How to be Good as Fire Team

I play with randoms and literally one bad FT player can kill the entire team. I know there are a lot of bad predator players but here is a guide to show you how to not suck as a human.

First two rules!

  1. Always stick with your team.
  2. Always stay mudded!

At the lobby stage, makes sure you pick the spawn location closest to the nearest objective and not halfway across the map. Learn the maps and missions and it will be easy.

As soon as you spawn mud up first, don’t run or wait, just look down and mud up. Good Predator players will use target isolation right away and mudding up at the start will only give him your location for a second or so. If one team member fails to mud up right away then your location is pretty much compromised, and that guy screwed your team

Pull out your knife and sprint to the objective. You run really fast with a knife even as support. If you aren’t running with a knife you are slowing the team down.

Next when you attack the AI only use melee or suppressors. The noise other guns make will give away your position to the predator. If you don’t have suppressors melee rush the camps.

There are two types of predators (that are any good). Those who netgun/melee and those who stay at range with the bow.

To counter the netgun stick together very close so you can knife your buddy free. If the predator gets to you in melee, use the parry and then stim pack (always bring stim pack). That gives you another few seconds. If you are alone, try to run towards your teammates. If you are with your team parry and stim pack as much as you can. Someone should be lighting up the predator and taking him into the second wind even if he claims you.

If the predator killed one or more of the team and then escapes away to heal, mud up and leave the area. Sticking with the objectives will just bring the predator back and he will kill everyone with his full health back. If your teammates aren’t smart and they stick to the objective leave them and let the predator kill them so you can reinforce them later. You can only successfully reinforce if the predator has lost track of you.

The best way to deal with a ranged predator is to stay moving and focused on the objectives. The Predator wants you to get distracted and pursue, giving the predator more time to take away your stim and health packs. If you are downed in the open, head for cover because you are usually used as bait. Just finish the mission and evac. If you do that the predator will feel rushed and be forced to come in close.

There are really only two viable FT builds. Those that use the fast/stealthy perks and get the objective done quickly. And those that are focused on taking out the predator. With the damage/hp boosting perks.

A couple of other tips.

-Don’t kill pigs, the predator can see all dead pigs on his map, that will give away your position.

-Spot the predator if you can, 1 good spot can force the predator to run away and redeploy.

-More than one person can disarm the bomb, so if you think you have a shot don’t run away get it defused.

-It is a lot easier to hide from the predator than it is to run away from it. Mud up and crouch and get into a bush.

-Pursue the predator in the second wind, but don’t go alone.

-Objectives that explode can’t be interrupted by the AI.


this is what i do when you stick together, total chaos

This is not the thread to promote your gameplay videos.


tired of people talking about target isolation and problems they have, its a joke and needs to stop now.

This is not a promotion video i cant even make money off of it so calm down

He likes to show us a mediocre pred farming shit FT players, its just his thing, leave him be :P


I’ll just leave this here if this post looks familiar that’s because it is if i’m posting it as a reply to you it’s cause i think your ill informed it’s literally all you need to know to be good at fireteam and literally stomp any pred you run into

ok SO first Scar, LMG, AK, the first AR, and Hammerhead, vector the last SMG and the 2XL you should never use shotguns as they do less dps than the 2 smg’s i’ve mentioned use extended mag on all of them each of these weapons can down the zerker predator in one clip or at least in 11seconds if you are a fireteam these are the only weapons you should be using unless your a sniper god all of the snipers are good it’s entirely preference between the 3 of them however the barret 50 (last sniper) and the bolt action are both fine at taking off the preds mask in around 2-4 shots the minigun is overrated but is really good in close range as another option it and the magnum are memey with the assault but not terrible it’s just other primary weapons/secondary weapons do their job better

with these weapons you now have the capability to downs zerker in one clip or in 11 seconds or less assuming your pretty accurate and depending on your range closer ranges get as low as 3-6 seconds farther away get to about 7-11

keep in mind some of these guns such as the LMG/AK/Scar can kill the predator before he can down you in melee this is true for every melee weapon when your support/Dutch with the right perk setup which lets you completely prevent melee play from the predator if your aim is true in CQC unless they decide to throw their weapon in the case of the disc/stick

2nd you have to know how to parry with the autos above it takes 2 parries to kill any predator in the game
If you equip the knife by holding the melee button and pressing L2 or whatever your aim button is you get a heavy stab this stab has more parry frames and at times lets you parry the pred melee attacks with no thought in your brain so use it if your struggling

3rd you should be using either the assault or support or dutch classes in all cases Recon and scout is strictly worse than everyone else you will never need the spotting duration, mud duration, and + revive speed could be useful but most of the time if someone is downed unless they crawl behind something it’s not worth trying to revive them besides the interaction perk increases revive speed so just take that or the double time perk on an assault or dutch and bang you get to be scout with 150+ hp or a recon with 150 hp

4th you should only be using perks that increase your dmg to the predator or increase melee dmg and hp up dmg reduction from currently OLWF scales on max hp so if your hp is 150+ it usually is better than +HP you could for 3 costs take +interaction speed or +move speed or then for any 2 costs you should always be picking reduced recoil reduction or 6 sense or reload speed for your 1 costs you should be picking ADS movement speed or sludge blood albeit hip fire accuracy generally isn’t good but you could take it if you think your going to fight a lot of melee pred’s

figure out which combination of perks here work for your class set up and use them well

5th Gear you should always be taking syringes on every single class or medkits

if you are support you should take both if your in a premade 1 person should have ammo bags and whoever is dutch/assault should be running audio decoys + thermal distractions every other item isn’t usually worth using unless all these items are being used by someone it’ s best to have 2 medkits per fireteam and someone should take frag grenades in order to stop predators from healing in hard to reach locations and flashbangs are good for clearing obj’s quick as they instantly destroy anything that glows red or red barrels

6th communicate with you team if you have a mic if the predator leaves always have someone go check the local pig spawns generally there is a very close pig spawn near camps always check it if pred leaves if you catch him eating a pig that equals death for him you should have one person check nearbye whenever the pred has taken sufficient damage to warrent him healing or 2nd wind to close out games this is also what frags are for cause then some locations that are usually safe for him to heal suddenly become unsafe

7th reinforcements 3 people means all in go their 2 people should split up you can be mudded for the entire game if you keep an eye on it rendering isolation worthless for pred if your all running silencers which the only downside is a slight dmg down this would cause some weapons to no longer one clip the predator so it’s your choice on how valuble that is unless the predator gets lucky on which camp he is looking at he will never find you until extraction

an 8th thing i just thought of if your fighting a predator who killed 2 people and he left whether healing or not you should immediately mud up and get out of the obj your in and wait for reinforce mission and head to it cause if he comes back he will probably wipe the 2 of you once reinforce starts he is alerted and you should immediately leave the local area not too far so you can sprint back to help your friends when they spawn but far enough that pred doesn’t kill you before they spawn

9th buildings under any circumstance you should never have more than 1 person in a building ever cause slam dmg is very high so make sure your not too huddled also in some cases if someone is downed it’s better to not revive them due to the ranged aoe/dmg of the predator killing those who interact this is also true with obj’s make sure you scare the predator off before doing such things or make sure his focus isn’t on you when your doing it people are bait remember that

10 the best predators use leap to confuse people so you need to be effective at tracking jumping or it’s movement in general predator move speed is the MOST POWERFUL tool they have as it lets them avoid dmg once you get this down predators will start to get wild and of course keep an eye on blood and use your ears to find them don’t want em standing still while invisible so they can ambush you or your team or heal for that matter and they generally use ranged weapons such as the bow stick caster stick throws or net guns so in those cases having one person with a sniper rifle or 2 is a good idea

11remember one extract =win in some cases don’t worry about killing a predator just focus on staying alive and xtracting realistically you can fin every obj in 7min or less which isn’t enough time for a predator to kill all of you unless you fuck up alot

generally speaking the best comp for a team is probably 2 supports one assault one dutch you could mix and match this as long as you have one support on your team and all of you are using this here post you have a predator hunting death squad at your fingertips

this is all you need to know to be successful as a fireteam even against other pred varients not just zerker combi do to raw dmg output you have access too

keep in mind you FT’s have more effective hp than the predator because in theory you could have 48 heals and can dps him down faster than he can you so generally speaking if your losing you probably lost at loadout select unless that predator was just a apex monster which in my experiance has only happend to my squad 2 times out of what like 75+ games
with all these tips all you need now is to just work on your aim

All weapon dmg stats
All weapon dmg stats 2 electric boogalooo now with attachments

and this is what we should use when refering to hp

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i’ll leave this here since it’s relevent to the thread


Assault decreased hipfire spread by 0% (bugged) revive teammates faster (bugged or difference is too small) if you want a faster revive use dexterous (5,1s->4s)
Recon 0% longer spot duration (bugged) apply mud 37% faster (5,1s->3,2s)
Scout faster weapon switch speed (bugged or less than a frame) ~10% bonus secondary weapon damage
Support bonus inconsistent explosive resistance (doesn’t work vs fuel explosion like the red barrels,etc.) bonus ammo


syringe heals 100hp


action hero decreases hipfire spread by 23%
efficient increases experience gained by 10%
flesh ripper increased damage against AI by *
gear head increases gear uses by 1
multitasker ADS movement speed increased by 17%
persistent can be downed 1 more time before risking death
prepper bonus starting ammo
shuffler increased movement speed while downed by % *
sludge blood extends bleed out time by % *
thick skin bonus 15 hp
dexterous increases interaction speed by ~22%
heavy hitter increases melee dmg enough to take 1 less strike to kill
double time increases movespeed by ~10% (walk + sprint)
pig in shit muddy up 18% faster (5,1s–>4,2s) stay muddy 15s longer
yautja’s bane not consistent or bugged apparently atm
tracker extends spot duration by 100% (2,1s->4,2s)
ice cold changes heat signature to a cooler color (it’s shit)
body armor reduces damage from AI by ~24%
OWLF trained take ~5% less damage from the predator
weapons training reduces recoil by 15-20%
quick release reload weapon % faster
silent produce smaller sound bubbles
sixth sense automatically spot traps in your vicinity they also show up on your minimap and the FT member will say an audio line automatically the moment you get close enough
iron lungs 15-19% bonus stamina and 0% faster exhaustion recovery speed (bugged)
fast hands 30-40% faster reloads (depends on weapons)

you’re doing gods work there, 5 stars. this information needs to be provided within the game itself once all the perks are operational to their fullest.

I stopped reading after this nonsense.

That ice cold actually backfires at the moment I believe you stick out. I never knew you could see dead pigs how do they show up? So recon gets really poor perks it looks like.

What’s wrong with what he said?

Ice cold lets you stand out from your team if you are unmudded. Basically, while you are mudded, you lose it more gradually, because your base heat is lower, so you stay darker longer compared to the rest of the team. Combined with Pig in Shit and you become hard to notice while mudded for a very long time. Perfect if you want to grab a sniper perch over your team and wait for the predator.

First - you can’t use isolation immediately from the start of match.
Second - Isolation from start gives you nothing, fireteam always spawns at opposite side of map and when you reach it, they will be far away.
Third - good predator will find you easily without isolation (I use it only for searching pigs).
Fourth - Dirt helps me to easily recognize a person from bot.

Perfect response thank you.

1 Well, you have to wait the ten seconds for the FT to load in before you can use it.
2 If they don’t mud up, you can tell which way they are running to figure out where they are headed to get their first.
3 Well, yes, but they will still use it, and actually good predators are a minority, so it will be used.
4 the icon over your head also helps, so mudding only helps in such situations.

Dunno how it should works, but I see icon only when I’m really close to FT, and from this range they could easily spot me and give hard damage. Most of cases I hold good distance and use my bow from where are not any icons, except icons from motion sensors traps. So from that distance I can watch pretty long finding who from the shooters are players and who are bots, and from first view only if they are in mud (not so bright as other shooters), they jump or sprint.
I think covering in mud has sense only if you stay alone or two and want to hide in bushes.

I dunno man, I have pretty good distance with those icons, though if they are even partially mudded up, you have to directly look at them for a second for it to register.

I do pretty well being in a tree close to them, plucking away with my bow.

You don’t need to be good as fireteam, I suck at ft and win 75% of the matches standing over the predators corps

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Been seeing this a lot lately - it goes back to my point that the FT has a higher capability and advantage ceiling than the Predator. This means that if the FT is playing extremely well and coordinated there is NOTHING a Predator can do, skilled or otherwise.

The systems within the game, I.E healing, ammo availability, map layout and mission structure, has created a meta where every engagement must be a ‘kill’ requirement. The Predator gets NOTHING from injuring a FT member and the FT gets nothing for hurting the Predator due boars / medkits. This means that every ‘succesful’ engagement for one side must result in a definitive success: for the Predator this is a quick down + quick claim and the FT a Second wind. This is why so many higher-skill Predators will trade second wind for one quick claim.

I am not sure how Illfonic balances this… and they probably won’t, since it only affects the top 5%… but it makes the game nearly unplayable for the die-hard fans.