
To split up to grab reinforcements (if needed)

Which is the only flaw i see if your really able to get the top preds who actually have skill like pc preds who supposedly are 1000x better than anyone else

Then you’ll be on or lower than the same lvl as them it’s much different than winning pre mades or even against your buddy’s

You won’t know their tactics or any thing else

Not to mention 1 less member

I mean it’s still a great idea I’d just do it so it would be a perfect look at balance right now against the best


Yo ldunno,

thank a lot for your recommendation - do you know these people - can you ask them if they would want to? Or should/can I just contact them and ask myself?

Thanx man!


Yeah, I have the same questions. But in the end, if all that complaining about “FT is soooo much overpowered” is true and you also take the advantage PC vs PS4 for half of the games into account too, then arrow and his mates should have a real chance.

It realy is intriguing… And at least it is quite fun! Enjoy this :)

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I’d be down to join seems like a fun idea to be in.


Hmmm, don’t know, might depend on the outcome.

Imagine, the outcome would be exactly 50%. Then there would be a very simple solution to the current balancing issue.

Or imagine, the outcome would be, let’s say more than 85% in favor of FT - that would be an excellent prove for the “FT overpowered” opinion.

Imagine, the outcome would be disappointing from POV of FT - then maybe little changes could be sufficient.

Or or or… But in the end, the tournament will at least be a loooot of fun for everybody.

I also expect, that we will see a significant difference in the performance between PC-preds and PS4-preds – but who knows? Maybe in the end I am wrong and we find the PS4 mates crushes them all…

Crazy, isn’t it…

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Is that already an application, bro?

if by application you are referring to me joining than yeah.

That’s cool, you are the first on the application list then - can you please give some additional information:

  • PC or PS4
  • do you think you belong in the category “top player”
  • timezone
  • whatever you like the world to know about you else :)

? That would be great!

*I do play this game on ps4,

*I consider myself the worst Predator main there is but other people who know me and watch my videos may disagree

*My timezone is central time zone 10:31 pm currently

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Actually it wouldn’t be proof of FT being OP, it would be proof that Pre-made’s with communication have an advantage.

The devs have some form of win/loss tally that shows every match played and probably other things.

What you show them is additional information they can use. They might make a Pre-made mode or add modifies to Hunt mode, they might not change anything, it’s good to show them what we can though. It only shows them what a section of the Player base is saying has merit. Which isn’t a bad thing.

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Thanks Tae,

let’s see who else will apply and then sort out the “top or flop” question :)

You then might occasionaly could tell me, where I can see these videos…