Questionnaire on Balance. Results are in! See recommendations based on 400+ player opinions.

There has been much discussion about balance. Some say the game is well balanced. Others say the Predator is too weak, some too strong. Instead of bickering about it on the forums lets collect our opinions on balance in a structured way.

Follow this link to a Questionnaire I’ve made on Google forms:


Please follow the link to the google shared drive to download a PDF document:

Let me know if there are any issues with this.

My final summary and list of recommendations based on what people voted.
You will probably need to open these images in a new tab to see them properly.


Very well done will definitely fill out one as soon as I have the opportunity.
Thanks for all that work!!!


No. no. no. no. Repeat ad nauseum.

You had me going for awhile. I was happy to fill out the form and contribute to feedback
But then this happened.
“The Predator’s Sword and War Club”
“Sword and War Club”

How dare you besmirch my Elder Sword?!
The war club is a bad meme.
The Sword transforms the berserker into a war god.
Please separate these entries.


Lol… The nit picking begins… Funny though

As a max level player this sheet is super well done though i do think the sword and club shoulda been seperated cause i wouldn’t say sword needs to swing faster but i would say club does need to swing faster aside from that this is really well done and good job and i might’ve included question about perks like do you feel as though some perks are too strong for each type of character and include maybe 3 that people think are too strong as an example damage increase perks currently are pretty much manadatory for all classes in the game due to how much hp and healing everyone has


Sure I can separate the sword and club. I was just trying to keep it short.
Had 11 Responses so far. Thanks guys!

I will add some questions about perks later. Good idea.

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I’m getting responses pretty fast. Thanks again guys. I just wanted to check can you also see the responses? % votes for each question? Or can I only see it cause I made it and am logged in. I am new to this, so thanks again.

DONE! I like to play as Fireteam and pred, so i think i was fair…

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Thanks dude. Spread the word so we get enough responses for it to mean something. If the number of responses are too low it’s easy to deny and brush them off.

If I knew the development team would acknowledge our form submission on something like this, I’d do it. Until then, going to keep my focus on the forums.

I will make sure they pay attention to it. It’s also very useful moving forward. If one person complains about Predator being overpowered, but 90% of people disagree. Well that’s some hard facts to come up against.

Don’t be lazy. It only takes less than 10 minutes. Give us your opinion!

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Will you be posting some info on the results after some time soon when enough stats or patterns appear

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Its real quick, free, and painless. Lol

Filled out

Well the thing is anyone can say something is overpowered and not put in the time or try other avenues to overcome what they consider to be an insurmountable obstacle. So it honestly depends on what the specifics are.

Yeah, but couldn’t the results be edited by JubPred, obviously assuming he’d never do such a thing, but somehow tampered with since this isn’t something provided by the development team? How can they they trust a randomly generated live doc with “said” player opinions? I just think it’d be more official if it was something the development team gave a nod to and everyone submitting a form knew it counted towards something.

I can see this post getting angry responses in about a month going, “Why aren’t they reading these results I’ve gathered?! They’re ignoring us!”

I’m a realist, not a pessimist. Lol.

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You’re just determined to not do it. The time it took to argue here about it. Could have finished it. I don’t know how to tamper with it? Unless I made 100 fake accounts and put in different votes. Who has time for that? I made this thing because I have interest in what people think about this game. What they believe will bring about balance to the force…

Sure. I will wait for more results first and I’ll post it here. Will be interesting.

Filled it out!

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Good man!