How to be good as a Predator

much like my how to be good at FT post which will be linked at the bottom of this thread this is going to be in a simaler format of me telling you how i think about the predator and what a good predator should do that’s right i’m finally doing it much like the latter this will be edited alot over time for at least as long i decide to spend my time playing this game and getting better at it as my opinions change of the game and it’s balance

So first the classes
Zerker has 1500 hp.
Samurai has 1350.
Hunter 1250. (and all it’s varients)
Scout - 1000.
Impenetrable grants you 10% damage reducing. Actually not really much, it was 5 bullets more, ridiculous.

hunter is pretty much the GOAT as it has no real downsides with enough of every stat to pretty much do anything you want which kinda sucks elder is the exact same situation except he has more gear and less hp and probably should be used if your at the point where you can avoid damage pretty well

then of course you might say what about scout?
well you see scout is just objectively worse than hunter or elder cause it’s hp and gear slots are so low it doesn’t compensate for added speed and stamina unless your just fucking incredible at the game but why take that risk when you could be just better and be able to make more mistakes?

…now for the zerker/samurai generally speaking you just shouldn’t use them unless your going balls deep in a melee build which can btw get quickly ruined by parrying or just by them having accurate shots in close range but if done well it could work in theory and of course don’t forget your slower than every class that isn’t support and the +melee damage after nerf i don’t believe causes one less hit to down someone like it used to also don’t use samurai over just a regular hunter a hunter with impen has the same hp value and gets all the benefits of being hunter so yeah…
city hunter is just obj better for you than regular hunter if your always willing to run the wrist launcher so that sucks

Gear: doing this first cause it’s gonna be the shortest

medkits: probably should carry them i hope i don’t have to explain why

Bear traps: if your running a high damage burst weapon such as bow stick or disc you should carry these even if you don’t keep in mind it is possible to place these in loactions where it isn’t possible for the FT to ignore them forcing them to trigger them however if your running like netgun/sickle or some wierd shit you could get away without them

audio decoys/motion detectors these could be really good if your confident the FT doesn’t have the perk that ruins them or that you place them in loactions that FT can’t find them to destroy them so keep that in mind audio decoys btw are a game changer for dealing with sound whores as long as the audio decoy RNG lines up with what you need it to say

wrist launcher? uh personally it’s probably a good thing to take as the fire DoT is alright it can be aimed by you so it should always be useful just in my experiance i often forget to even use them

(big pouch increases the uses of all gear by 1 so keep that in mind if you run it in any situation where your not using that extra one means you probably shouldn’t use big pouch though 1 extra medkit when you really need it could be the only reason you’d take it if your that kind of person)

Sword is the best melee weapon in the game a full hit combo does more than 190 damage so it’s a guarentee’d kill with fearless though generally you wanna just do 1-3 hits and then jump cancel and immediatly leap away or sprint away and rinse repeat this is what you should be doing with ALL melee weapons btw

Katana in theory the bleed would make this weapon better than sword but it really doesn’t due to how slow the actual weapon is to swing the first R1 swing is really fast but if your dealing with a knife spammer then they will probably parry it no problem also if someone shoots you down mid combo your bleed will actually down them too but again you shouldn’t be doing full combos unless the ft your attack ing isn’t facing u when u started hitting them
Katana damage numbers
No fearless Fearless
R2 = 41 w/ bleed R2 = 43 w/ bleed
R2,R2 = 72 w/ bleed R2,R2 = 78 w/ bleed
R2,R2,R2 = 128 w/ bleed R2,R2,R2 = 135 w/ bleed
L2 = 50 w/ bleed L2 = 54 w/ bleed
L2, L2 = 112 w/ bleed L2, L2 = 111 w/ bleed
L2 R2 R2 = 122 w/0 bleed L2 R2 R2 =132 w/0 bleed
L2 R2 R2 L2 =172 w/0 bleed L2 R2 R2 L2 =186 w/0 bleed
a 5+ hit combo does more than 200 damage
bleed does 10-15 damage seemingly regardless of perks and stacks on itself it takes 3-9 seconds for the bleed to complete
in case anyone is curious
Sammytoe claims this

which albeit could be true perhaps I just wasn’t paying as much attention to bleed as i thought i was

Club do not use this weapon until they buff it again

Sickle if your doing a very hit and run style build you should use this weapon it is the fastest swinging weapon in the game a full combo does about 125ish damage but the sword might be better at this than the sickle due to actual damage output but it’s an option for a faster weapon so

Net this is pretty much the best melee weapon in the game in 1v1 situations as you can guarentee you will always win those fights outside of this it’s usefull crowd control but in most cases you’d probably rather take something that kills cause if someone is downed then they can’t shoot you and someone has to try and pick them up so they can’t shoot you either which is just better more efficient crowd control though i could see why someone would take it

HHPC ah yes the handheld plasma caster a weapon that used to be top tier shit which is now a serious contender for the best ranged weapon it does 40-45 damage if all 3 projectiles hit depending on if your running down range which is a solid amount of damage can be very difficult to track for some players making it a great weapon if your running a melee weapon as your off hand

Disc the single highest damge weapon in the game right now this shit slaps so hard but sucks so much dick to fly around if you get good at it you should always use it keep in mind FT can destroy it and even shoot it out of the air if they shoot you enough the disc auto returns back a melee+throw+instant call back kills every single FT in 1.5 seconds but it might crash your game so be careful a thrown disc return does around
125+50 Wbuff 137+55 OWLF 118+47

Stick oh shit it’s the best weapon in the game that’s been nerfed 3 fucking times cause the dev’s don’t know why it’s so strong so this thing right here you can throw it for a whopping
base throw: 115 Wbuff126 OWLF109
\headshot 138 Wbuff151 OWLF 131 damage with buff so only 1 or 2 more wristblades would be required to down whoever you hit or one slam if they are far away plus the melee assuming you don’t get parried to hell hits multiple people for a reasonable amount of damage if your running a build and aren’t sure what weapon to take can’t go wrong with old faithful

Bow the ranged weapon everyone loves and hates it’s trail makes it considerably easier to track a shot damage is base shot 53 Wbuff 58 W OWLF 50
Fullycharge 70Wbuff 77 WOWLF 66
base head 93 Wbuff 103 WOWLF 89
full charge 122 Wbuff135 WOWLF 116
so this means with down range it takes one less shot to down an assault so you should probably always run down range with the bow

another way to put it is with dmg numbers we can use the breakpoint method to decide number of hits required to down or kill someone cause y’know that’s how math works
generally i think it’s reasonable if to kill an FT should take between 2-5 hits for any weapon varying based on class and perhaps individual weapons stats

125:all the glass canons with no perks
150 assault with no perks scout and recon with both perks
175 assault with perks support with no perks dutch with no perks
190dutch with perks support with hp perk but not OWLF
200 every class in the game dies if this number is broken regardless of perk setup including OWLF
claws do 30-38 damage based on whether or not zerker/fearless/OWLF/base
plasma canon damage stats are full charge 120 W buff 132 W OLWF 114
i believe base shots do around 50 damage with it incresing and decreasing by 10% with the buffs respectively get used to canceling wrist damage attacks into plasma shots in any situation your using claws same with whatever weapon claws pair with such as bow/handheld/netgun

i’m just going to rank the perks rather than explaining eveyr single fucking perk cause theirs like 25 of them or some shit so i’m gonna rank them by how value them and then at the bottom explain my tier choices
S Adrenal gland, Long Leap, Fearless,Down range, Dithered lens, Impen,
A Modified reserve, energy cell Blood clots, medic,
B Observent, big pouch, impatient, cooling syncs, protection,
C heated, light bender, height advantage, branch master,
D spectral awareness, resourceful, hanging on, ascended, heated, fast hands,

D tier simply Doesn 't work or just isn’t useful after a certain point of skill is reached on both sides

S tier is simply the perks that are always useful never in a game will you think is this perk necessary? aside from maybe impen which is why it’s last cause it’s almost A tier since in theory if you were good enough to take less damage per fight you wouldn’t need impen but it’s the equivalent of 10% more hp which on a hunter for example takes him into samurai tier hp

A tier is the next step from the above where some of these perks could be found is not always the game changing perk but are pretty good in almost all situations with good fillers in whatever type of gameplay you might be doing

B tier is the middle of the road where all of these perks are usefull in certain situations observent which is only here cause as long as you have your mask you can completely counter mudding from the FT now if they mud it doesn’t do anything to hinder you big pouch which can be a game changer if you need that extra medkit but otherwise is only actually worth if you use all your gear so forth and so on with the others

C tier are perks that are so specific in what they do that i don’t find them ever worth taking over other perks that just do their job but in a more applicable sense like if you want ot move faster take long leap if you want to use cloak more just take a bigger NRG bar or faster regen which helps all of your NRG not just cloak so forth and so on…

in my experiance the best build for me at least is either
Elder sword + pistol + decoy +motion detector
Bow + Spear + bear traps +decoy + medkit
if your city hunter would obv leave out decoy
Down range (Fearless if doing weapon set 1) Adrenal gland (Long leap or big pouch if doing weapon set 2)
if you were running the first build unless you really like BT cause you can deny reinforce

stuff you should be doing in the actual match not at customization most of this is a post from someone else as what they say holds a lot of merit even now i’m going to edit them slightly with my own advice credit to @SilverbornReaver for the orginal post

  • Never, ever engage a full health 4 player squad in melee.
  • Cloaking isn’t invisibility. unless you’ve stood still for about 2-3 seconds and blood spots give you away same with sound Assume every half-trained team will know exactly where you are, while cloaked.
  • Second Wind for the Beserker class is a 50-50% chance to lose. Avoid getting into Second Wind.
  • Beserkers sacrifice health for trophy claims, not to (see point 1)
  • If you make 1 sound, some players know where you are and we will keep track of you until you run away. Just being cloaked will not help you.
  • Always get players below 60% of their HP before even considering to get close unless you KNOW your going to melee from behind them before they turn around and start shooting you on the approach. Great fireteam members will trade their health, for yours. I’ve gotten close to ‘solo’ beserkers because they thought it was a good idea to solo me head on with an LMG. Don’t. you can roughly tell how much hp someone has by looking at how much blood they have or just by knowing hp values
  • I can see you when you cloak and crouch-move.
  • Youtubers can be good Predators, but they are far from the best (Bloodthirsty…). Playing against randoms is 100% different from a pre-made team. Don’t listen to their advice, unless it’s inspiration for builds.
  • The Scout class isn’t meant for melee. Don’t melee.
  • The second the FT starts shooting you, relocate. They CANNOT have the drop on you, it should be the other way around. (If you stay put while getting attacked? Don’t press Alt-F4, you still need the experience.)
  • Going into a 1vs1 with a FT-member who has his knife out? Don’t attack head-on. Dash, and weave. Get close, away, and close again. A good FT-knife player will eat 40% of a Beserkers HP with good parrying and some actual hits. (See point 6 again).
  • NEVER escape in a straight line, take sharp corners, learn to “juke” the FT (lose them by making unexpected turns and corners).
  • The spear can be thrown, and you can easily finish a damaged player with your claws
  • ALWAYS kill people by combo’s. Spear throw into slam. Plasma blast into melee. (read 6 again)
  • Trees aren’t the best places to hide, unless you have to heal. They are the easiest way to be found.
  • Don’t eat pigs close to the FT, also don’t heal close to the FT.
  • Use your entire kit, Plasma Cannon, Slam, gadgets. People don’t expect a ranged Beserker…
  • Don’t sprint unless you are running into cover. For actual travel: leap. Let me say again, don’t sprint unless you are running into cover. You need the stamina.
  • Never trade outgoing damage for HP. Only trade HP for actual kills + claim. This is your first and last skillroof. This is what it means to Predator. Learning how to trade your HP for kills.
  • Start to see your HP as a “risk” calculation. Second Wind is great, but avoid it while engaging. Once we know you lost it, we will make sure you lose. Second Wind - to us - is our indication of how good your Pred-play is.

ok farewell for now hunters best of luck on the fields this will probably get edited several times over this games lifetime as i don’t want to have to make new posts all the fucking time when i come up with new tips i’ll put em here overtime post tips yourselves in the comments

links for usefull shit

Predator perk#'s Not finished yet
Some predator damage numbers this is old but some of it still holds up it’s from patch 1.6 anything not changed from that point is still accurate anything increased from that point simply means it’s better than what showed here so curve your expectations accordingly


Very comprehensive. Illfonic should patch this in for the game tutorial.

Lol u put so much into these and I love it thanks for the tips for new commers and some for my self in their :b 👍

Outstanding work!! Very much appreciated, especially now I’m focusing on Predator.

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No I haven’t, I’ve been dealing with some things is all and my PS Messages is disabled. Anyways, you guys don’t play this anymore??

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always speaking with widsom as usual, never stop to make you’r guide, they are a inspiration and a bunch of good advice for all ^^

Petition to swap blood clot and large pouch on tier list, eating pigs is for the uncultured. Drop of blood is rarely a game changer unless you end up in a prophunt match relying on full invis.
Bonus engagement is huge if you need a last push to close the game out, extra traps etc is nice too.

honestly just if you really wanna be good as a Predator be willing to use your tools. never try the same thing over and over and you should do just fine.

You use a slingshot and a dildo.

dude no joke im such a meme star that even it it was added and it was the worst items in the game by far i would still use it as my main weapons for how goldenly funny that would be.

Lmao I would too xD

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