Suggestion: XViper's Perk Ideas

Updated on 05/08/20 (Total of 80 Perks)

So I’ve been working on some new Perk ideas.
Started with Predator perks but have now included Fire Team perks as well.

I have left the Cost blank for now, as it’s not particularly important, and would be subject to balance testing.

I’ve tried to keep many of them relatively simple, where they could be incorporated into the game without too much hassle.

Constructive feedback is welcomed.

Anyway, I hope you like them!

XViper’s Perk Ideas

Team Perk Name Effect Cost
Predator Soft Footed Reduces Predator footstep noise.
Predator Silent Hunter Reduces the sounds you make while cloaked (either reduced volume or increased interval)
Predator Hydro-powered Cloak no longer short-circuits in water. While in water your energy regen is increased by X%.
Predator Ocular Camoflage Toggling thermal vision no longer lights up your eyes.
Predator Bio-metric Sensors You are able to see Health bars on Fireteam members (or) Get an indicator when a Fireteam member is below X% HP.
Predator Serrated Blades Your Wrist Blades cause X bleed damage. (Gear option?)
Predator Poison Arrows Your arrows cause X bleed damage. Your arrows cause less basic damage. (Gear option?)
Predator Tracking Arrows Your arrows provide a permanent ‘motion’ sensor on hit FT members. Your arrows cause less basic damage. Other FT members can interact to remove the tracker. (Gear option?)
Predator Silent Eater You no longer make noise when feeding on wildlife.
Predator Surgical Precision Your long claims are X% faster (or) your long claim is replaced with a “Precision Claim” (with a new and quicker animation.)
Predator Man Eater You can feed on dead AI and claimed players. (Same duration as Wildlife, half the healing amount)
Predator Close Combat Vigour Your melee attacks no longer drain stamina (or) Your melee attacks use X% less stamina.
Predator Reconnaissance Prototype You remain completely invisible while crouch moving. All offensive actions deactivate your cloak. (Regular moving exhibits the usual effect)
Predator Close Combat Specialist You recover X% quicker from being parried.
Predator Audio Specialist Your audio decoys synchronise their outputs with your own. (when you click, they click, when you use thermal vision, they do. When you cloak/decloak, they do, etc).
Predator Covert Monitoring Your motion detectors no longer make any noise for the Fireteam when triggered.
Predator Wildlife tracker Wildlife within X proximity automatically show up on your hud. (Similar to target isolation) (Optional: Thermal vision only?)
Predator Recycler You can collect and reuse your deployable equipment. (Audio decoys, motion detectors, bear traps).
Predator Medical Prototype Your healing kit has unlimited uses and has a cooldown of X minutes. Your healing kit heals half the amount. (Gear option?)
Predator Kinetic Disorientation You build up a charge each time you are parried. On the 3rd charge you automatically discharge a ‘flash’ (similar to when trigger second wind).
Predator Trophy Pride Each claim you perform provides a permanent 10% boost to your max HP, stamina & energy reserves. You can no longer quick claim.
Predator Regenerative Tissue You now regenerate X% HP per second. (Optional: You can no longer heal with medkits.)
Predator Advanced Intelligence You can see the objective of the Fireteam, including all map and hud indicators.
Predator Aerodynamic Metal Increases flight-time of the Smart Disc by X% (Gear option?)
Predator Inertia Conductors Your energy drains faster while stationary and regenerates while moving.
Predator Acrobatic Jumping and Leaping uses X% less stamina
Predator Impactful Your leap-slam attack & stun radius is increaed by X%. (damage remains the same)
Predator Aggressively shy Automatically highlight anyone who spots you for 2 seconds.
Predator Prepared Increase your ammo reserves by +30% (Rounded up . Currently would only effect Bow and Net Gun)
Predator Disc Master You carry an additional Smart Disc. (If one gets destroyed, or stuck in an object you can still throw the 2nd one).
Predator Equipment Specialist You can take the same equipment choice multiple times. (Does not apply to medkits) (Ie. You could have 2 x Motion Detectors or Audio Decoys)
Predator Researched Prey You can see the Fire Team’s weapons, equipment and perk choices on the scoreboard. (or) (Only unlock this after gaining “X” XP from interactions with the Fire Team)
Predator Misdirection You gain the ability to mimic a Fire Team “spot”, a long with an associated sound. Can be used once every 30 seconds. (Using certain options on the mimic wheel?)
Predator Stealth Equipment Your deployable equipment is invisible. (Optional: Equipment can still be marked by Sixth Sense. Hud indicators from Sixth Sense are removed after 10seconds and cannot reoccur for 60 seconds). (I didn’t want this to be a complete hard counter for Sixth Sense).
Predator Spear Master You carry an additional Combi Stick. (If one gets destroyed, or stuck in an object you can still throw the 2nd one).
Predator Radio Triangulation You get 3 markers on your map at known reinforcement locations. ONE of them is the real location. (Markers are picked at random each time).
Predator Bait Signals Your audio decoys also attract Wildlife over X distance. Maximum of 2 Wildlife attracted at a time. (X would be the size of a Predator explosion. Once attracted the Wildlife would stay within 5 metres of the decoy). (Gear option?)
Predator Lightweight Traps Your traps now cause X bleed damage and slow movement by X% over 10 seconds. Your traps no longer immobilise. Trap radius reduced by X%. You can hold 3 extra traps. (Gear option?)
Predator Emergency Stimulant \ Second Chance Your first heal during your first second-wind heals you completely. Your second-wind duration is cut in half. (Applies to first second wind only. Subsequent second-winds are treated as normal).
Predator Terrifying All AI Guerilla forces will flee from you if you get within X metres. (AI will still shoot at you from afar, but will always run away until they are X metres away before returning to ‘combat mode’. X to be determined.)
Team Perk Name Effect Cost
Fire Team Ocular Implants You can toggle “thermal vision” for a 5 second duration with a 1 minute cooldown. (This will allow you to see a completely invisible Predator. Balanced to prevent frequent use.) (Gear option? - Thermal goggles?)
Fire Team Audio Location You receive an on-screen distance indicator whenever a Predator noise is heard. (ie. When you hear a click or a cloak, you get a indicator on your screen that says “23m”. This doesn’t tell you WHERE it is, just how far/close it is.)
Fire Team Proximity Senses You automatically spot the Predator (including when cloaked) within X meters. Can occur once every 30 seconds. (X would be reasonably close. Approximately the distance of a Predator motion detector. Maybe less.). (Gear option? Similar to Predators gear).
Fire Team Yautja Expert After the first time YOU spot the Predator, you can see the Predators weapon, equipment and perk choices on the scoreboard. (This becomes more valuable as Predator perk variety increases)
Fire Team Eye for Supplies Automatically spot any nearby Ammo Crates or Med Kits. (Proximity or Line of Sight?)
Fire Team Ohh Shiny \ Materialistic Automatically spot any veritanium. (Proximity or Line of Sight?)
Fire Team Field Medic You can interact with teammates to heal them with your equipped medical item. This consumes one of your equipment uses. (Optional: You can replenish your carried supply by interacting with environment medkits)
Fire Team Grenadier All of your thrown items can be thrown further. You gain 1 extra grenade when restocking at an ammo crate. Your grenades are 25% more effective. (25% more damage, radius and stun duration).
Fire Team Self defence You automatically parry the first frontal melee attack on you. Has a 60 second cooldown. (180 degree frontal arc. Wont parry rear attacks)
Fire Team Lone Wolf When you are the last Fire Team member alive (or) #When not within X metres of another Fire Team member - your movement speed and stamina regeneration is increased by X%. (#Unsure if the latter is conducive to team play).
Fire Team Brothers in Arms When within X metres of another Fire Team member, you take X% less damage from all sources.
Fire Team Hawk Eye You automatically spot the Predator if they are moving within X meters and in Line of Sight. Can occur once every 2 minutes. (Will not spot a stationary cloaked Predator)
Fire Team Poisoned Bait Killing Wildlife with your knife will leave a poisoned carcass. Predators feeding from a poisoned carcass only heal for 25% of the normal amount, and release a ‘Roar’. - Credit to
Fire Team Forward planning Guaranteed ammo crate at each distinct objective location. (or) At your first objective location. (or) At ‘one of’ your objective locations. - Credit to
Fire Team Aquaman You receive X% less damage and move X% faster while in water. (Optional: Your visible body temperature drops to a ‘mudded’ state while in water). - Credit to
Fire Team Heavy Weapons Expert Your movement, aiming, recoil and weapon spread penalties are reduced by 50% while using Heavy Weapons. (Mini-gun, Grenade launcher, etc). - Credit to
Fire Team Scope Enthusiast You can take two scope options on each of your weapons. You can toggle between scopes. (Gear option?) - Credit to
Fire Team All Clear! Interacting with an active alarm disables the alarm and any further guerilla reinforcements. - Credit to
Fire Team Mountain Climber You can jump X% higher - Credit to
Fire Team Defusal Expert When attempting to defuse a Predator self-destruct, you require 1 less symbol to be successful. (3 instead of 4) - Credit to
Fire Team Down not Out While downed you may continue to shoot with your pistol. Pistol required. (This will not work with non-pistol weapons)
Fire Team Scavenger Ammo is X% more likely to drop from AI. (or) You recieve X% more ammo from AI drops.
Fire Team Contract Killer You recieve X Veratanium from AI kills.
Fire Team Forward Thinker \ Strategist You see a dulled (or different colour) indicator on your map and hud for the NEXT stage of the objective.
Fire Team Satellite Hacker You can interact with computer terminals to temporarily spot\track the Predator for 30 seconds. Only usable once every 2 minutes. (Optional: Instead of a cooldown, each terminal can only be used once. Active terminals around the map are RNG)
Fire Team Elite Negotiator You can interact with untriggered alarm systems to summon friendly Guerilla forces. Number of Summoned AI is less than normal. (50-75% of normal? They will act like normal AI but will not attack the Fire Team. They will attack existing hostile AI in the area, and the Predator.)
Fire Team Xeno Trigger You can interact with all ‘explosive’ environment items to place a hidden trigger. The trigger will automatically detonate and explode the item when a Predator is nearby. (Damage caused remains the same as the explosive would normally be). (Optional: Show a small 2s explosive\danger warning for the Predator and/or Fire Team) (Gear option?)
Fire Team EMP Rounds Your bullets drain X energy per hit. Your bullets do X% less damage. (X would be proportionate to (but not equal to) the damage of the weapon. Ie. A 50cal shot would drain more energy than a SMG bullet). (Optional: Cloaked Predators hit by EMP rounds exhibit the same effect as when they touch water).
Fire Team Lumberjack You do 100% more damage to tree branches.
Fire Team Something for Everyone Ammo Bags now also replenish equipment by 1, but provide 50% less ammo. (or) Ammo Bags now also replenish equipment, but have 1 less charge before being consumed. (Gear option?)
Fire Team Lazarus The first time you are revived from being downed, you revive with full health. This resets when you are reinforced.
Fire Team Incognito AI will not attack you, unless you shoot at or near them. (OR) The AI will not target you unless you are in LOS. (the 2nd option should really default for all players.)
Fire Team Low Profile The Predator will no longer get a red indicator for you.
Fire Team Escape Artist You escape from traps X% faster. (Bear traps & Nets)
Fire Team Light Footed Your movements make no noise. You do not set off Bear Traps
Fire Team Perfect Landing You take no\reduced fall damage.
Fire Team Xeno Biologist While spotted you can see the Predators health, split into 4 (25%) segments. (Coloured? Green [100-75], Yellow [75-50], Orange [50-25], Red [25-0])
Fire Team Human Tracker All Fire Team members and Guerilla AI forces within X metres are permanently highlighted and visible through walls. (X would be quite large. Perhaps half the size of a Pred-bomb blast?)
Fire Team Armadillo / Foxhole When in a downed state you take 50% less damage.
Fire Team Backup Weapon Cache An exact copy of your Primary weapon is located in a weapon cache. This cache is marked on your minimap at the start of the game. (attachments included)

Many of these Perks would also benefit or work better with my other Perk system re-work suggestion here:

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank RantorRave for some of the ideas, and helping me brainstorm some others.

You should check out his Twitch Stream. He’s a decent player, but above that, a genuinely decent and humble person. Also a ton of fun to play PHG with. Please show him your support.

I’d also like to give a shoutout to @Lazycollinator who has some great ideas here (WIP)


With balance aside, I think that there are alot of great and unique options/ideas here. The main ones that I felt were interesting were the lighter footfalls and the hydro cloak and hydro energy. It would make for completely different playstyles that would benefit and allow more water/swamp/marsh based maps. Also the Trophy Pride one seemed to be a great way to make long claims viable at max level cap.

I personally am a firm believer that scout should have more stealth when it comes to sound seeing how he’s the lightest and most agile.

Great ideas, I hope Illfonic gives this a look and gets some ideas. More perks for more diverse playstyles is what I hope for, aside from balance and bug fixes.

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Thanks mate. I actually had to force myself not to include class specific perks.
I think they would be a great addition to the game, but seeing as none exist yet, I didn’t want to complicate it.

I’d LOVE to see some stealth/speed related things for Scout, something like “Juggernaut” as an option for a Berserker, etc. I think more needs to be done to define and differentiate the classes from each other, beyond just a few base stat values.

Couldn’t agree more. Hopefully Illfonic has plans to expand and improve the game alot further. I try to keep hope, but it’s dwindling.

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These would have to be like extra perks.

So we get like 3 new perk slots, and we can use these.

Basically, we should have basic, and advanced perks.

For now, perks don’t do enough tho. A lot of perks need to start at 20-25%

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Agreed. I actually like your idea (that you posted in my other thread) of removing Perk slots all together, and just using the points.

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Yeah, I mean it’s part of something else I’ve been thinking about, but I’m not sure how many ppl would like the full idea, and I think illfonic would have too much trouble balancing it.

My main thing right now is trying to get illfonic to switch guns to projectile weapons. I feel this is the first step to a good balance in the game.

A lot of these sound pretty cool, but it’s kind of hard to balance. Example- the health regen.

I would love a health regen perk, but what a reasonable amount of health for this perk, or a good mechanic?

Because 1 hp per sec would be useless.

Maybe 15 or 20?

Also how would it work?
Would it be that you have to be stationary for it to work?

I also don’t like the sound of not being able to use medkits if you have the health regen perk.

Given the nature of this game, balancing is such a pain lol.


Yeah, balancing will always be a concern, but something that can also be continually worked on.
The absence of content and features due to the ‘fear’ of balancing, leads to boring games that lose players.

In regards to Regen, and no medkits. That’s why I used the word ‘Optional’, as a ‘high’ regen, would need no medkits to be balanced, while a low regen would mean you could still have them.
There’s also the possibility to add in additional criteria, such as: “You only regen up to 75% hp”, or “Regen only activates when your health drops below 50% hp”, etc.

I forget how much life the Predators have. I think Hunter is around 1300?
So at 21.6hp/sec, a Hunter could regenerate their HP in 1 minute. So I think 10-15 would be reasonable. And don’t forget, there’s always piggies :D

Which is a good example of how different perks tie together.
If you had Regen (with no medkits), you might want to take the Wildlife Tracker, so you can find pigs for those ‘burst heals’ if needed. Having no medkits, also means you would have extra utility equipment.


Also perhaps the regen won’t kick in until after a certain amount of time outside combat/having been spotted. I like the idea of health regen as it fits in with the lore of Yautja blood being incredibly regenerative.


Some of the perks should already be in the game, no offense i love them and the dedication you took to make them, but some should be already for pred


That isn’t offensive at all, that’s a compliment. :D

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Hmmm interesting perhaps 2 categories of perks?
Primary which are very impactful like some of the current ones ie adrenal boost, energy cell.

And the secondary/supplementary perks which aren’t as impactful but more niche like observant, ocular camo or aggressively shy. These you could have more of, 5 or 6?

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100% agree some of these should be straight game mechanics but wow this is well thought out and very interesting. I’d love to see even half of these implemented. The “hunt” aspect of this game is practically non existing in the current state of the game and this would go a long way towards fixing the stalking aspect of the Predator.

Really love the audio decoy idea. That alone would be a game changer


Thanks mate. :)

Amazing work! I love the sounds of all of these and particularly the Hydro-Powered trait. Really clever and unique, and I think there totally worth at least considering down the line. @Courier, definitely a thread to keep an eye on for sure.

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Well the idea would be that really good perks would be in an advance tier, so essentially you get them after lv 100.

Once you reach Lv 100, you would also unlock 3 new perk slots, and they would have their own skill points as well.

So that way higher lm level preds could really feel like they’re high/max level.

It’s like I said before. If we can get a stronger predator, then that would open up the possibility for fireteam to get cooler weapons and tech.

Basically, the end goal would be to make both sides equally fun to play.

Bro yes these are some great perk ideas great job👍😂


You’ve obviously put some serious time and thought in to these perk ideas and it shows.

Well done friend!


I’d be rocking disc master all the time lol

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I just imagine playing as a pred with these perks… Why the fuck these perks are not in the game already? 👍👍👍Great job with the perks 👌