@IllFonic So I just wanted to tell you about some changes I think would really benefit your game. 1. add more modes including an offline mode with AI.- this would add more depth to the game
2. add an option to view your predator and fireteam member in the menu so we can get good photos without stuff in the way.
3. Add more single player content
4. Make more maps
5. Add a no hud option


I don’t understand why people keep crying about wanting a single player mode.

Let a different company that specializes in single player handle that.

Not illfonic.




Imagine a single player mode with Illfonic’s AI, lol.


Because when the servers shut down that’s it. You can’t play the game anymore. You’ve essentially just rented it. At this rate they need to hurry up and add one because this game is dying. Less and less people are playing it and pretty soon no one is going to be able to play it anymore and it would be a fat waste of money more so than it already is.

I mean clash is already dead. How long will it take for Hunt to die out?

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Single player would be cool but not a cheaply thrown together version of what already exists

If they can manage to create a cinematic experience that rivals the movies then I’m all for it


Lol that’ll never happen 😅



I actually played a bit of clash, saw ppl still playing it, just like hunt.

But this is not a game that needs any off line or single player just cause it might shut down.

I’m not gonna wanna hop on if it shuts down.
Like what am I gonna do, hop on and remember all the bugs?



Whatever you’re smoking there, pass that please…

That’s why I included IF in that statement

Otherwise it’s a waste of time and money

My first toke of the day will be in your honor

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Eh I’d rather a simple bot mode even if it’s shitty than know I wasted 50+ on a game that can’t be played. I think most people would agree with that. It’s better than not having one at all. Should it be added straight away? Depends how long they want to support this game for. Fix it first though that should be the main priority.

You’re real lucky if you’re getting games of clash without people leaving. I have to wait a very long time just to get a match and even if I do, people leave it anyway.

Lmao go play hunt then.
Look man, unless they pull off some miracle, if this game dies, let it be forgotten.

I say that because this game has completely shit on predator for a lot of long time fans. A lot of people got ripped off with it xD.

I’ve had fun with this game, but I’ve also been pretty fkn disappointed.

Cause you know what’s worse?

A game you once liked or loved continuing in an extremely shitty state.

Like destiny.

Theres a few more I’m sure lmao.

Now, if you and all the other ppl who bitch about a single player mode are serious, start getting at other devs to make a pred game.

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Hunt is stale tbh. Gets boring killing preds over and over again. It’s also a broken mode.

Most of the people asking for a single player mode aren’t expecting some grand, triple A quality campaign. We just want a simple bot mode like there was on Friday the 13th. Which is not an unreasonable request like you’re making it seem. Besides it’s not like it’s in the realm of impossibility like some people are making it out to be…


It’s getting boring killing preds?
Go play pred lmao.

I mean I get it kinda, which is why I played clash the other say to change it up.

I never said it was unreasonable.
I’m just tired of hearing about single player.

If this game dies, let it die.

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You are argument is very foolish! If you don’t like the game then don’t play it! There are so many people who love the game and want it to last! If you don’t care for the game then please keep your negative comments to your self

Go look at my post.
Throughout my history on the forums.

I’m one of the ppl who tried to make sure the game didn’t get to the shitty state it is in now.

I said if it dies.
Not I want it to die.

I’m more indifferent at this point.

Over positivity is beyond annoying.

@REYNOSO_FUA11 @VENN7eance @TheETgamer


Theres a time and place for everything but not now, in other words the time to be over postive about the game is done, what we as community need to donis hold them accountable for stupid balance changes, we are so starved of content that if we get one update with some stuff with it, we immediately fo and praise the devs and tjanking them and then realize a couple days later it didn’t help at all.

See the problem is the content drought blind us from seeing the problems with the game cause were just happy they added stuff and thats how illfonic has gotten away with the shit they have done with this game so far, we need to stop doing that its been 6 months we should of had alot more content by now

Smaller indie dev games haveore content and polish then this game has had in 6 months.

This should of been early acess as of right now.

Well you gave up hope way to fast because it’s literally not even a year sense the games launch and you are complaining that is over. Also you act like the game is bad when in all actuality it’s a really decent game. Yea it may not have everything you wanted in it but again it hasn’t even been a whole year since it’s release and you think it’s over!

the future updates is less and less frequent. Next is in end of december an another in Spring…

Look at how many patches and updates the Friday the 13th game had!!! PREDATOR HUNTING GROUNDS IS FAR FROM DONE