Patch 2.0 Part I


Patch Notes 2.01

We are so excited that our Free Trial and Patch 2.0 is upon us. In working with all of our partners we learned we have to give you part of Patch 2.0 early in order to make certain the trial starts on time. Here is the first part of Patch 2.0 that addresses some quality of life bug issues. Tomorrow, Friday, you will be getting the rest of 2.0 which includes this month’s Free Update. Happy Hunting!


  • Implemented PlayGo to allow playing of the tutorial while downloading the rest of the game
  • Perks and Gear that cannot be equipped due to weight/point limits are now greyed out
  • Added the option to report a player during the After Action Report
  • Added tips and tricks to loading screens
  • Fixed an issue where certain destructible objects were not showing properly
  • Fixed an issue where the minimap would not accurately display the correct self destruction radius and mission search area location
  • Fixed some issues with minimap icon sizes
  • Fixed an issue where the minimap may not accurately display the correct location of the player
  • Fixed an issue where mission icons would not display on the minimap when out of range
  • Fixed some highlight color inconsistencies in the customization menu
  • Fixed an issue where the main menu would sometimes become stuck partially transparent
  • Fixed a rare issue with matchmaking when connecting to a server
  • Various crash fixes and stability improvements


  • General

    • [NEW] Last Man Standing
      • Now, the last Fireteam player will enter a Last Man Standing state, which will buff the player’s stats and give them more of a fighting chance. This will last as long as they are the last standing player. While affected by Last Man Standing, the last Fireteam player will also have increased body heat visibility to the Predator player.
    • Increased Fireteam damage taken from AI
    • The spotting icon’s color is now based on the player’s callsign colors
    • Remote interactions now show progress properly
    • Spotting icons now clear when the spotted item is depleted
    • Lowered damage reduction from equipping a pistol Suppressor
    • Fixed an issue where the Fireteam run animation was not playing properly while holding a Medical Kit
    • Fixed an issue where different Fireteam classes were receiving slightly different amounts of damage from different damage sources
  • Weapons

    • S-R3D
      • Minigun now spins up when holding ADS
    • 1011-12
      • Increased total ammo
    • GrimTech19
      • Increased total ammo
    • PDW-Z
      • Increased close range damage
    • Hammerhead
      • Lowered close range damage
      • Increased recoil
  • Gear

    • Flashbang
      • Increased blinded duration
      • Increased gear weight
  • Perks

    • Multitasker
      • Increased ADS movement speed
      • Increased cost
    • Flesh Ripper
      • Increased Damage against AI
      • Increased cost
    • Sludge Blood
      • Increased time before you bleed out
    • Efficient
      • Reduced cost
    • Persistent
      • Reduced cost
    • Action Hero
      • Increased cost
    • Prepper
      • Reduced cost
    • Thick Skin
      • Increased health
      • Increased cost
    • Dexterous
      • Increased cost
    • Double time
      • Increased movement speed
      • Increased cost
    • Pig In Shit
      • Reduced cost
    • Yautjas Bane
      • Increased damage to Yautja
    • Tracker
      • Increased spot time
      • Increased cost
    • Ice Cold
      • Increased reduction of thermal body temperature
    • Body Armor
      • Increased damage reduction from AI
      • Increased cost
    • OWLF Trained
      • Increased damage reduction from Predator
    • Weapons Training
      • Increased reduction of recoil
      • Increased cost
    • Silent
      • Increased reduction of sound bubble size
      • Reduced cost
    • Sixth Sense
      • Increased cost
    • Iron Lungs
      • Increased Stamina bonus
      • Reduced cost


  • General
    • Made improvements to prevent Predkour transition volumes from blocking projectiles
    • Fixed an issue that caused the Predator to automatically claim downed enemies
    • Fixed an issue that caused some loadouts to load in with two Plasma Casters
    • Fixed an issue where the Predator’s weapon would sometimes appear invisible or not fully equipped to clients
    • Fixed an issue where the Predator’s footsteps may sometimes not play if they are behind the player
    • Fixed an issue that limited the City Hunter to just the roar option on the mimicry wheel.
    • Updated City Hunter roar and healing roar sound effects.
  • Weapons
    • Combistick
      • Fixed weapon shaders for the City Hunter Combistick Variant
    • Wrist Blades
      • Fixed an issue where the City Hunter Wrist Blades were not showing properly during long claim cinematics
    • Smart Disc
      • Fixed an issue where if the City Hunter Smart Disc was stuck in an object, the player would become stuck in ADS mode
      • Fixed an issue where the Smart Disc was not showing up on the City Hunter’s holster
    • Yautja Bow
      • Lowered headshot damage
    • War Club
      • Increased damage of final melee swing
    • Hand Held Plasma Caster
      • Reduced fire rate
      • Increased recoil
      • Adjusted camera shake
    • Net Gun
      • Increased recoil
      • Adjusted camera shake
  • Gear
    • Bear Traps
      • Bear Traps are now destructible before being activated
      • Reduced visibility of Bear Trap proximity field
      • Increased the amount of Bear Traps that the Predator has equipped at the start of the match
  • Perks
    • Clotted
      • Increased extended blood trail intervals
    • Energy Cell
      • Increased energy reserves
      • Increased cost
    • Large Pouch
      • Increased cost
    • Resourceful
      • Increased bonus XP
    • Light Bender
      • Reduced cost
    • Medic
      • Increased heal speed
    • Large Pouch
      • Increased amount of uses for gear items
    • Down Range
      • Increased cost
    • Spectral Awareness
      • Increased sound bubble size
      • Increased cost
    • Dithered Lens
      • Increased laser visibility reduction
      • Reduced cost
    • Cooling Syncs
      • Reduced perk cost
    • Long Jump
      • Increased leap distances
    • Height Advantage
      • Increased damage reduction
    • Impatient
      • Increased cooldown reduction of Second Wind
      • Increased cost
    • Hanging On
      • Increased duration of Second Wind
    • Observant
      • Increased cost
    • Adrenal Boost
      • Increased bonus to stamina and exhaustion recovery
      • Increased cost
    • Protection
      • Increased mask damage reduction
      • Reduced cost
    • Trapper
      • Increased trap difficulty
    • Ascender
      • Increased Predkour mounting speed
    • Heated
      • Reduced cost
    • Fast Hands
      • Increased weapon/gear swap speed
      • Increased cost


Buff to yautja bane… Yay…

No mention of city hunter still holding spear like a jerk…

No mention of auto eat boars

It was a small update… I’m concerned.


Lol thats what I thought. That perk was already crazy strong now I can think that perk with bolt will be a 1 shot no mask

Why are you going to buff AI damage?? As if they didn’t take away enough health as it is now you buff them even more without actually working on the AI tactics… really??
Let’s Nerf all the guns up at close range too since you nerfed the hammerhead the only useful rifle in the game… @Courier cmon man


nooooo not my sweet hand held plasma caster


well i guess that’s one way to enforce diffrent build types
by buffing and increasing the costs of all perks

and i can’t wait to see that the war club is still shit

nerfing the hammerhead is probably a good choice so that it can now compete with the other AR’s as the happy middle man between the long range SCAR and the short range AK

HHPC getting the kind of nerf it needs

nerfing bow headshot damage is probably a good change

last man standing is probably going to be OP and i can’t wait for the salt


Buffing the AI damage to fireteams… AGAIN? The last buff made the AI a pain to deal with as a group of armored PMC’s or alarm horde would whittle away their health, and your buffing them AGAIN?

While AI does next to no damage against the Predator?


Hammerhead is literally the only gun that keeps predators at bay. Especially when y’all want to end the game in the first 5 min by spamming melee weapons.


it really isn’t when the SCAR does the exact same damage output as the hammerhead the diffrence being literally .1 seconds and the AK is the fastest shortrange killtime in the fucking game dude maybe you should learn things before spouting nonsense


Jesus. Lots of good stuff it seems, also finally crucial fixes… nice LMS…we kinda knew it was coming, lets hope its good fun…Cool buffs and nerfs for FT (except for yautjas bane&OWLF training…really?), but I am so fucking worried about some of the pred nerfs, especially predator perks increased cost…it will probably fuck up all of my loadouts not in a good way. Let’s wait and see the remaining notes

Dude foreal. The AI hardly ever goes after predator then one can take away 30-50% health in like 5 sec of shooting you. The AI tactics are still pure shit. They just go stand in front of you and shoot like an old PS1 game. They should’ve been working on the actual AI itself rather than take the easy way out and buff the AI twice.


Im just happy about the mini gun and city hunter mainly but pretty interesting to say the least curious what tommorow will hold

I just hope second part will be more impactful than mostly just changing perk values, and my time spent on reporting bugs wont go into waste

most of bugs here are even from few patches before.

A.I can actually do some damage to Predator tho.


Yet the others don’t have a grenade launcher. Can you switch firing modes on other rifles.? No you can’t. Maybe you should think twice because the only one bullshiting here is you. You can not compare that weapon to the other for the fact that it has a launcher attached. Now if I want the same damage I have to switch guns without a launcher.

At least they got rid of estimated wait times

N/M it literally just popped up

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Yeah those are very nice

My handheld plasmacaster :’(


u just made the fireteam more op… are you serious?


Yea but they focus on FT mainly when both pred and ft are in range lol

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